In Search of New Music (episode 106)

Hey Vagabonds and welcome to this weeks edition of SLVM, where we take a closer look at the musicians who are featured on the show each¬†week. You can find plenty of information, links to our favourite artists websites, the weekly embedded SoundCloud music player with the latest playlist ready to go and if you haven’t seen it yet, the latest episode of SLV. Check it out below!

Episode 106

This weeks SoundCloud playlist features the artists from episode 106, don’t forget that if you head on over to our SC account and follow us, you will receive weekly updates so you will be the first to listen to the newest music. Get on it! ūüôā


Bears Smoke Cigarettes –¬†…

Bears Smoke Cigarettes is the perpetually evolving project of good buddies Bruno and Jonathan, who have been producing music influenced by several genres for over 10 years. The talented duo have often been separated by vast distances, causing them to traverse an electronically themed music pathway. Taking advantage of the amazing technology we have available today, they have recorded the aptly named first album, ‘HIBERNATUS’ as a smirk and salute to the distance that could have promptly stalled or ended their collaboration. Follow the link to hear these talented individuals perform on several types of instrument across an expanse of sounds.



Land Of Trees –¬†

Land Of Trees are an indie-folk band from Sweden drawing inspiration from mother nature and artists the likes of Ben Howard, Passenger and Mumford and Sons. The softly spoken three piece consists of Marcus, Daniel and Pontus who write enjoyable and melodic songs using stalwart folk instruments like the acoustic guitar, banjo and harmonica. Have a listen in the embedded SoundCloud player and don’t forget to follow these guys for more sweet original music.





The project of 20 something year old¬†Emanuele Durante, CircleLight is water marked by open, earnest lyrics, simple and catchy musicianship and wonderfully layered vocal harmonies – “Brother, don’t you see that we better open the doors, nobody comes first, and won’t you listen for a little while, and talk to those strangers outside”. Be sure to check out CircleLight’s new music on SoundCloud, as Emanuele has transformed his solo pastime into a 4 piece band.¬†





On the opposite side of the indie spectrum is wistfully singing, musically dense and enchanting Chelou. The creator of intricate and intelligent music, its no wonder Chelou’s SoundCloud page is filled with comments from fans begging for more. At times musically sparse, at other times complex and detailed, a big part of the appeal of this music is its ability to keep you interested and in anticipation of whats coming next. Check out the Halfway to Nowhere video if you want to trip.

Check out the below links to hear the latest from Chelou and to discover the new 2017 tour dates:

Damned Eye See out Now:

UK & European Tour on sale now.

Luís Trindade

A wonderfully melancholic resonance underpins¬†Lu√≠s Trindade’s method as he murmurs heartfelt words alongside the ebb and flow of his rhythmic style of guitar playing. An unsigned artist producing his own music, Lu√≠s only has music that exists in the digital realm, however as he garners an impressive following on all of the social platforms, it is probable he will become more eminent as his practice of beautiful, simple and meaningful music continues. Luis’ latest offering, ‘Can You See This Darkness’ is available on his Bandcamp webpage and is definitely worth a listen, check it out!

“If you like my music please support me, you can download my LP at bandcamp, or through a donation to I don¬īt have a label, so my music exists only in digital editions. Thanks for the visit and for giving a listen to my music.”



This tremendously talented guitarist strums, picks, slaps and beats his way through songs which are rhythmically complex and captivating. Although lacking a vocal presence, the music produced from a single guitar is melodically impressive and  does all of the talking. Pacing his way through several different moods in every song, each turn of a corner is another practice in guesswork, wondering where Martin will take you next in the musical dream he delicately weaves.




Conjugal Visit
C-Visit is the solo side project of Paul Daddario, originally from the indie rock group Farmertan. Writing mostly a chill out  style of indie acoustic folk music, he lays very warm vocal tracks down which manage  to fill in all the spaces entirely. His Soundcloud page features a selection of original music, outtakes and extras from the main band and even the occasional cover from the likes of The Strokes, Pixies and Eagles of Death Metal.

“Made for listening IN HEADPHONES, while walking down urban side streets, under overcast ennui laden skies”.




A huge thank you to all of this weeks artists, you guys seriously rock and our videos¬†wouldn’t be the same without you. Also a huge thank you to the Vagabonds who continuously like, share, comment and engage with us. Without your feedback we would be flying blind! So please let us know what you like, or what you don’t, so we can keep giving you more, or not.

Until next time dear Vagas,


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  1. Hi Vaga,
    Thanks for all the videos and especially showcasing these new artists. Is it just me or is there no sample song from Martin Piehlmeier?

  2. hey riley ~
    if no ones told you the plant name yet, those are Agave ~
    grew up with them in s. california ( similar latitude )
    we knew them as ‘century plants’ because it was said that they only bloom ( the ‘tree’ part ) every 100 years.
    when the flower is done, the big stem falls and where it falls, the old flower bracts have new little plants ready to touch ground ( :
    it might be ‘Agave Americana’ ~ there are numerous varieties.

    thanks for the pick me up you add to my life during some low times !
    all love and care to you both ~

  3. I loved this video, especially Elayna’s cooking session – it reminds me of those La Vaga I videos.

    And now I know how to make “non-commercial” chocolate!

    Cheers and safe sailing,


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