Losing Communications whilst at Sea…

R8 (Daily Vlog 14 of 21) Does anyone even read these descriptions? Elayna said I had to write one for each episode and I agreed to it because I know she makes the effort to do it for each episode she puts out but I’m not entirely convinced that anyone actually reads them. If anyone out there actually reads this can you please leave a comment so that I don’t feel like I’m speaking to a faceless distant kind of abstract uncommunicative object. Could you please write “I hear you Riley” or “copy that Riley” or even “just write a proper description and stop whinging Riley!” the former part of the sentence is up to you but if you finish with Riley and its along those lines I’ll know that my message has been received… which would be nice, you know, for me. Thanks.

Song Credits:
00:37 In the End – Saving Change
03:13 Crazy Rhythm – P’pa Carpenter

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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  1. I read them, and I take notes: I’m planning on taking my boat for a long trip and your experiences inform my voyage. Thanks for that!

  2. Riley, Louisiana here in the USA, Ive been sharing your voyage on fb; Thanks for the wonderful vlog posts.

  3. I appreciate you posting notes at the bottom about your sailing adventure around the world. A solo sail sounds intriguing, and a fun thing to try!

  4. Roger and copy from Ashtabula Ohio. Can’t you try to radio to a ship to relay a message to your family about the SAT phone?

  5. 10-4 from Ontario, Canada. That sucks Riley! These are obviously posted post your sail so we can assume all went well. Looking forward to hearing how it all worked out. Cheers to Bilgey! My dog’ name is Wilson as he is a trusted companion. Fair winds… So looking forward to seeing your new ‘float’ and hearing about your transition from ‘mono’ to ‘cat’. How many more sleeps?!

  6. The crazier you are , has me laughing my tail off. I”m not at sea and I act like that daily. Your sailing adventure is second to none. Thanks, WW

  7. no riley i was not reading, but now i will read, so write on if you will. i love that you can be real with your experience for the love of the people and the journey.. blessings as you sail the moment, for real…m

  8. Crikey mate, my day doesn’t start until I know you are well. The Admiral and I hang on every word you utter or scribble, none are ever wasted. Cheers.

  9. I hear you Riley , now get on with some sailing.

    “hark, now hear the sailors cry,
    smell the sea, and feel the sky
    let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…
    Van Morrison

  10. Mate, you must be looking forward to picking up the new Outremer! So what are your plans then? Spend some time in the Med and then back across the Atlantic and Pacific again, or do you have a few other thoughts. Love the Outremer you lucky bastard.

  11. Yes I can. Read but it’s nicer if you give us a play by play just kidding stay safe and just so you know we are watching.,… Where your tether meathead….. Much love….

  12. I read them too. Question. Why don’t you have an HF or MF SSB radio. That should be the backup for your Sat Phone. Lots of Cruisers have Amature (Ham) as well. I see your AIS signal, but it would be nice if you filled in a few more details to. It has great functionality and can be seen by people ashore on http://MarineTraffic.com

  13. Like it or not, you are a Rock Star now! Remain focused, humble and feed your fans. We love you more than you may ever know. Cheers Riley.

  14. I’ve never been called ‘a faceless distant kind of abstract uncommunicative object’ before, but so be it. I guess 6 days alone at sea can conjure up all kinds of images for some. :-] Reading you loud and clear from Ontario, Canada Riley!

  15. I thought you had ssb on board? Is the modem not connected , at least you can send and recieve text emails with that setup

  16. Reading you, at least now. I came here as I was trying to figure our what the heck you are doing making this long sail alone. Guess I’ll read backwards to see if I can find out what’s up. Anyway, enjoying your solo voyage very much.

  17. Hi Riley
    Look into getting the Spot GPS. While this is not two way communication, this device does allow for sending out preprogrammed messages via GPS satellites. I ride a motorcycle and when I am out of celphone areas, I press a button on this device and my ‘I’m alright. Just checking in’ not only sends a message to my family but they are also able to see on a map where I sent my message from. This devices primary purpose is to send out SOS alert to a worldwide network of emergency organizations.

    Cheers and keep up the great adventures


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