Island Hopping With a Broken Everything but that’s Cool (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 70

There is an endless list of jobs that needs to be done and fixed onboard most yachts, like, always. You could stay in one port FOREVER if you wanted, preparing your vessel for a particular sail or ​even a ​circumnavigation up to your standards… but at some stage, you’ve just gotta leave or you’ll never go! Regardless of a few broken parts onboard, we left the main island of Vava’u for a little island hopping adventure (I should be noted, that we wouldn’t have done this if it was a large open ocean sail haha). We made do with what working gear we did have and found a few hidden gems just around the corner. I absolutely love this place, if I knew how to insert a few emoticon faces with love heart eyes on YouTube I would do about 10 of them right here.

Join us in France to celebrate our new boat launch!!

Thank you Mikael for the sweet tune ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ he wrote just for us!

Song Credits:
00:09 Dust to Dust – Early Morning Hours
01:00 Dominic Bennett – Fishin’ With Frog
01:17 Joe Mungovan – Matter Of Time
01:55 Handmade Moments – See Dick Run
03:15 Adam Yoo – Blood Moon
06:36 Mikael Abramowitch​ – Sailing La Vagabonde
08:25 Gotam Sen – Look After You.
13:17 Mikael Abramowitch​ – Sailing La Vagabonde

Additional film/edit: Julian Wood

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Comments 12

  1. Way to go guys! Love the videos and the spirit you both have!
    I also like the way Riley always makes a bad situation into a learning experience! Elayna, you are a sailing captains dream! Adventurous, easy going, willing to push yourself and a great sense of humor.
    There have been people with a great deal more experience than you guys, try and fail at what you do!
    I have been sailing, racing and delivering boats for 20+ years and you are getting it right!! I am now teaching my son the ways of the ocean and sailing.
    Very jealous and appreciate your letting us all into your lives!
    Fair winds and never stop reaching for the next port.

  2. Wow. Best video yet. That’s what it’s all about. It’s getting to that wonderful sunset in a cover far away is truly living g the dream. My boat has snow on it.

  3. Thanks for another great vid ! It’s cold and snowy here in Canada ?? so it was a nice warm up to watch you guys. Hey Riley – I noticed you sprayed WD40 into your windlass; while it’s a penetrating oil and water displacement product that works great on a wide variety of things, it isn’t really a good lubricant. Better to use something like Sea Foam’s Deep Creep spray lubricant if lubrication is what you have in mind ! Cheers mate, and hope you get it all fixed soon to get those worries off your mind…

  4. Stuff happens, but you guys always pull through. Elayna thank you so much!! My 10 year old grandson hasn’t sat down since the email!!! He has a bit of a crush on you!! I sent a pic of him steering while holding Rileys ” Lessons Learned” Congrats on the Cat!! Wish we could be there!!! We can’t wait for the next adventure. Other people are doing what you guys are, but you are the first and our favorite!!!!!!!

  5. Happy New Year to you both, I hope your adventure continues and the New Year brings along everything you wish for. Thankyou for sharing your travels, and inspiring us to dream big.

  6. Happy New Year Elayna,Riley and Julz. I managed to see the new year in…I hope you did too!
    Looks like you could spend a lifetime Island hopping in Tonga. The fishing…the diving…the beaches…
    Thanks for the outstanding vidclip. Have fun,stay safe.

  7. on a boat on the hard in mi winter watching u alls amazing adventures in the warm, thank’s!

  8. Once again a great video. Riley, a broken autopilot, a broken windless, and fixing the bad kill switch on the outboard isn’t the end of the world. Get over it. These are things that happen all the time. Get used to it. These are things that make up the lessons you need to know and how to get on with life aboard while living on a boat. That is why being a cruiser and liveaboard is not meant for everyone and thank God it isn’t. There would be too many out there. In my 20 years of living aboard I’ve met too many people that haven’t got a clue of what to do when shit happens . Learn from others experiences. So you have to steer, pull up the anchor or even pull the choke on the outboard to kill the engine. Big deal. Too many fancy things are made today for a boat that takes the sailing out of sailing..the name of the game is being out there, having fun, making mistakes and learning from them. But by all means the K.I.S.S. principal. Keep it simple stupid! As always fair winds and calm seas. Happy New Year to both of you. Captain Dave in Key West Fl.

  9. One thing Riley certainly isn’t, is a Know All and as someone above has also commented, he turns all setbacks into a learning experience. (Mark you, I wish there were sub-titles when he speaks as I only understand about 60% of what he says! But guys, don’t become slaves to modern gadgetry. After all Joshua Slocum circumnavigated perfectly well without GPS, windlass or a faulty Kill switch. Pull up the anchor by hand (I did it for years and was always faster away than the boats who were using their windlasses), learn how to take sun sights in case the GPS ever fails you and with three aboard, even a duff auto-pilot is more of an irritation than a disaster. Such things are marvellous to have on board, but essential? Only sometimes, like maybe for Riley’s forthcoming single-handed trip.

    But I just love your videos so thank you lots.

  10. You guys are great, I was wondering what model camcorder you use. The video always comes out very good.
    Good luck and safe travel.

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