Leaving the Pier with a Crab In Riley’s Ear (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 42


We say goodbye to Nicole and Joel (thanks for visiting guys, we had a blast!!!) and Rileys dad Tony arrives by plane from Australia to join us for the big Puddle Jump (Pacific Crossing). It was a busy few days getting La Vaga ready for the big trip, but before we knew it we were checked out of the country and free to leave! I was quite nervous losing sight of land, but more than that, I was super excited for what adventures lied ahead. No shoes for a few weeks yeeeeehah! Wish us luck.

Lots of Love,


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  1. SLV,
    YALL are my beacon of light.
    Every time I start to feel as if ill never be able to escape the land prison, I watch a few of your videos and my spirits soar.

    Thank you so much for the amazing videos, and inspiration.

  2. Lovely as usual!! Give our best to Riley’s Dad, we would love to meet him some time!!
    Yolita & Wolfram (Cartagena, Col parents!!)

  3. “A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s “. Bernard Moitessier. I will be following your journey and wish safe passage to all.

  4. Hi Elayna and Riley and Tony too! How is your water maker doing? have you had any troubles with it yet, and what kind of maintenance is required to keep it running properly? HOw often do you need to change the filters? How long will it last with good preventative maintenance?

  5. Guys, I wish you a smooth crossing over the Pacific, looking forward to watching your upcoming videos! You are amazing! All the best ?

  6. Great video – how was Tony’s tuna? Sounded great – not the same on land I reckon!

    Fair winds and keep on trucking


  7. Hi Elayna,

    Another great video!
    A shame about the breadcrumbs, but perhaps you could, sometime, give us some ideas as to how you provision the ship for a long journey, bearing in mind limited storage, refrigeration etc. I am sure that would be of interest.

  8. Hi guys & the ol man
    Loving the vids / vlogs whatever you call em.
    I was just starting to wonder when the next installment was due as i was looking forward to episode #42
    ( Not quit the answer to everything but hay live the life guys )
    Can’t wait for the next 🙂
    Fair winds
    Without the pirates

  9. Great video as always,bread crumbs ? Lol that’s great!! Riley is really cool,but Elay you are the star of this whole trip,and what a voice! Be careful guys.Later Jay

  10. Bread crumbs instead of flour would be a huge disappointment. It changes everything. Knocks a big hole in the menu. You must have been gutted.

  11. After two years of looking I finally found myself THE BOAT and now am starting the journey with a 5year countdown! It sucks but it’s gotta be that way unfortunately. But at least it’s started!!
    Always a treat to see what you guys are up to and eagerly awaiting the next instalment!
    All the best,
    Marc D
    Toronto Canada

  12. Oh! For a life on the ocean waves! Hi Riley & Elayna and Tony.
    Looks pretty hectic getting everything sorted for the trip…specially with a crab in Riley’s ear! Ouch.
    Too bad about the bread crumbs…think of all the birds you can feed! Ha.
    Good video again ( they all are). And no shoes for a month…bliss!
    Safe sailing,have fun.

  13. Ryley and Elaina, great video! Hope new videos and new adventures in the Polinesia. Smooth sailing, fair winds and followin seas. From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!

  14. Hi guys! Love watching you videos” you guys look like your having the time of your lives! Be safe…. Good bless! Will pray for your crossing! Regards Chuck

  15. riley & elayna & tony , enjoyed the latest video tony looks like he could be in a ralph lauren ad actually all of you could be in one !!my favourite video of the series is when you guys lost the dorado fish and it escaped perfect metaphor in that nothing is guaranteed in life n you have to keep moving very inspirational and funny piece of video footage , i enjoy them all!! cheers from kelowna b.c canada B*}

  16. Your adventures are always so enchanting…making us all long for the sea! Everything you post is awesome.. Wishing you all the best and fair winds!

  17. I read awsome good. My fisrt time own see check oh sailing nice long trip good I interan it I never before I like go ride love long learn round

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