Itssssa Spaghetti Marinara on the high seas! [Ep. 172]

Riley goes spearfishing solo and manages to grab some us some perfect, white fleshed reef fish for a spaghetti marinara. Does anyone else’s partner have the tendency to fall asleep after eating spaghetti? ? ? Join us on our last leg of our journey over to Nassau where we park up at Palm Cay Marina for a few days to provision. Thanks for having us guys!! If you’re in Nassau by boat, we can recommend you stay here, these guys are legends!

Song Credits:
00:00 Malfunctions – KOPANO
02:05 Casablanca – AIKK
08:44 Country Time – Bill Beaumont
11:39 The Wild – Jordan Merrick
15:45 Mimi Gilbert – Give All

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Comments 8

  1. Hi guys!
    I follow you here and there since long time
    Just suggesting to check… I heard that the nassau grouper fishing season is closed dec1st to feb28th
    Congratulations guys for everything
    If you get in George Town I hope to see you!

  2. Wow Riley….if you take into consideration the time spent in the water, you put a Great White Shark to shame regarding the amount and tonnage of fish killed.
    Please consider the Pacific Northwest ( PNW,,,,, Washington State and Canada…Puget Sound, San Juan Islands and the Inside Passage…. Google it ) as a place to visit after you enter the Pacific. Touted as the Best Sailing in the world.
    I will meet you with my sailboat if you can make it.

  3. Great video, again!
    Elayna – you are a 3-stars Chef ( notice the upper case “C”) for sure.
    Is Baby kitting already? Soccer player, maybe?
    Love from icy Cleveland, Ohio.

  4. Riley & Elayna both mention looking out for coral heads and I notice you use B & G plotter. Todays tech. now has side/down vision and now 3D sonar vision and all equipped with alarms. I know that lookout is the key but it’s an additional safety process when your asleep after spaghetti.

  5. Riley makes La Vaga a sailing vessel.
    Elayna makes La Vaga a home.
    Complimentary to each other.

    What’s for dinner?

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