It’s time to move on. New Islands on the Horizon![Ep.270]

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Equipped with the best local advice (thank you Nuno and Julia!), we’re moving onwards from Ponta Delgada. Thus far we’ve only hit the first island of the Azores and we’re making tracks to the next ones, and we can barely believe that it can get even better. That’s the word on the street anyway. We’re Governo dos Açores aprovada ? to sail about and catch a fish, the wind’s chillin’ so we’re taking it slow and steady on the way to Ilha Terceira. Compared to how the Atlantic has treated us before, we’re always grateful when Neptune is in a good mood.
Jimmy Cornell Sailing:
YouTube channel ‘Exurbia’:

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Song credits: 02:26 Rynn – Nothing Ever Feels Like – 03:33 Satchmode – State of Mind – 06:48 Cat – I Met a Boy/Girl – 09:27 MaJLo – Still Alive – 13:45 Lost Beach – Famous For Foolin’ –

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