Is Robert De Niro an A$$h0!e ???

Alright people. There is a plan to take over Barbuda. It appears as though your two favourite sailors have blown the lid off an international scandal! Pip pip, tally ho. Join us as we don our investigatory journalist hats for the first time and bumble our way through a controversy so deep it will tear at the very fabric of society. This is in fact a very serious matter but whenever I write things it comes out like I’m being sarcastic or trying to be funny.
What do we all think about this? These are the facts as I see them at the moment. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Below are some links to articles etc I found during my research.

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  1. The cool thing about America is that if corrupt politicians go against the will of the people and try to steal property and land from the American people,
    We can shoot them.

    Because that’s what politicians do.

    Don’t believe me? Look up the Bundy Ranch where armed Americans came from all over to protect a rancher who had nearly the same thing happening.

    Petitions and cardboard signs don’t stop tyrants. Bullets do!!!

  2. American greed as usual, these people have nothing but the local Government still wants to take it away from them, I must ask the question of what will the people who are trying to push this through get out of it? Money in their Pockets? a chunk of freehold land free of charge? A “Thank you” gift at the end of it? There may not be many people living on the Island but if they all got together and challenged the Government and also made a big issue of Foreign countries/People taking over the Island against the will of the people then it would not be long before other countries started to become involved and put pressure on the government as well as any person that wants to take advantage of the situation.

  3. Good for you to share something of the world besides tide and wind reports and what fish was for dinner. Nothing wrong with all that but world issues are as deep as the oceans sometimes. Thanks for sharing with us an issue with every day people who might be ignored by political processes. No doubt the spin will be some boost to the economy if tourism returns….. If the truth is the islanders are being screwed over in the name of its for their own good then this is an injustice you have brought awareness to. And thanks for making this a nice side issue to your sailing mission. I will enjoy to read more like this again from you!

  4. Big, foreign money shouldn’t be colonizing the third world. If the people of Barbuda want to exist is squalor, they should have that right without international investors interference. However, if local populations cannot conduct their own affairs and permit their own government to terminate their way of life, it’s their own fault anyway. If you cannot fight for your way of life you are bound to lose it to the next force of nature which imposes new unforeseen challenges. it’s sad and it’s a shame to see indigenous populations unable to survive the challenges of Changing Times but that is the natural way.

  5. Thank you for this!I honestly never knew Barbuda existed til Irma.Since then i followed them on Facebook and fell in love with the land and people.unfortunately I have no $ or power to help.I hope they all get to keep their land!my thoughts are with the people and hope i get to visit one day.

  6. Riley, looks like Facebook has deleted your post. This makes me furious. Best wishes and keep up your message. Best to you and Elana… you guys.

    Rick Miller

  7. Look what happened in Sint Eustatius last month. The Dutch government took over after the locals wasted and absconded the relief money given to their island for repairs after Hurricane Irma. The same thing is happening in Sint Maarten.

  8. The answer is ..Yes, Robert DeNiro is an a$$hole. He always was an a$$hole. Most of Hollywood is comprised of a$$holes, who live fake lives and are out of touch with reality.

  9. Thanks for sharing this. It’s extremely upsetting to see Barbuda potentially ransacked by greed, corruption and self interest after Irma. I hope this is stopped.

  10. I so love what I absorb from both you and Elayna, be it shipcraft, astounding vistas or good music. Your opinions/views on anything you encounter are just as valuable to me and I appreciate the awareness and ethical/political/literary exposures you bring to your videos. It’s all good. Today, I’m right there with you in agreement. Next time, maybe not, who knows… but DO keep allowing us the privilege of your opinions.
    Love and fair skies to you both.

  11. You do realize…. In the Bundy deal… they gunned a man down… And if you do a little research…. you create much of a ruckus… they will bring the military down on your ass… case in point… Waco Texas

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