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  1. Just want to say thanks for all your videos! You guys have inspired me to live my boyhood dream of sailing the world! Don’t have a boat yet, but working on it! Keep the dream!!

  2. Dear Elena, you have a great voice and you has to record an album absolutelyI.
    I sit in the office in the heat of Frankfurt but your and Riley´s great videos let me forget just for a moment, that I’m in the rat race 🙂
    Keep it up!

  3. Your story is amazing, sailing the globe. What my wife and I can relate to is the love story because we see ourselves in you both. Best wishes and continued wealth and happiness.

    Greg and Tamra
    East Coast U.S.

  4. Hello there,Beautiful!
    Cant wait to get your album!Should be sending you some cash this sunday!I want to send some extra so the two of you can have a beer or something nice to eat in an exotic location!You have the voice and face of an angel and you should be discovered by a talent agent so you can be a superstar!Looking forward to the next vlog entry as well.Keep shining!
    -with much love and blessings,Jonathan

  5. Awesome adventure, well told, beautiful images, beautiful music. I wish I had your manual to keep dreaming to live your adventure. How I can get?

    Navarra – Spain-

  6. Elaynas and Riley you both are very entertaining with your special humor, great smiles, stories of adventure and assume accents. We are all happy for you and thanks so much for sharing your adventures with all of us.

    Beautiful people in beautiful places, sailing and spearfishing, well played! Looking forward to the music. Keep smiling and laughing.

    Cheers from Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

  7. Guys,

    You are an inspiration and that is my dream to sail around the world. Please keep sailing and if you Stop by NY please let me know that I will be morethan happy to buy you drinks…..

  8. I happened upon your YT vids by chance…but have never lost track. I find myself just watching, watching…and then watching some more! all I can say…you are living the dream I have still in my heart…and I can NOW, live it thru you both. Your decisions to do this is inspirational to so many,…as it has been to me!! Elayna…your voice is that bluesy, reggae, spiritual sound that grabs a mans heart!! Riley…what can I say…you got a “pair” mate…your courage to change your life is a mirror of my dreams….I wish you both the best…and from one sailor to the next..”Wishing You Fair Winds and Calm Seas” (I will donate when possible). Looking forward to the album!

    P.S..I own a 25′ Catalina on Lake Travis in Austin, TX….Riley…some of your sailing tips have been very helpful….do some more about general sail up keep and common maintenance.
    Elayna…a recipe book would be a treasure!!!

    Love You Both… I leave you with this!
    “Pumunta sa dagat … ito ay ang simula ng sa iyo at sa akin.”

    Wil Flores 512-924-5232

  9. Great stuff! Stumbled upon your vids/voyage and, well, thanks for sharing! Love the rare moments when Riley breaks a smile 😉

  10. I stumbled across your adventures and envy you guys for “living the dream” .
    I love the video, keep them coming.

    Stay sAFE

  11. Elayna-
    Beautiful, tough, and talented Aussie supergirl ! I am desiring you with heart and mind. Your courage and competence on high seas is incredible – the perfect sailing partner! I do hope your lucky guy, Riley, treats you with respect and caring you deserve.
    If not, I will fly to Perth or Sydney tomorrow, or wherever you are to propose marriage.

    Loving your life,

  12. Hello Elayna!! So excited to be writing this. We watch your show all the time. Having recently found ourselves with a stowaway as well, it’s more practical to watch your videos to see how you deal with Lenny on a boat!! The sailing life is a dream of mine. Being able to go or stay where you want, there’s so much to see. I admire it greatly And if you’re ever near I’d love for my family to go sailing with yours. Today my son Finn is 8months old and would make the perfect playmate for Lenny. ????? Hope to hear from you soon. Much love, and stay safe.

  13. Hello, Ive been following your youtubes for several months and you all three have very interesting lives and accomplishments. It has been a great relaxing outlet in my retirement. I was getting close to donating via Patreon but I recently noticed you supported the child activist Greta with a voyage to bring her to a summit. Greta is a child that some liberal media source gave a microphone to and frankly she is a child drama queen. It is disheartening when an entertainer, and you are an entertainer, uses their resources and notoriety to push an agenda, any agenda, especially through a child. You are an entertainer just like any NFL, NBA or Hollywood actor or recording artist. Now that you are associated with this inflammatory Child, it is impossible for me to watch and follow your endeavors with the same interest I once enjoyed. So I will be unsubscribing. I wish you would consider refraining from such politicly charged topics and persons no matter what the political agenda might be while also bidding all three of you safe travels wherever the winds take you. MarkG

  14. Hi I’m a 15 year old in Australia I was hoping I could get one of the books as I don’t have a job to buy it yet

  15. Hi Elayna, love what you do, I have been a subscriber since 2015-2016 can’t remember exactly when, but it was long before little Lenny (imagine that) however I wrote a song and made a video from your early days on the original LaVagabonde made up of clips from your videos, I would like to put it on Youtube, can I have your permission, I promise you will like it.

    Safe Sailing


  16. Hi Riley, love what you do, I have been a subscriber since 2015-2016 can’t remember exactly when, but it was long before little Lenny (imagine that) however I wrote a song and made a video from your early days on the original LaVagabonde made up of clips from your videos, I would like to put it on Youtube, can I have your permission, I promise you will like it.

    also I have designed a bluetooth wireless speaker light (that’s my business) its called BoomBright it would be great for your catamaran, let me know where to send it and I will send one for free, check it out on

    Safe Sailing


  17. I’ve just finished watching the movie “Oranges and Sunshine”. Do you know about Bindoon. I’m asking you, Alayna, because it’s not far from Geraldton, about 350 km. Bindoon Boy’s Town, where little kids were abused, raped by the Christian Brothers.
    In school, did you learn about the 100,000 children that England dumped in Australia and that you treated so badly. The film is based on Margaret Humphries’ book “Empty Cradles”. This is really a black mark on the history of Australia.
    If you have a chance, watch the movie (with a box of Kleenex).

  18. Hi Elayna. I just stumbled across your YouTube channel and am really enjoying it! I also checked out the La Vagabonde playlist on Spotify and love love love it. If you don’t know them already you should check out Frazey Ford (Indian Ocean is my fav) , Hiss Golden Messenger (Hallelujah Anyhow) and Little Joy ( Los Hermanos singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante, The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, and Binki Shapiro (great name huh?)). I think you like them. Cheers!


  19. elayna:

    how can i buy the shirts and sweat shirts you advertised on one of your videos last week
    it has the vagabon boiat on back and name on front

  20. Love your YouTube channel, especially for the excellent videography, storytelling, film & tv references right in my sweet spot, obvious love between you and Riley, and now added pleasure of watching your young one grow up sailing.

    Keep the videos coming and continued growth of your relationship, family, and business!

  21. Hello guys, we have been following you for about 3 years now, and love your videos, you guys are outstanding people, and good sailors. And now great parents with little man on board. we know he keeps you on your toes. God bless and stay safe. Best wishes…”The Jacksons” east coast USA.

  22. Sea Sickness – Hi Elay, perhaps consider working with a Body Code/Emotion Code practitoner. You can sign up for the Facebook group to learn a bit as well as the web. Many practitoners do not require you to be there physically just full name and age and or some want a photo. They find the cause and help you to correct it remotely convinient and easy. Gooday and Cheers 🙂

  23. Hi Elayna,
    In your search for a location to have your son, have you considered Florida? Australia has a consulted in Miami that could possibly provide your baby with a visa and provide information on obtaining a passport for the new little sailor. Florida , for all its bad press, has navigated the Covid thing better than most areas.

  24. Love the videos and your families story!! I do have a question; how do you make the animations? What software? Keep the videos coming!!

  25. Several times now you guys have ran out of gas for coffee…. Not good peepole , ( hehehe, surely you know that guy). I thought you guys would have a table top induction burner like the Wynns have by now. GOTTA HAVE COFFEE!!! Luv ya all, Stay Safe.

  26. Hello Elayna, I suffer with the same condition, and I did laser treatments too but it was too many treatments I would have to do and much too painful for me. I have used alot of creams, and serums in the passed as well, and recently I have been using Palmers skin therapy, and Dime Beauty TBT serum. Both have reduced the mark on my cheek, and the line I had on my face is gone. As well as the 2 huge spots that were on my upper lip. I also make sure if I am going to be sun exposed that I wear nothing less than 50 SPF. Good luck on your journey. And try those products out, They help me out a lot, and I will continue to use them from now on.

  27. Im a youtube sub of the channel.
    Watching you all is like a little holiday i can enjoy in my mind from the middle of Landlockia.

    You mentioned comments about help with your skin.

    Look up “pheonix protocol” youtube. Dunning is from NASA and nobody knows about their studies yet really.

    You guys are great. Thanx for the escape lol.

  28. Why do I feel like I’m watching soft porn each time I see Elanya in front of the camera in her underwear? Seriously? Is that what you have to do to get people to watch? I love your journey but do not need to see you half naked.

  29. Hey guys – I apologise if this has been asked a number of times before but if solar, generators, electrics, lithium progress (I’m about 6 years away from purchasing (will be christened “Artbox”) and being all electric (no sails) becomes a viable option.
    Would you recommend it?
    Pros vs Cons.
    I’ve heard the boat ‘feel’ would be very different but it also means smoother, straighter passages. More weather window options, no rigging / sails / sheets etc to maintain – anyway love your thoughts if you have time to answer.
    Tim (Adelaide born / now Sydney) & Julia (London born / now Sydney) love watching Aussie YouTubers creating amazing videos (esp you guys – the originals) .
    PS: Lenny is growing up so fast but boy such an incredible wealth of knowledge and experiences he’s had. What are you going to do about schooling (home schooling on the new boat).

  30. Hey Elayna, can you share the app you use to learn new things like how to become a better photographer? I know you’ve mentioned it before but I can’t find it. I appreciate it. Thanks and keep up the good works. 😉✌️

  31. Hi Elayna 🤗

    Really love watching yours and your family’s adventures on YouTube!

    My husband and I live in South Africa and we are going to Bali for our honeymoon next year in February. We are going to Ubud and Nusa Dua for the time that we are there. It will be our first time ever overseas! We are super excited!!! 😀

    If you ever get to see this, I’d love for you to let me know if there were any spots you went to that you recommend we go see and if you had any problems using your drone in Bali, and also flying it – my husband wants to take his drone with on the trip.

    You have such a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see you guys set sail on the Trimaran!!! 😁😁😁 It’s going to be epic 🤪

    If you happen to be in Bali in February 2023, it would be so awesome to meet you guys ❤️

    Not sure what the time is by you, but hope you have a lovely day!!!

    – Kayleigh

  32. Elayna, my daughter had a situation similar to Lennys. A friend one time gave me a piece of advice that has just been priceless. Everybody knows that you can take your child either out into the cold wet air or into a shower and both of those things can help with croup or reactive airway coughing. But there’s a way to get all the benefit of getting in the shower no matter where you are. You simply take a very clean wash cloth, and we keep about a dozen of these that we use only for this purpose, you get it completely soaking wet and then ring it out tight, and then you have the child breath through it. You hold it over the nose and the mouth gently. Sometimes you only do it for one minute or sometimes they can do it for an hour if it helps him feel comfortable. My daughter even likes to fall asleep sometimes with it over her nose and mouth. It gives you the exact same thing as if you were getting into the shower but everybody doesn’t have to get wet and they don’t have to wake up as completely as they do to get into the shower. Then I keep them clean and dry and ready all year in a zipped up baggie so that they are ready to go the minute I need them. I have literally been able to use this on a plane or in the car or anywhere else where I was not able to adjust the air for my child. It’s like the ability to take them in the shower even when you’re on a plane. It has been a lifesaver for us. It’s not going to cure anything but it does really help with the acute attacks and the great thing about it is that you don’t need electricity like for a nebulizer. The incessant coughing is what increases the inflammation so the less coughing the more they can heal. So sorry you’re having to deal with this it was stressful enough at home and with hospitals close by. Our daughter has this problem with every virus that she catches and never unless she has a cold virus.

    I hope this is helpful and if you ever want to talk about it I’m here.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us,

  33. Good day, Elayna.
    How is Riley doing after his monkey encounter???
    We are concerned for him and a bit disappointed not to be able to enjoy a vicarious sailing adventure with all of you!
    Love – Peter and Désirée

  34. Hi Elayna, firs you are an amazing family and you make me and my girlfriend into sailing. We plan to start soon, so if you guys are somewhere there on the water we maybe meet D.
    Elayna, where I can find you designed swimsuits? (my girl wants to look at them).
    For the last one, if I can say something to you guys, I think you should quit if it takes too much of your life to keep going with all the videos and stuff. I admire all of you guys making those videos as, of course, its money but I think you do not need more, just start enjoy more of your life with your family, you already give so much to the community

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