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Hello Vagabonds, welcome to this weeks relatively small but impressively mighty selection of great new music! Each week we search high and low to uncover some of the best new artists available in our great wide world, uncovering some serious talent in the process. Whether it’s a perfect sunny day, or you’re stuck indoors while mother nature imposes her wrath of rain and storm, there’s plenty of songs to choose from for every mood. If you haven’t seen it yet, our newest episode is available on YouTube right here:

If you would like to have a browse of the previous artists we’ve featured on the show, you can find several playlists available on our Soundcloud page, just a click away and free to stream. Check it out here:


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August and After – www.augustandafter.co.uk 

Intricate and gentle, August and After is comprised of three musicians who combine to form a very suitable blend of indie-folk music. Featuring rich three part vocal harmonies and performances on several instruments such as the viola, classical guitar, piano, synth and percussion, its all serving to create a deeply textured and enjoyable sound.

“With support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, Kerrang! Radio and a stream of online press, and lead single Wolves featured on Spotify UK’s official Your Coffee Break playlist garnering over half a million plays, the trio secured a nomination for the Unsigned Music Awards, and are now set to announce their follow-up to Cascades in the summer…” (http://www.augustandafter.co.uk/about)


Krijn Voshttps://soundcloud.com/krijn-vos

Krijn is a self taught multi-instrumentalist who skirts along genres the likes of Rock, blues, country and western, delivering wonderfully emotive music which he plays all of the instruments for and records himself.

“I hope that you enjoy my music, cause that’s why i make it. To reach people straight into their hearts.”





Featuring “music from the world”, Windspiel cross multi-lingual borders, with lyrics in Spanish, German and English to name a few, they seem to have most of the language bases covered! Furthermore their music is very easy listening, consisting of traditional acoustic instruments such as the double bass, violin, slap box and spanish guitar, they manage to create a happening and driving rhythm that is quite easy to tap a foot or bob a head to. Windspiel is four friends making music about nature in an urbanised time and doing a good job at that.

Hey guys, our CD “Spuren im Sand” is now available for order and download on bandcamp 🙂 windspieleberswalde.bandcamp.com
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A million thankyous to the musicians featured on this weeks episode, you guys rock! We look forward to seeing you again next week Vagabonds, do you have any suggestions for what to listen to? Please feel free to drop a comment, we love hearing from you! Please remember to help us support these amazing musicians by visiting their page, liking and sharing this post. Until next time…


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  1. Long time viewer, I love your videos. Like a lot of viewers, your time lines are hard to follow? since you got the cat, really no consistency to your channel, or information being shared with your viewers. I understand the move to cat has been difficult and I don’t know much about the workings of YouTube or Patreon, but viewers have choices and I would expect if they are in the dark, you might loose viewers. I do understand the challenges of the internet especially on passages, but being in France, I would think you have good internet. I have watched Delos for many years, they use to be hard to follow and drop out of site, once in awhile for a little time, now they are much more consistent and easy to follow.
    I hope you are up and running soon and hopefully Tuesday will bring explanation and news. I’m a long time sailor and understand your reasoning for the move to the cat, I have charter many and enjoy the room when you have 6 to 10 people on board, as to owning, the difficulty and expense associated with mooring and finding places to tie-up would not be worth the space and speed cats offer, hard to think your videos will be better or your viewers experiences, enhanced by this move to the cat. Smooth sailing, can’t wait for you to be on the sea again.
    Phil Lyell
    Santa Cruz Ca

    1. Thanks for your feedback Phil. You’re absolutely right. There have been many reasons why our timeline has been a little hard to follow but once we get the cat out on the water, we’re confident it will all come back together again.

      Thanks for baring with us 🙂

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