Let it Rain, La Vagabonde’s in Transit [Ep. 148]

In desperate need of a new adventure and destination, we leave the harbour despite the fact that our boom was still broken. The part we needed had arrived, but it was the wrong size. We fired up the engines and Riley decided to get into some serious fishing/spearfishing on our way west to the magical deserted island of Redonda ✨

Song Credits:
00:03 Somethin’ is Better than Nothin’ – Tashaki Miyaki
04:31 Miss Max – You Me and the Sea
06:41 Alnilam – Alnilam
08:00 Last Drop – Martin Piehlmeier
10:29 Unabashed – Fellow Hollow
12:12 Blue Eyes – Jordy Maxwell
14:23 Dune Wind – Palace Winter

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Comments 13

  1. Do you not have a BBQ on board? If you do, rig it to be a part time smoker… so when you catch large fish you can smoke them and the meat will store much much longer and it makes a great snack… and if you have a shrink wrap well you’re off to the races then aren’t ya?

  2. magical time in your lives guys!! enjoy you videos always , always appreciate the work that goes into them cheers from kelowna b.c canada

  3. Another great adventure! Loved it. Absolutely love seeing you two have such a wonderful time together. I raised three daughters and never had the chance to sail so I’m sailing vicariously thru your adventurous lives. Please be careful and safe!!

  4. Why were your videos on the old boat far more intereseting than on the new boat??
    You need some more rock n roll behind the scenes and less talking…..

  5. So happy for you both, or better….all three of you. I’ve been working my F41, and sailing San Diego Bay. My big sails are all on Vaga. I’ve seen them all, and feel as I know you both. Wish I could come join you some day. Peter

  6. This was one of your best productions – lots of variety and interesting aerial shots. And congratulations to you both; welcome to the parenting club ! I’m looking forward to your Bahama videos when you get there… Finally, I’m guessing that pasta-like “rice” is orzo ( aka risoni ).

  7. Hi Riley and Elayna. Just finished watching Ep’s 148 and 149. Once again excellently put together. Your style just draws me into your adventures. I’m looking forward to seeing the boom part sorted out. Must be frustrating for you too.++. The cover pic of you snorkeling in the rain is ‘the best’. (Glad to see you haven’t pierced you tongue ha ha!) Cheers for now. Glenn from Morley/Perth WA.

  8. Not on the sea yet, cutting hay ,dreaming about sailing on the tractor,could be worse! Nice to come home and watch some good entertainment, and keep the dream alive. Keep up the awesome content, guys. As usual your awesome!

  9. Nice to see you too enjoying yourselves. Congrats on the baby, getting in early I am available for parties and if it a boy, Kieran is a good Celtic name, ha ha had to say it. Be safe out there and eat well.

  10. Riley you should’ve got her that dog…… hehe Congrats guys!!! Your life has only just begun

  11. Hi Elayna! I wanted to say thank you so so so much for taking the time at reading our comments and to remind you of how much we so appreciate you at putting hard work and effort into having the camera with you at every corner of your life! Thank you for including us in both your lives!You are so loved and appreciated little lady. In the near future I am upping my money to show my appreciation I so promise you! With love forever and always to you two and safe travels, Heath.

  12. Great video Riley and Elayna!

    The flashback to three years ago on La Vagabonde was great – gee you two look different! ?

    … and I was still expecting Blur’s “Song 2” somewhere on this soundtrack …

    Cheers and safe sailing,


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