It’s summer time, and the livin’ is easy [Ep. 149]

Moored off the lush green island of Nevis. We’ve got plenty of exploring to do, a freezer full of fish to share with our neighbours, a volcano to climb and a whole lotta good vibes to give! Yo ho ho!

Adam Freediver YouTube Channel

Song Credits:
00:03 Why does Moons go in the Sky – Heeblay
00:38 Airline Food – Sunscreen Dream
02:00 Lines – Barack
03:37 Legendary Love – Jordan Prince
05:03 Jack and the Weatherman – Live It Up


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Comments 5

  1. Best Wishes and Congratulations on your bun in the oven. You both are going to be wonderful parents.

  2. Hi guys!! hope to find you both well. I have been following you since pretty soon but instantly loved what you were doing. Im apasionate of the sea and sailing and all that you represent.
    I really want to help you with something but Ive noticed I have no money, so maybe I can help by translating your upcoming videos to Spanish language. Spanish is the second more spoken language in the planet. And hopefully be by this, you can reach to all those who cant speak english. What do you guys say?!.

    Just let me know.
    By this moment Im half way in this last one you published.

    Hope it helps


    Santi Britos from Argentina

  3. Hi Alayna and Riley

    I hope you both are well. You both look great and it’s fun watching all your video’s, I look forward to it every week ( it’s the highlight of the week)
    I hope you manage to get your boom sorted out soon. I’m retired and I still do freelance filming mainley for Crawley Town FC but I still film BT and Sky so I think your footage is good.

    Please take care the Ocean’s are can be scary places

    Lots of Love Alan

  4. Hi guys
    I just heard John Cleese has a place on Nevis and is planning to live there permanently later this year. In case you’d want to do some celebrity home watching … and pick up a joke or two along the way if he’s around (and if you like his type of humour).
    Fair winds!

  5. Another nice video, thanks!

    Wise move turning back on your hike when you did – it looked quite steep and a lot more work to get to the top from where you stood.

    And that was very generous of you giving away all that fish – well done!

    Cheers and safe sailing,


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