ISLAND LIFE: We sail into tiny MARINA! Explore BLUE HOLE

Join us for a heap of adventures on Long Island. Riley has one last crack at his freediving personal best at Dean’s Blue Hole, finds yet another spearfishing partner and we make our way to the Stella Maris Marina. It’s amazing how luxurious a hot 5 minute shower can feel on land sometimes.

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Song Credits:
00:00 Kate Vargas – Who Knew What
00:36 Michael Dunstan – Emma
02:39 Kate Vargas
03:55 Airline Food – Realise
07:45 Lost Without You – Wild Oak
11:07 Dominic Bennett – Away Too Long
13:47 NoMBe – Rocky Horror

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  1. Sent for my sailing books months ago, paid for two and never arrived, sent emails but nothing ??!

    1. There was a link on the email to download the sailing book. I simply clicked on the link and was able to download it and save it to my PC. Now it’s available anytime I need it. – Ed

  2. Just curious, very apparent that the beautiful oceans have given you a wonderful life style and about the best childhood anyone could ask for. What do you do to return the favor?

  3. Lennie’s smile is super contagious! Loved the scene where he discovers goats – hilarious!
    Incredible how you 3 get along! Perfect harmony!


  4. Love all of your posts! Love seeing that little dude. Lennie is a real scene stealer. That dive to 187 ft amazed me. Keep up the good work, we love it!!!

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