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  1. Oh how I love to watch you cut through the water!So agile and swift!Yet bold and curvasious!Keep taking good care of your owners and they will take care of you!Cant wait to see you floating in your next exotic location holding everything above the waves so blue.God bless and long live La Vagabonde!

    1. So addicted to your channel. Been binge watching for days now. You are both so inspiring and have given me ans my boyfriend inspiration to chase our dreams even if its against the norm.
      Love watching and hopefully one day we can cross paths for a beer and a dive.

  2. Hi Friends!
    I Hope You feeling good and have a good Time!?
    So i want say hallo and with You a Nice Time!
    Greetings from Germany….. Marcel

  3. Hello Riley & Elayna

    I am a little bit gutted. After thoroughly enjoying watching the first few videos I somehow believed and hoped there was a collection of 50 plus videos waiting for me to enjoy. I must have thought your started out on your trip years ago and that in a matter of days I was going to be able to catch up to episode 60 to find you in the Fijian Islands or somewhere.

    If your adventure takes you to Brazil, I recommend a place called Paraty, a little South from Rio. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot of the world and this is propbably my favorite place. It’s a little colonial town with pebbled streets (no cars allowed) and lovely art shops and cafes with filled with live music.

    If my dream of owning a yacht one day wasn’t strong enough before, it sure is now. I wish you both all the best,

    Ben Unwin

    PS – Elayna, I will definitely buy any album you release

    1. Agreed on Paraty, but they need to spend some days at Ilha Grande first, on the way to Paraty. One of the best places in Brazil!

  4. Hi Guys, Found one of your videos on YouTube and now we’re hooked.
    Great fishing , Cathy’s rely was a Cray fisherman out of Robe SA, so we’ve enjoyed some impressive examples.

    By the way the mop heads (Sopers Hole, BVis) are Baggy Wrinkles, used to prevent the sails chafing on the shrouds, spreaders etc.

    We’re due to be in Grenada in November so will look out for La Vagabonde.

    Good look,

    Stew and Cathy

  5. Hey Y’all, I just discovered your videos, and watched them all in one night! Thank you so much for documenting your voyage … I can’t wait for it to continue. You both have such a positive attitude, even when things aren’t going exactly right. Elayna even managed a smile when she was sick … how sweet is that?! You’re both my heroes.

    Love you guys,

    James from Texas

  6. Hi guys from Thousand Islands on the St.Lawrence River in Ontario Canada. Please know you have a place for La Vaga if/when you decide to tour the Great Lakes.

    Regarding your challenges of getting good footage while getting the job done or having fun on a cool side adventure check out this device It will free you of the burden of the camera, it follows your wrist band, it’s waterproof and flys home when it senses low power or max range.

    You’re blogs are an inspiration to all. Please keep in budget harnesses and inflatable LJs.

    Wishing you all the best and safe passage wherever you go.

  7. Hey Riley & Elayna!

    We are big fans and love following along on your adventures! Really excited for the La Vaga tees… our order should be arriving soon! Stoked to support you guys. We recently took our 3 boys on a cross country road trip from the East Coast to the West Coast of the USA. Best 30 days EVER! We’ve gone by land and air but never by sea solo…. you’ve inspired us to set sail on our next adventure. Your sailing guide has been a huge help and we are beyond excited to begin this journey. Thank you for sharing your beautiful lives, words of wisdom, and amazing singing voice Elayna (not sure we’ve heard Riley sing but I’m sure it’s sweet too!). Wishing you safe passage on your voyage and an ever changing horizon!

    ~Vicky & Pete, USA

  8. Hey Elayna and Riley,

    thank you so much for sharing your incredible adventure with all of us !
    I absolutely love watching your videos and feeling like taking even just a small part in your journey.
    Please just stay yourself, continue on your path and never give up !

    Best wishes from Germany,

  9. Elayna and Riley,

    Just wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoy your videos! Elayna, I cannot wait to get your album! You both have inspired us and watching your adventures has definitely softened me to the idea of someday spending a majority of my time on a sail boat with my husband. He has had this dream for as long as I can remember. I love the ocean, but mostly the edges 😉 You guys have so much fun out there though, I think I can give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing.


  10. Hey Elayna and Riley,

    As so many others I just Love what you guys are doing! Living the perfect life ?

    After watching you’re first video I decidet to sail the world as well.
    Unfortunately that is not happening next week ?
    Hopefully I’ll be able to one day.
    Till then I’m going to save money, and keep watching those awesome episodes!

    By the way that one song you used in the episode “la vaga goes bush part1” at minute 3:10 and somewhere in the latest episode sounds so good and relaxing!
    I’d love to know the name of it.


    Freddy, Germany

    1. Can someone explain to me the conitcenon between a midget war, and the movie MM is linking too. I read it, and there is a midget in it, but I have no idea what the hell metaphor he is alluding to.

  11. Hi Riley! Hi Elayna!

    I just made a donation to say thank you. You guys have completely changed my life. I was double-majoring in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Kansas and really hating life, but I saw one of your videos and proceeded to binge watch the entire set. You guys are so positive and I really appreciate how you have such a great outlook on life and are still respectful to each other even when it all goes to shit and your tender decides to abandon you twice 🙂 You two made me realize that the world is so much bigger than a toothpaste factory or a chalkboard full of equations. So now I am transferring to the University of New Orleans to study Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. After finishing this degree, I plan to get a job for three years, buy a boat, name it the “Happy Chappy” (thanks Riley), and hopefully set sail for an adventure similar to yours on my 26th birthday. Keep living the dream and loving each other! And keep an eye out for the Happy Chappy!


    PS – Riley, your book is fantastic! I have no doubt that I will always keep a copy on board along with Elayna’s album 🙂

  12. Bonjour Elayna je t’adore tu es une fille superbe ce que tu fais est remarquable bravo je t embrasse trés tendrement

  13. Recently read your book and cookbook, both were very good. We started sailing several years ago ourselves and can relate to a lot of your advise and certainly smiled when we read your recommendations for no glass cookware. The joke on our boat has been “always remember three point of contact”. You can image how that got started. Love watching your shows, fair winds and following seas.

  14. Hey guys,
    Just caught the Vagabonde fever… Keep up the awesome work, you are obviously inspiring a lot of people to live life to the fullest, including me.
    Look me up when you get to Oahu, Hawaii!

  15. It is February 9, 1:30pm, sitting in a restaurant having soup. Wondering where you two are and how your journey is going. I feel like I know you – or, its just that I wish I did – to be closer to it all.
    I’ll go back to my room (traveling, on the road -work) at the end of the day, pop open a bottle of Cabernet, return to your web site and visits with you two some more.

    Your lives are what dreams are made of.

  16. I sailed the seas for 8/5 years. Do it while you can!
    I see amazing tropical places but I guarantee you Alaska, Baltic and Med are worth while and the best memories at sea come from those places!

    Safe Sailing!

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  18. Dreams somtimes come true,,, whith a litlle help. But they come true.

    Grasp each minute a if it was hours, enjoy each hours as an inmense fortune, feel days a as conquer of paradise, feel how blessed and inmense as ocean.

    Do not leave that paradise stay as long as you can.

    All the Best

  19. Just started watching and trying to catch-up to today (live). So jealous of you guys. Looks like an amazing adventure. Keep the movies coming. Sail into NYC and we’ll show you guys a great time.

  20. Seems like Ive found your youtube videos a little later than the rest but I still wanted to thank you and congratulate you both on the great work you have done with the videos. My wife and I being inspired by your story are now saving for our own yacht!

  21. Hi Guys, love what you do, I have been a subscriber since 2015-2016 can’t remember exactly when, but it was long before little Lenny (imagine that) however I wrote a song and made a video from your early days on the original LaVagabonde made up of clips from your videos, I would like to put it on Youtube, can I have your permission, I promise you will like it.

    Safe Sailing


  22. We also own a Catamaran (42’ Lagoon) named SaltAire and I’m learning some good do’s and dont’s by following your exploits.
    While watching a few of your videos I noted that you have a fixed bowsprit with continuous furler like us. …with one exception… you appear to have an adjustable tack line between the sprit and furler.
    I really want to add an adjustable tack to SaltAire to facilitate easier & safer deployment of our Code 0 and would love to hear more about your set-up. Did you purchase La Vagabond with adjustable tack or did you add it yourself?
    Exactly what hardware components does it consist of?
    Do you like that configuration and would you recommend / alter it?
    Any wisdom from you two would be much appreciated.

  23. Hey. Having a very hard time finding someone to show us the ropes.
    We just sold everything and bought a new Bali 4.1 owners and planning on leaving florida and heading to Bahamas.
    Willing to pay a captain for a couple weeks but man hiring someone like you guys would be life changing!
    But not sure if you’d be interested. Maybe good for your already awesome page!
    Let us know if there’s any interest in maybe at least chatting to see if we’d be a good fit for you two. Or maybe if you knew someone interested in making some good money for a couple weeks. I’m sure we’d have to pay you double since there’s Two of you… well 3 I guess!!!
    We love to have fun, eat awesome food, play awesome live music on board. But we just don’t have the experience yet.

  24. Are you remembering this painting you let in Horta. I find it “par hasard ” this morning as I wandered along the boats in the port.
    I discovered it as a part of an important picture in the right corner!
    I follow your adventures on tube since years! I’ m happy to share with you . Regards.

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