Knock knock.. who’s there? Bonifacio [Ep. 107]

We sail the south western coast of Corsica to two really, really funny places. Ajaccio and Bonifacio. Ahhhh you’ve gotta love those days where things go right and you’re nothing but smiles and knock knock jokes. We have loved just about everything about exploring this coastline, from the history and people to the aqua blue water and interestingly texturised cliff walls. SAILING THE MEDITERRANEAN IS PURE BLISS.

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Song Credits:
00:17 Conjugal Visit – Decide
02:23 Deep in the Shadows – Thought Dream
06:04 Early Morning Hours – Dust to Dust
07:56 Gathering the Pieces of a Broken Heart – Kings Parade
09:46 Sara Rose – Tim Mcnary
10:53 Fantasy – Wildhart
11:55 Climbing Trees – Tracks (acoustic)
13:55 Unfriend – Ronjo V

Videos made by Elayna Carausu & Daniel Troyer

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What software do we use?
Adobe Premier Pro
Predict Wind

Comments 6

  1. #107 was out of focus maybe slow.downlload in airport.lovrd the pics..nice to see troyer
    Is bilgey incommunicado?

  2. Riles, are you a crows supporter? Just thought id let you know the Tiges are going to kick ares on Saturday!! Ps can you watch ti on one of your computers .? if not i can send you a file TS? by drop box or something like that , next week. Id be very happy to d o that for a fellow speed freak sailor!

  3. a lot of potential.. yet again and again the final cut contains nothing special . Its like .. ‘lets go to Paradiso,Ok.. then what ?’ Remember this .. just because your on a slick cat… doesn’t mean much once it’s been around a month or two.. what we viewer’s need,want,expect… is substance . Supposedly your in stunning ports of call.. theres cool architecture all about .. beautiful boats in the harbor.. and all you manage to share is Riley yelling ‘oh’ about something that’s not in view.. some tingle-dorf nearly dropping his scooter in rain storm.. and nothing else… It’s flabbergasting .. when you 3 review your footage.. are you not able to get it.. there’s 0 content .

  4. I have the compass t/shirt
    Hey if you’re seasick you’re better off spewing. You feel a lot better after it lol

  5. I don’t care how bad my day is I can always count on your wonderful videos! Thank you!!

  6. Elayna, your adorable!! But you need to start singing and playing again?!? Riles, your da man and I love the cat!! One day you guys need to come to Tampa or Fort Lauderdale FL, so after, what, three years of following you guys, I can meet you…

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