Just me, the sea and David Foster Wallace

R10 (Daily Vlog 17 of 21)
I’m not going to tell you in here what happens you’ll have to watch it like everyone else.

Song Credits:
00:07 Fai Rynita – Ocean
00:32 Alright with Me – Drew Blackard
02:51 Sailing La Vagabonde – Mikael Abramowitch
04:29 Fai Rynita – Winter Mourning
08:09 The Adventurers – P’pa Carpenter

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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What cameras do we use?
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Comments 4

  1. Thank you Riley, I am one of those people in an office wishing I was there, on any sailboat anywhere in the world. I am a government worker in Canada, in our Nations capital, a cog in the wheel. I love boats, all boats, and from about two years old was trying to turn bars of soap, paper wood, rafts, my canoe, anything I could into sailboats. All my friends know what my dream is, save money to quit my job so I can buy a boat and sail around the world. You guys are my inspiration for sure . Anne

  2. Thanks for the dedication Riley. We wish we were sailing everyday back here in Canada! You are awesome. Thanks!

  3. Good on you Riley, we are all with you here so please don’t feel lonely! Day 8 already! It isn’t about the destination but more the journey this time. Enjoy these last 2 days, stay safe

  4. These videos are great because Riley and Elayna are not afraid to show us who they really are, their inner thoughts, their fears and aspirations make them real people and that is why they are so popular worldwide.
    Hope to see many episodes from New Zealand and the breathtaking Bay of Islands.

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