Is that LAND I smell on the horizon? [Ep. 138]


It’s been 13 days that we’ve been out at sea for now and we’re starting to lose the plot. But we’re nearly there! Join us with some propellor dramas, devastating wine spillage and a bit of whinging from me (Elayna) as we get closer to land. It was bound to happen. The insomnia is real. Any advise for helping me sleep? I’ve tried everything from herbal and serotonin supplements, meditation and exercise but nothing helps. I’m a mad lady. Videos made with love by us and made POSSIBLE by our lovely patrons  x

Song Credits:
00:14 Adam Yoo – On My Way Home
01:13 Mikael Abramowitch – Sailing La Vagabonde
03:18 A Single Rose – Ryan Brady/Matt Ferrone
06:20 Jack and the Weatherman – Rock Bottom
09:34 Julia R. Anderson – In the Beginning
17:17 Tryin’ to Be Zeppelin III – Drew Blackard

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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  1. young beautiful lady,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your problom could be a case of motherhood kickin in.??????????????

  2. OK when I cannot sleep which happens very often, there are only two things that have worked for me. One is I get up and do some yoga and stretch till it burns so bad I cannot stand it and hold it ….while waiting for the endorphins to kick in – then I sleep very well.
    Second is that if it is a really bad full moon and I cannot sleep, I turn the light on read until I fall asleep, which typically takes about 20 minutes. There is something about reading in the middle of the night that bores me to sleep. Haha Hope this helps.

  3. Hey you two

    Love your a day on the Atlantic video Riley.Keep it coming. Can’t tell you how much you remind me of my mate Ken Wright and his wife Lima. who we’ve sailed thousands of mile with in the Caribbean and the Med. All the best on your travels. Hope and prey your neck is going to be ok. Arrrrr
    While you near Antigua you might want to stop at the island Mont Serrat
    35 miles north east of Antiqua. Kind of a cool place. I used to have a home there befor the volcano destroyed the island. I hear it’s coming back.
    You and Elayna are amazing couple. Keep on keeping on


    Mark Driscoll
    Pender Island BC.

  4. Well, there is an exercise that I have always found to be a good way to get to sleep, but it requires Riley’s cooperation and with his neck as it is, it may not be such a good idea at this point! 🙂

  5. When I take a drive to Ny from Fl. Instead of planning a trip around a motel stay to get some rest and a break , what I do is meditate . What I mean by meditate is I am in the drivers seat so I get to a rest area . I lean the drivers seat back. I make sure I have something to put over my eyes to make it dark even though I shut my eyes. It is important to not have light coming from somewhere disturbing your rest. This is how i meditate to rest. Get comfortable so you don’t have to move . Look at watch so I can judge amount of time rested. Lay back, close eyes , and concentrate on not moving for 15 min.
    If the noise being at sea is distracting you can get good ear plugs to block out some of the noise. Concentrating on not moving is relaxing after 15 min. If it helps you can do it for another 15 min. This may not give you all the rest you need but it may make you feel relaxed . I call it meditating.
    Good luck if you try it.
    Accupressure can reduce stress relaxing mind and body.
    Are you online in the middle of ocean.
    Of you can check it out for next destination.

  6. I know that we are behind in time, I hope everything is sorted with Riley by now. You know, of course, that there are many folks who would volunteer to get the boat to safety, if you need them.

  7. Elayna your a beauty truly your are. Love the emotion you guys project into your videos. Enjoyed this one the beauty of the waves etc. Now a question for you. The Cat you have is amazing but the slaps of water one the hull that wake you the herky jerky motions do you still like it for crossings. I find on a mono yes it rolls and moves around but you get use to the rythym of the boat. Did you find a balance on the Cat? That one wave you said slapped the rear end around and came over the side. Would you feel comfortable in bigger seas? Thanks for sharing and I am sure Riley is alright but cannot wait til a video tells us.

  8. You are both managing as well as can be expected. Best wishes for Riley. Elayna: conserve energy even if it means reclining. Remember, sleep deprivation will cause decision making to become problematic. Fair winds, and following sea. Marty

  9. 14 days for a transatlantic crossing Canaries-Caribbean is still pretty fast. Considering the sail capabilities of the Outremer, holding the “wild horses” to preserve Riley’s neck must have been a killer. 🙂
    Well done to both of you for a well-managed situation. You guys have made it a long way (literally). (PS: that boat is definitely too fast for fishing). Now waiting for Riley’s diagnosis (VesselFinder shows the boat in Antigua since Feb. 13th).

  10. Great video Riley and Elayna! This really is the ‘warts and all’ version that you are so good at

    Thank you and safe sailing,


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