Isla De Music (Episode 94)

Welcome to the beautiful Island of Dragons, what a magic place. So many lizards! And again, some cracking good tunes. If you would like to check out the fun and antics there is a conveniently placed YouTube player embedded right here. Check it out..

Even though there isn’t a big selection of artists on this episode, the music is delightful. Check it out below in the embedded SoundCloud player. Don’t forget that every week we add new playlists to our Soundcloud account. So if you would like an update when a new playlist is released, please follow us. When these updates come through you can find the artists that have donated their awesome music to the show, and if it wasn’t for these talented people contributing, our show would seriously be lacking. So please help show some love and like and follow these guys, a lot of them even have links to where you can buy their music, yours to own and play at any time you wish. Onward!

Seafoam Sweater Girl…

Beautifully raw, Seafoam Sweater Girl records her songs lo-fi and in one take. Despite no professional quality recordings, she manages to create lovely guitar sing alongs which we just love to listen to. Honestly I think the lo-fi and raw quality of this music only adds to its charm and represents a style that tends to be lacking in indie-folk recordings. Especially from artists that still sound great no matter what medium they record with.




On the opposite side of the indie spectrum is wistfully singing, musically dense and enchanting Chelou. The creator of intricate and intelligent music, its no wonder Chelou’s SoundCloud page is filled with comments from fans begging for more. At times musically sparse, at other times complex and detailed, a big part of the appeal of this music is its ability to keep you interested and in anticipation of whats coming next. Check out the Halfway to Nowhere video if you want to trip.



Thats all for this week Vagabonds, a small however mighty choice of hand selected musical artistry. Please check these guys out for more if you dig, and help us to support the people that make it possible to create videos backed by their awesome music. We can’t thank you enough for your musical contribution and hope to hear more in the future. Like, share and follow friends..

Until next time,


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