Life’s a Grind in the Tropics [Ep. 177]

It was a two day event changing the oil myself on anchor. Had I had the correct tools it would have taken a couple of hours but I didn’t have them yet as Outremer did the first oil change etc for free back in France as part of their service for new vessels. I made a list on Amazon and I’ll go and pick it up next time I’m in the US. I still can’t get over Amazon. – Riley

Song Credits:
00:00 Roll the Bones – Elayna C
01:36 My Girlfriend – Jordan Merrick
05:35 Martin Piehlmeier – The Road
09:00 Nobody gets me Down – Krijn Vos
10:46 Passion – Amarante
13:57 Fernando Ferronato – Sol entre Nuvens Paisagem Oculta

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Comments 4

  1. May I give you one advice R.
    Hammer the biggest screwdriver you have through the filter, and unscrew the filter with your screwdriver i

    1. I wouldn’t advise doing that. There is likely a spigot in the centre which is part of the block casting. Break that and its going to be expensive!

  2. There is a Cholesterol reducing cheddar cheese ? on sale in the UK. It’s called LoCol and tastes wonderful! Just saying! Yes, very jealous of you guys sailing the Bahamas whilst it’s winter in the UK.

  3. HI Guys. Congrats on the parenting thing. I happened to notice that you guys eat the occasional fish, and so thought I should share my favourite fish recipe with you. It comes from a guy called Sandeep Chatterjee, who wrote a cookbook called the spice trail. The recipe is called grilled snapper with green mango chutney. I am simplifying it here, but can send you a link if you get interested.
    Basically you mix Turmeric, Chile and salt to taste in a plastic bag, chuck in the fish, (either filleted or scaled and scored) then shake to cover. Set aside a bit to work, then shallow fry. Dry on absorbent paper.
    Chutney – The Key! 1 cup yoghurt, whisked,
    Mango – chopped, green or ripe, still good, 2 tbs or the lot, depending on your liking for mango.
    2 Tbs chopped spring onions
    1Tbs chopped ginger
    Green chillies to taste 2 – 4
    2 Tsp garlic
    1 Tbs palm sugar – Brown sugar isn’t quite as nice. Salt to taste
    You will find that the fish becomes almost incidental to the chutney.
    Cheers to you all.

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