La Vagabonde Goes to the Cricket!

La Vagabonde Goes to the Cricket in Beautiful Dominica! And we explore some waterfalls from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’!

We were lucky enough to be in Dominica while the cricket was on. Australia vs West Indies! Rileys Dad and step mum flew over from Australia to watch the game along with 3 friends so we had a full boat for the week. It was an interesting week for us… We had lots of fun with the locals, drank the islands special ‘spiced rum’ and played their drums they were constantly bashing away.

Australia won the game and the boys went out with the Australian cricket team that night to celebrate. Next thing I knew, Riley had invited 10 of them on the yacht for a sail the next day. “Riley, you can’t be serious, you invited 10 OF THEM FOR A SAIL TOMORROW?!”. Luckily for both of us, 7 of the 10 were too hungover the next morning to attend, so we took 3 of them for a burn in La Vaga up and down the coastline and had a really good day.

The next day I dragged the boys along with me to go and explore some waterfalls that were used in one of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies! The water was FREEZING but it woke the boys up on diving in. Checked out a mini volcano that smelt like a toilet.

What a week!

Ps. Here are a few pictures of little Riley back in his days of playing cricket! How very cute…
Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.11.58 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.04.29 PM


Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.13.15 PM

Love Elay xo

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  1. Thanks for a other few minutes of escape. Look forward to the next episode. Off to see a boat for sale in about two hours. You’ve both inspired me.
    Take it easy!

  2. Great videos guys, I was thinking I might like to try some sailing. You guys have convinced me! I want to make it to lord howe island as a start.

  3. Lol, 10 of them huh? Sorry it never eventuated, you could have had a quick game on one of the beautiful beaches and you know how good beach cricket is :D. I’ll watch your new video in a minute. Thanks for putting it up hun. Hugs to both of ya.

    1. O.m.g these pictures are abtlluseoy beautiful! good job wendy! wow. lisa, paul what can i say you guys look amazing. canNOT wait to see more! xoxoxoxo

  4. Just watched it and it’s awesome guys 🙂 Damn, I would have loved to be onboard lol. Take care and keep safe. Fair winds always.

  5. Always love your videos it is 5:28 AM Thursday morning I just got done watching your video. I love how Riley explains the game of cricket and you look quite excited ha ha ? enjoy your lives I love watching your videos.
    Sincerely Stuart Huntington Beach, California.?

  6. Dominica is a wonderful place! If you ever get back there, Screws hot springs is a perfect hangover cure or just great for relaxing and warming back up after Titou Gorge. It’s only a few dollars and so worth it! Go on a weekday and it’s usually not busy.

    If you haven’t already you must try a cheesy bake in Dominica. I haven’t found them anywhere else, but they are an amazingly simple greasy delicious food. One is plenty, though. My favorite place to get them is the restaurant just a little north of the main corner in Portsmouth, across from the bus lot.

    And while we’re talking food, any festival time like Carnival or Independence Day there will be vendors selling hot dogs on sticks with an amazing special sauce.

    You probably already know Purple Turtle…it’s OK, but there are better options for that kind of food up around Ross. Tomato’s is good, but the Shacks have everything a homesick American might need…not sure about what Aussies eat.

    Anyway, love your videos! Hope you get back on La Vaga soon! Not too soon, though…rough weather in the area right now!

  7. Love your stories. Hope you are both safe after hurricane Erika hit Dominica! I heard 20 people were killed.

  8. Great video , Thanks for sharing your experiences you really do help us escape for a while . I wish you safe travels wherever you go and look forward to following (Even if only in my dreams !! )

  9. Great videos. You’re truly living my dream!

    The “mop-heads” you saw hanging from the shrouds of some of the other boats are called “baggy-wrinkle” and are a traditional form of anti-chaffing. It is old-school rope work and one of the many traditional skills collectively known as Marlinspike Seamanship.

    Sail on, my friends!

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