Mad Dog Spearfish Legend

The story of Mad Dog Spearfish Legend. A masterpiece that was never released. It was well before its time. Riley was so committed to his character Mad Dog that he passes out during a scene. Hahaha.

Song Credits:
00:00 Adam Yoo – Ashtray Gold
00:55 HEEBLAY – Shine Light
03:04 Basement Lament – Tom Owens

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  1. That was hysterical. As soon as you fell over I said” he really passed out” and then laughed my ass off. Had to watch it 3 or 4 more times. The mixed emotions every time I watched it , it was different. But you’re OK so , ha ha ! Love you too and always be yourselves and we will keep watching.

  2. Ha Ha, Karma for all the fish murdering MDSL will be held accountable
    Fish power will prevail, long live the fish

  3. Oh dear – more MSG fear mongering. Better stay away from tomatoes – they contain a great deal of it, as do many natural foods.
    There is no evidence to support that MSG has any adverse effects in humans.

  4. Elayna, nice to see you dreessed up! Riley, you need a black bow-tie to go with your shirtless look when you and Elayna go out for a romantic dinner.

    Now, ideas for a reshoot:

    Elayna, after Riley falls over… rather passes out… calmly yell without missing a beat: “Waiter, clean-up under table five, please!”

    Riley, then when you come-to and climb back to the table, go over to Elayna and kiss her red lips with a 10-second romantic kiss, then turn to the camera and say: “this is how I apply lipstick when I need to freshen up!”

    The bit with the tender – Mwahahahaha!


    Webhead USA

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