It’s my Party in Paradise! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 58

It’s my parrrrrrrrty and I’ll cry if I want to, but I don’t want to, because there is simply no reason to. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer surprise birthday, put together by the La Vagabonde crew in beautiful Huahine. Thanks so much guys. You’re the greatest. Join in on the fun!

Videos made with love, Elayna. Xo


Song Credits:
00:08 The Song Writer – Gotam Sen
01:00 Travel Diary – Joshy Willo & The Kestrals
01:54 Brave Face – Finding Yellow
03:09 Through the Glass – Trent Herzman
07:37 Tropical Vibe – Tatono
11:06 Wake Up – Adam Yoo
12:38 Gerard Smith – All I See are the Dreams

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  1. Riley, the sea to new Zealand is rough and I understand there is a reef you need to navigate through. The Bay of Islands are beautiful but not as nice as where you are. My advice think twice about sailing here by yourself. But you are a seasoned sailor you’ll be fine. lol

  2. So incredible to watch. I was only just sat on that beach where you lit the fire two months ago!! Bora will blow your minds, if you go onland try the food ‘roulettes’ in the centre of town for a good cheap feast, it has great local vibes. Enjoy guys and happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Elay! Yes enjoy life while you can,trust me it will fly by,also congrats on the cat! How cool is that huh you guys deserve it! Jay

  4. Well done you two.No, four! And Happy Birthday Elayna.xx. Beautiful clear blue water. What a life huh?
    Sad about the fish Riley lost. Too bad.
    So, keep it up and have fun.

  5. Happy Birthday Elayna!! You and Riley have given me the courage to finally pursue my dream of learning to sail.

  6. Sorry hit send to fast. Happy Birthday and I truly wish you many more. I think it is so great that you guys are doing this while you are young. I wish I had now I am old and still wanting to do it.

  7. Another great video. You come across as genuine people and not staged or contrived and that’s what makes these special. Great you are coming to New Zealand and the Bay of Islands are not to be missed. American novelist Zane Gray (he wrote mainly Westerns) wrote a book ‘The Angler’s El Dorado’ about his fishing exploits in the Bay of Islands so if you find a copy it may be a good read. Good luck on the solo sail, you’ll be fine.

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