Lenny’s Loving Boat Life.. Ep.193

Join us onboard in South Carolina as we try to retrieve our anchor from the inside of a shipwreck. We take care of some boat jobs in preparation for our voyage south to some warmer weather. We’re so happy that Lenny’s loving boat life. Our first sail will be a test.. Coming soon ? Ps. Don’t forget to get in touch with Will and Lynn from the Charleston Sailing School if you’d like lessons or even to charter! They’re awesome. http://www.charlestonsailingschool.com

Song Credits:
00:00 Lookin’ For Love – Brandon Hoogenboom
00:41 Satellite City – Daniel Champagne
01:23 Yourself Still – Phoria
02:12 Damn Good – Brandon Hoogenboom
08:28 jacuzzi rockin beat demo! – Jason Lyle
10:38 Chase McBride – Days Move Easy

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  2. He is so Cute! Grats you two. And welcome to South Carolina. Riley, I heard you mention the cobble stone streets. I have seen your love for history, So, do you know why many coastal towns both in Europe, and Here in the US have cobblestones for streets?

  3. Fun ……….ask Lenny;-)

    Thanks guys for sharing your life.

    Jon Rosenbaum in St Petersburg FL

    Come on over the SP;-)

  4. Love Charleston. We were there on the mega dock in spring 2018. Thanks for sharing the tour. And, Lennie of course!!

  5. Please release that version of knights in white satin!! LOVED IT! Lenny’s reaction was priceless.

  6. “Wrong Doug” That should be the name of your anchor now, like in the movie “The Hangover”. Footnote to Kevin Carlin on that one kids.

  7. Hi Guys I’m sorry but Dimples Lenny stole the show lol, It was a great Video thank you for letting me into your life.

    Lots of Love and best wishes to the three of you

    Take Care there is danger out there.

    Alan xx

  8. What a beautiful little boy!
    Great cover picture.
    I think Lenny just might be stealing the show,,,
    Best wishes to you three.

  9. Can’t help smiling when Lennie smiles! Just wonderful and heartwarming.
    It looks effortless, but I’m sure it takes a huge amount of work and a boatload ( pun intended) of love.

  10. I would say I’m speechless but I don’t think that’s ever been the case, but I am blown away! Who knew that the addition of a little half pint and y’all’s interactions with him could improve an already amazing and powerful synergy? Thank you Lennie! And Elayna, you absolutely slayed me with your nights in white satin. Wow. Another of your songs I’m going to have to purchase. What a great way to end another beautiful day in Hawaii nei! Bless you three!

  11. You two are very natural parents! Lenny is adorable, and seems pretty happy! He obviously has bonded with you both, and will hopefully enjoy boating life as much as you do! What a special life you live. I admire you greatly.

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