Island Hopping Los Roques (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 27

Los Roques is an archipelago of 350 islands, cays and islets! We leave the main island and set off to explore some. We are running out of food quite quickly and spearing is forbidden in Los Roques, so we make a trip to the next island over Aves to stock up with some fish. The main island only receives food deliveries every few weeks and we just missed the previous one by a day… We found some really cool spots in Los Roques and because the islands were mostly deserted and we couldn’t do much, we finally had the time to read our books, go free diving and appreciate every days earth rotation 🙂

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  1. You two are like a breath of fresh air. Love your videos Elayna so keep them coming please.

    Riley, why haven’t you invested in some scuba gear and a compressor? You’re going to get to places now where the diving gets better and better and it would be so cool to have your own gear. Have a look at some of the diving vids that the Delos crew have done and you’ll see what I mean. 😉

    1. I agree. You guys are a treat to watch doing anything, but it’s the real sailing and diving that are very special. If there were a bit more, especially of the diving in spots tourists don’t frequent, that would be even better! Keep it up, we love following you.
      Ian (in the rather frigid north).

    2. Thanks just getting better all the time.
      Re Riley’s ear troubles if you would like some info help Etc just get back to me by email
      Over 30 yrs commercial diving ears easy fixed. Just need to get onto it early.

  2. Thanks to you guys I’m getting ready to go to Oz on working holiday for a year and I’m incredibly excited and thankful for you having inspired me to travel, and I’m gonna hit west Oz too to see what Elayna is talking about.

  3. Awesome, AWESOME episode guys! I’m in a similar position as you were Riley, working remotely and bringing in the cash. Every time I watch your latest video, I’m more motivated than ever to buy my own yacht, and all things going to plan, will be doing so in 12 – 18 months, then heading off onto the high seas. You two are kind people, and a massive inspiration for many like myself to simply let go and follow one’s dreams.

    Thank you.


  4. Dear Riley and Elayna, after the last couple of episodes I almost let go of you two, what I enjoy most that you two are having a good time together and showing us those amazing places, this unbeatable harmony is in your videos is unseen. Riley has something very special about himself and Elayna you are so special too, believe me, hope to see you one day in this beauty of life, may the gods be with you all the time

  5. It s so nice to join you both living your dream! Watching your videos is like reading a good boys book, full of adventures.

  6. Guys,

    I have been waiting and waiting for you both to start your journey again, I am not the type of person that watches a series but this is just so addictive?

    Your having a blast out there doing what many millions would love to do but don’t (me included) for one reason or the other.

    As usual I keep an eye on when you upload a new episode and I will continue to watch out for the new ones.

    Riley – could you do an episode on sailing techniques, your setup and any problems that you face that frighten you??

    Elayna – keep singing girl. oh and looking as stunning as ever.

    Paul Murray (Liverpool, UK)

  7. What can I say except another great video. Such beautiful places on land and in the water. The video quality is excellent. Such an inspiration to a lot of people, myself included. I’m in Key West on a mooring now with my lady and as mentioned before will be on the move in the near future on my “S/V Morning Star”. Keep up the great work on the videos and by all means keep having fun. As always calm seas and fair winds, and may God Bless you and keep you safe on your voyage. Can’t wait for the next report. Dave.

  8. Hi Elayna & Riley,

    Did you have to do Venezuela immigration/Customs at Los Roques?

    Boris & Beatriz.

  9. Cool gymnastics, Elayna, and on the sand too. Oh, Riley, could you send me some of that $2 lobster? lol. Cheers from Sydney. btw, when you are sailing up Sydney Harbour, give us a hoy. We have a room near CBD for you. Elaine & Bill.

  10. Sue and I are taking off this spring and keep up on your videos religiously. We just installed our water maker and composting heads. We are getting inspiration from you as we wait. Hey, don’t leave the us area without going up to Maine!! We cruised there for ten years in the Penobscot Bay area and are heading back this summer before going south. Its incredibly beautiful.

    If you are ever in the Houston area you have a bed and car…that is unless we are gone!

    Fair Winds
    Nick and Sue

  11. Elayna, Emma Bale has a new song called “Fortune Cookie”. I think your voice and guitar would handle it very well …

  12. Fantastic adventure guys. I’m in bed ill and stumbled across your videos. Good medicine!
    Looking forward to the next instalment. Keep safe.

  13. You guys are doing a great job with the videos have seen them all well done! Having grown up in the Caribbean sailing a Hobie we are seriously considering disengaging from the rat race and taking our two pups to the sun, sand and sea – more than likely a catamaran. I’m sure you can’t get back with everyone but just have a curiosity, what book were you guys using when sailing throughout the Caribbean? I noticed it had areas for anchorage and perhaps some history of the area.
    Safe travels will be keeping up!

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