La Vagabonde checks out a Power Yacht! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 62

Meet Andy and Julie, a lovely couple from Vancouver. They welcomed us on their 70ft power yacht ‘Infinity’ to check her out and to eat some oh so delicious pasta. We quiz the pair of them on the pros/cons of what it’s like to circumnavigate the globe in this beauty. We also take care of a million and one jobs onboard which is always good fun. Cheers for watching, Elayna xo




Song Credits:
00:07 Dominic Bennett – Fishin’ With Frog
00:38 Ryan Brady & Matt Ferrone – Backstory
01:40 Ryan Brady & Matt Ferrone – Riding Along
04:25 Get Together – Bird
06:40 Accidental Hero – Halcyon DayDream
10:37 Tom Owens – Basement Lament

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  1. Thanks Elayna & Riley. Nice one! But you’ve certainly got plenty to do with all the chores and maintenance
    etc. Be careful…you’ll end up back in the rat-race rut! hihi. Hope your sails turned up on time. BTW, we are getting a lot of rough weather and winds here in NZ lately. And it’s all heading your way!
    I see Riley is learning guitar…good on him. (or is he?). That 70′ Motor Yacht is something else again! Beautiful! Ok, take care and keep safe.

  2. YEAH !! Another adventure and moving forward. Did the sails ever arrive “tomorrow” as stated in the video?

    Hope so. LOL.

    Best wishes.


  3. Hi guys.
    I’m sitting here in the digital mosh pit slaving away on website deadlines, while our little yacht called Phoenix is standing all alone in port. Watching your video once a week is a little break I give myself, and it reminds me that once I nail all these deadlines, I am going to go sailing again. Thinking about Phoenix, my mind drifts towards some maintenance task: We need to scrub the hull, paint the deck, repair some leaking stanchions and change the stern gland among things. You know the drill. haha.

  4. As always another great video. Please be careful of the rough weather and stay in port if need be. We all don’t want anything bad to happen to both of you. You always provide us with great entertainment. As always looking forward to the next video. Fair winds and calm seas….God Bless you both.

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