Jelly Fish Attack! Free Diving the Balearic Islands [Ep. 93]

We spent the morning free diving near the lighthouse, and BAM! A jelly fish had attacked me in broad daylight.  However, the jelly was probably nothing but graceful as it wrapped around my wrist. Just minding it’s own business as we spent the morning frolicking in the depths of it’s backyard. ‘Attack’ or not, it hurt. A lot. That’ll teach me to wear a short suit. Join us, Daniel and our two patrons Will and Marissa as we explore this beautiful east coastline of Mallorca. We love it here! and La Vagabonde! and you lovely lot! Cheers, Elay.

Song Credits:
00:16 An Unwritten Song – Fugitive and the Vagabond
01:51 Becoming Melody – Alon Barak
03:02 Becoming Melody – Alon Barak
04:17 The Wild – Fugitive & the Vagabond
06:53 Wind No Rain – The Natterjacks
07:55 Supertramp – Luis Trinidad
09:52 Get Going – Miss Max ft Dave Mann
11:03 Mission Maya – Dan Blackard
14:17 Wind No Rain – The Natterjacks

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  1. Hi Riley
    You would put hot water on fish with barbs, stone fish/bullrout fish/sting ray eta, Use vinegar on jelly fish and ice packs and panadol if required. Poor Elayna you giving her hot water burns glad your not the medic on the road LOL.


  2. Hi Guys looking good. For the jellyfish sting, really the best is urine (not nice either yours or Elaynas, just pee ) when it happens, it does take the pain away. The weather has changed its a crazy summer in Europe. Where are all the fish gone?

    1. Post
  3. Thank you for posting this! Mallorca is one beautiful place. If I were there I would not want to leave and the little town is darling. What a heavenly spot.

  4. Hello, you have to buy cream with antistaminic such as diphenhydramine, Even some smooth corticoid, an anesthésic such as xylocaine, lidocaine in the cream.
    After, pill like cetirizine for prevend rash, or diphenhydramine pill.
    I am Whith yours

  5. That video was amazing! You are all hitting your stride now! Thanks for sharing the beauty?. And the pain? xx

  6. Was stung by jellyfish last year on same location on arm. Don’t be surprised if the scarring last for more than a month. Didn’t hurt for that long, but the scarring looked like it would.

  7. Hi. You have to go to the island of Cabrera, just outside Mallorca. Among other things, it is a natural reserve. You have to get a permit to visit from the authorities in Palma, but coming there you can hang on to moorings.
    Best mooring to my opinion in the small bay to starboard after the entrance.
    Nice to follow you!
    Yours Odd

  8. I got stung in Mallorca just swimming off the shore. Took 2-3 days to wear off. It was my fault in a way. I had seen the animal but forgot about it when I became fascinated by something else.
    A far worse sting happened in Madeira from a detached tentacle from a Portugese man o’ war. I swam right into it and it stung me on the forehead. Very painful indeed. I too was wearing a shortie that day although a full suit would not have prevented a sting on the forehead anyway. It felt like the tentacles were still wrapped round my forehead so I tried to wipe it away and then got stung on my arms. Not something I expect to forget.
    Wikipedia has a very detailed description of how to treat.

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