How I Bought My First Yacht and Afforded to Sail

riley-reading“Money, Money, Money” would suggest a different track but the one I prefer pinging around in the far reaches of your personal consciousness whilst reading this is the Pink Floyd one.

The crassness of discussing ones own fiscal situation in a public forum has not escaped the author, however so many people have asked us on our YouTube, Facebook, Patreon, and Email how we can afford to sail that it appears that the polite thing to do here would be to reply, albeit en masse.

How I Managed To Afford My First Yacht (Monohull)

[*info on my 2nd yacht (catamaran) after we sold our Monohull – here]

No, I didn’t have rich parents who bought a boat for me to sail around the world in. For eight long years, I worked offshore on oil rigs and in the mines of Western Australia, saving every dollar possible to be able to afford a halfway-decent Yacht.

Yachts are cheaper to buy in Europe than in Australia. The example I often use is that if a Yacht is worth $1 in Europe or the Caribbean it’s likely worth $2 in Australia and about $1.50/1.60 in Thailand. These are the places I considered buying (also the most popular) when I first got the boat, which is why I have included them here. It’s what I gathered by early 2013 just prior to buying the boat.

I bought “Puer Apuliae” now named La Vagabonde), a 2007 Beneteau Cyclades with 1400 hours on the engine from three arguing Italian businessmen.

They told me they couldn’t get enough business for it to charter because of the financial crisis. The engine hours agreed with that account and some locals whom I met concurred also so I agreed to buy pending Yacht Survey.

The Actual Cost

Nothing showed up on the survey and it appeared I had picked up the soon to be named La Vagabonde for roughly AUD $100,000 …  a bit of a steal.

Throw in flights and the yacht survey and it was another $5,000.


Some of the improvements that I have made to La Vagabonde to make life first bearable then comfortable have centred around getting more power onboard.

  • 2x Soliban Flexible Solar Panels inc. install 3,463 Euro (sic)
  • 4x Trojan Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries 1,400 AUD
  • 1x Air Breeze Wind Generator not inc install 1,920 Euro
  • 1x Yamaha 2KW Generator 1,700 AUD
  • 1x ‘Smart’ Alternator Regulator 80 GBP (this was cheap and awesome)

Other general improvements or safety include:

  • AIS $500 AUD
  • A new tender and outboard $3,637 Euro (zodiac and merc 9.9)
  • 104m2 (or something I can’t remember the exact number, but it was obviously made by a professional. Ray Brown Sails from Adelaide. Legend, get sails from him if you can.) Assymetrical Spinnaker $3000 AUD
  • An extra 30m of Anchor Chain $660.00 AUD
  • 45lb Mantus Supreme Anchor $700.00 AUD

I surely don’t need to include here that each boat and occupants thereof are different and will deem all sorts of things unnecessary depending on their financial situation, desired comfort level and individual expectations of safety; as that is so banal and obvious that it would make ones eyes sore and perhaps even discharge involuntarily. Would it not.

The same can be said of weekly expenditure on food, etc. Once you have your boat set up as best you can you can get by on rice and tea or caviar and champagne, up to you.


Insurance is 3,000 AUD a year, probably a touch more and many of the cruisers on a tighter budget and even people who aren’t are starting to not get insurance as they deem it either too expensive, to not provide the proper services or unnecessary.

For example I’m not covered if the Hurricane is named which I’ve never heard on the news about Cyclone no name tearing across either hemisphere leaving a path of destruction in its wake. I have heard it mentioned also that if you were to drag anchor (we have) and unluckily end up on the rocks (like we did) that repairs are much less than the insurance (about 1/6th + a couple of very hard days work). So a bit of food for thought there.

How We Make Money Now

So now… onto what is really interesting for Elayna and I at the moment. It is Thursday the 9th of July and we currently have $1670 on our Patreon account.

Nearly 200 people have decided that they like our YouTube movies, way of life or whatever; enough that they will donate anywhere from a few dollars per month to support what we post on youtube and subsequently to Patreon.

This is really exciting for us. Mum is constantly checking in and writing us emails with Patreon updates “130 Patrons now Riley. 150 Patrons now guys. Milestone. Well done!” With this income we can foreseeably continue our journey around the world.

This is what we would like and hope can be our actual source of ongoing income.

Elayna and I have met some cruisers, particularly younger ones, getting around on small boats with almost no amenities aboard. No fridge, no auto pilot, rowing their tender and with an iPhone for a GPS. Living extremely cheap on an inexpensive boat anchored right next to me.

Same water, same view.

Looking back I wish I had left sooner on a smaller boat but then I really had no idea. At one stage I had a 1984??? 52′ or something foot racer pulled out of the water in Thailand and the Yacht Survey guy pulled me aside and said “what the hell are you doing? You can’t learn to sail on that singlehanded!” 

I should find that guy and buy him a beer.

I haven’t added any of this up, I don’t do a budget. We live pretty cheap. I hope this helps explain things better.

Some Tips On Saving Money Whilst Cruising:

  1. Research a place before you go, Definitely the best way to save money IMHO. Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted as they say.
  2. If friends or family come to visit, let them buy you dinner. Allow someone else to be generous. You might both enjoy it.
  3. Maybe don’t check into every single country you visit?? (you didn’t hear that from me).
  4. Try find an internet cafe or library rather than a restaurant.

I could go on here but I’m concerned that from this point forward I’m in danger of slipping into ridiculous advice that I’ve seen on other sites like “eat in” or “buy things that are less expensive”… Everyone knows that.

Nota Bene

– Riley
P.S. The question mark that would have been grammatically correct after ‘would it not’ was left out for aesthetic reasons.


^ This is a photo of Mark and I in St Martin. The guy helped me drop the rudder anchored in Simpson Bay, load it onto our tender (which the engine was playing up a lot in the past week) and drive it around to Marigot Bay for repairs. Cheers Mark, your a legend!

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  1. Great Stuff buddy!! Me and the wife are squirreling money away like crazy to be able to purchase a boat similar to your and get out on the water. The target is to be out on the water by the end of 2021! We are going to be purchasing a 2-3 rental properties before we leave, so insure we have some passive income coming in and to support our journey with our two daughters.

    I am really passionate about photography and video, so try our hands at Vloggin is also in our cards! Even if only to document our circumnavigation, but if we can turn it into a viable secondary income, why not? 😀

  2. Seeing as how I’ve revised this many times already so i didn’t sound like a rambling idiot., I’ll just keep it short and sweet… You guys are such an inspiration, as well as motivation, to get cruising. My wife and I can’t wait for your latest and greatest adventures.

    Thank you for what you do for the rest of us! Can’t wait for more.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Your lust for life, positive attitude & spirit of adventure is great! You guys are totally inspirational:)

  4. Hey, don’t read too much into my previous comment. If there is one thing in life I have found out it’s that the people who are the most critical of me somehow end up being my closest friends because they aren’t afraid to tell be honest with me. People who kiss my butt really get on my nerves and I don’t trust them. Don’t get me wrong, I still think you are kind of bragging.
    That said, I really do admire what you are doing, and I wish I could have done something similar 25 years ago. And I’m working toward that today, only it looks like I’ll be much older than I wanted to be starting out.
    I may yell at you from time to time, but I’m with you all the way, whatever you choose to do.

    1. Nothing you said was constructive criticism. Sometimes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you can’t contribute positively to people around you wither you know them or not what are you doing in this lifetime? I hope somebody does something nice for you today Eric.

      1. If someone tries to do something nice he’ll probably accuse them of trying to be better than him. He’s an idiot.

    2. In what world is he “bragging”? All he’s doing is answering the questions that I’ve seen countless people ask below La Vagabonde videos. There’s no hint of arrogance, just a common sense explanation.
      As others have said, he obviously grafted hard, on dirty and dangerous jobs; forgoing nights out on the booze every week and the usual expensive trappings, that we’re told we must have, so that he could make his dream happen – He obviously wanted it enough.
      Chill out man and just be happy for Riley and Elayna, that they’ve managed to escape ‘the race’ and are enjoying their lives.

  5. My wife and I are long time sailors and we enjoy your videos very much. You are both rather beautiful and very telegenic. I can see why you are such a hit on YouTube. I think you are a great pair and I love your adventurous style. I do worry about you both sometimes but I think many sailors feel the same way. Hold on tight please. Who cares how you make a living? Just do what you need to do and keep enjoying life and thank you for sharing some of it with us.

  6. This is great for someone who is researching how to do something similar themselves. I absolutely love your videos and I hope you get out sailing again soon so you can make more. You two have fed the dreamer in me and I’m sure in others as well! Thank you!

  7. Hello Riley,
    i think the “thing” is to take the DECISION to do like You do 10 years ago,
    the big majority of People don´t take this decision, they prefer to by a house financed by a gigantic credit that they have to pay 25 years long or longer,
    or they decide to bye a big car, and another one, and another one every 3-5 years, or to bye always the new Iphone and SHIT like this,
    the most Peoples don´t take the decision to bye a Sailboat.

    So if one don´t take this decision, he must be angry on his self instead to be jealous, that´s sad but true i think.

    Now that i know your way to became this beautiful Boat (not sponsored by Daddy) but by hard & dangerous WORK, i can only have a big big RESPECT for You !

    Take care on Your two (Your wonderful Girl & You)

    Ahoi from a guy in Germany where sadly don´t take the “right” decision.

    ps. sorry for my catastrophic Englisch 😉

    1. you got your point across in English, most of us WISH we could communicate in 2 or more languages as well. thanks for your comment.

  8. Riley and Elayna, I think you guys should be hitting up the corporate companies for sponsorship.
    Everything you are doing is promoting and endorsing the products you use from the wetsuits to the spearguns, the anchor to the boat itself, the Yamaha generator that is perfect for cruisers.
    They may not give loads of $$$$$ but they might give product which could save you lots in expenditure as maybe Beneteau might give you some new sails or some fishing company may give you new fishing rods and lures. I also think Elayna should release a C.D. ” Songs from the sea ” and sell this via your web site but please include a version of Green Day’s Good Riddance ( time of your life ) as this would suit you guys perfectly. Good luck and much love. Mark

  9. Hey man, I really feel you in my heart. I’m currently stuck on my island of my birth, and am very close to buying my land Yacht (Van) so i can travel as much of this as I can. As Soon AS that adventure is finished, I will be saving and moving out to the sea, so I may explore the world.
    Now that you know a little about me, and i know plenty about you, we can say we know eachother, and from friend to friend i have to say again, I feel you in my heart. I wish you the best through the salt cold and the blistering warmth, I hope every break can be solved with duct tape, and If there’s anything a poor guy stuck landlocked in his nation can do for you (poetry or friend/love letters or maybe a good meal, ect..) I would be happy and honored to help in all the ways I can provide.

    get back at any time with the situation (youtube videos are fine ^_^) and I literally wish you the best ever day.

    Keep it all up, and live that life man


    1. Collin if you ever are back here say hello to someone in the Adirondacks sailing not often enough on Lake George. So I’m drawn to your post, the you that it seems you might be. You feel like a friend and a great one. I bet many others here felt your you too. The universe produces some special people. I hope you sail someday with Riley and Elayna two “cool” sailors that I have so recently bumped into via youtube.

      So me, 52′ twin masted day sail out of Vieques, was able to pilot for a few minutes large swells, sun, steady breeze, first brew great, second brew, ” just fetch all you want, there down below.” Reached down into the cooler and that was the end, close to heaving back up above. An hour of just keep still and look at the far horizon…. Anyway, fun.

      People make wonderful machines fun to play with and share time living…

  10. Riley & Elayna,

    Thank you for sharing your story!!

    We enjoy watching your videos!!

    I have been dreaming about doing what you are doing for over 20 years and it is time to make it happen! We bought a sailboat last month and we will be putting her in the water after hurricane season. We are going to sail around the Caribbean for a while and we hope to meet the two of you. We will have a YouTube channel called Lost In Reverie.

    Keep the dream going!!!

    Mike and Angie

  11. Hey Riley- You seem to be a creative guy and I’d like to second the advice posted earlier regarding corporate sponsorship for food, hardware, clothing etc.. You’re only just starting here and I foresee massive potential in a creative marketing opportunity for sponsors of Vagabond. Just don’t sell your soul out in the process. I have a list of 10 ways a corporation could market its products in your video as well as a Request for Sponsorship letter typed up. If you’re curious about the idea, email me and I’ll elaborate. Essentially, I’m offering to manage the sponsorship of Vagabond pro-bono. I can already envision your hull and canvas looking like the windows of a retail marine supply shop and videos becoming 3 part story, 1 part DIY/Instructional/Informational/Product Review.
    [email protected]

  12. Thumbs up from WA to the two of you.

    Shame about the bitter twisted dude above, jealous much I expect.

    Elayna I love Geraldton. No doubt a sadder place without you there.

  13. Riley & Elayna….
    I have been yearning for this since my thirties. You guys are truly inspiring and wish nothing but success. I am 53 now with my wife of 46 and in 3-4 years we are selling everything and moving on to our dream life, life on the high seas.

    In regards to Eric, the first book I read on this subject was about a doctor, his wife a teacher, and their two young children setting off on an adventure. What started out as trial turned out to be 15years (that was 15 years ago), and they walked away from their educated life. I have worked my entire life since the age of 15 in construction in the northeast (US), and I don’t consider this dream running away, I just regret not doing it sooner. You see, society seduces us to believe that we are supposed to break our ass
    for 40 years, just get by every month, and be happy with that. In my belief, simpler is better, and life here on planet earth these days are crazy. I come from a lower middle class family, always living behind the eight ball, now my wife and I both have our own small business. Not exactly rolling in it, but keeping our heads up. But we will be starting our new life in a few years, we’ve made our commitment.
    So I guess what I’m saying Eric is I hear your frustration, but it doesn’t give you the right to judge just because you cant find a way to change. I appreciate Riley & Elayna being transparent and sharing

    1. Hi, Joe, in preparation for living aboard, I think a plan worth thinking about would be to rent your home out or purchase a 2 bedroom unit in your town. If you can afford it, even with a small mortgage. That way you would have rental income every week and a home to return to when your time at sea is done.

  14. Riley & Elayna

    Really enjoy your videos. Will be following your FB page to keep up with your travels. Anybody who has ever sailed wants to do what you’re doing. I will be happy just to be bare boating in the BVIs for a week with my fam.


  15. What’s a guess at your monthly/annual budget. That’s what I would like to get an I idea of what’s required to live this life.
    And awesome vids man, keep living the dream.

    1. Hi, Andy, I did a spreadsheet budget for living aboard 2 years ago when my wife and I were considering that lifestyle. It’s not too hard to do even with pen and paper. List your living expenses based on what you spend now. Add repair and maintenance costs – we priced various things like rigging, sails, engine repair, marina costs, – we were planning to live around the Whitsundays, Australia, antifouling once per year, also buying new EPIRB, life jackets, fishing rods, everything you can think of. Write off the cost of your boat, say, over 10 years down to nothing. So Riley’s would be $10k per year. Voila, there is your cost per year. Play with the numbers. Best case Vs worst case. Add $$ for the unexpected. Now, do you have enough money to do that?

  16. Riley and Elanya.
    Great adventure, great videos, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to every instalment, like “Flash Gordon”.
    Eric, Chin up, your break will come when you are open to it and less angry.

  17. Hello from more than a mile high,
    Thank you for your videos and your transparency.
    Having even a basic idea of what it costs to do just what you are doing gives many of us an idea of what it could take as well as shedding light on unforeseen expenses.
    You buy what you want or need and, so far anyway, haven’t tried to sell us on what you have.
    You are not selling us a boat, gear, a package or other such that would give you cause to inflate or under sell what you are spending , making your account one worth listening to.
    You may get sponsors to help you and that is all well and good but most wont be sponsored and an unbiased account of what it costs is why we ask what it costs, not meant to insult you. (most of us anyway)
    I grew up and still live in Colorado where an adventure such as yours is magical and seemingly only a dreamers dream, the two of you, make that dream come alive, THANK YOU!!!
    Allowing the world to come along on your grand adventure comes with a lack of privacy no doubt but the knowledge and experiences that you are sharing is empowering for those of us who wish to follow in your wake.
    Please follow your dreams and Please take us with you!
    Thank You for all that you do.

  18. I think I’ve watched all your vids 3 times already , make more ! Haha , they are so grate , I’m already thinking about selling my house in the north of the uk , and priced my own boat , there’s no time to wast , I’m 32 and Can’t wait thanks to you both

  19. Hi Guys

    Great videos, I have done a fair bit of sailing and can relate well to your experiences, I currently have no boat so live my sailing life through you and a couple of other boats as well. I force my none sailing friends to watch your videos as well, there is something in it for everyone 🙂
    I hope the rest of your trip goes well
    Philip, NZ

  20. Thanks Riley & Elayna Your doing it, what many dream of and few accomplish. It has happened as a result of you focus and determination. It was your dream, fortunately not everyone has the same dream or else you could walk across the Pacific on boats, Eric did not have the same dream or maybe the focus, only he knows. It is best not to compare yourself with others, while our journey is ostensibly the same we are all in different positions on that journey . But take heart Eric you can change your position at any time ,it is all up to you. Tough Love.
    Andy as to what it costs to live on the sea? As Riley said , your life style is your choice, If you are coming from a remote village in Africa a simple hand built catamaran might be appropriate , living off the ocean, There was a couple who built a craft of sorts from trash collected from the New York streets and sailed across the Atlantic, bit extreme! Or if you are from Maine county an Oyster 68 might be you oyster, oops. But its generally agreed among the Live aboard community that its cheaper than living on the land and its never too late to start. I will hopefully be joining that community very soon and Ill be, shudder shudder 60 next year dam I took my eye off the ball , where did those years go. See you out there, even maybe you Eric and thanks again to you guys.

  21. I watched a youtube by some Asian guy whose dream was to own a Lamborghini. He was just an ordinary schmo, but like you he worked hard, saved up and in time realized his dream. Dreams become realities with a plan and a bit of discipline. Well done guys, well done.

  22. Wow someone who is open and honest ! Thanks for sharing, I was wondering how you pulled this off before finding this website. Great job Riley – so glad to see someone dropping all to actually do what you want in life. Enjoy your vids, you and E look really happy.. Wishing you smooth sailing..

  23. Thanks a lot for being honest and transparent about how much this endeavor has cost you (given how young you guys look I wondered if you were trust-fund babies or won the lottery). Everyone in the world is jealous of you guys because the freedom of your life is something written about in fairytales, not seen in reality. Thanks for sharing your videos of your adventures. You say in a video that crossing the Atlantic was nothing…do you realize that it took Europeans (excuse me descendants of Vikings) millennia to pull that off? Amazing accomplishment! I found your videos because I’m taking sailing lessons in a few weeks. I hope in a few years I will be ready to do what you guys have. Cheers!

  24. I would ad that finding a sailing mate like Elayna is priceless. Who you share your life with is a big deal. Thanks for the info. I am going to learn to sail near Tampa Bay, Florida this November. You have inspired me.

  25. I’ve never understood the taboo of discussing income & finances. I see you doing something or enjoying something, or arriving at a place in life that I might like to find myself in someday. Why can’t I ask you how you got there? Must we all be left to our own devices and ingenuity or can we not learn from the experiences, mistakes & successes of others? So much of the advice offered in books and “how-to” articles is obvious and “banal” as you rightly point out. I want to hear real stories of real people living less ordinary lives – like you guys. There are so many of us out here dreaming, scheming and planning, hearing how someone else got there helps us consider other options and different methods we may not have considered before. So thanks for sharing, Riley! If you ever want to know how to live an ordinary, middle class life in Eastern Canada I could write you a book…

  26. It was never my intent to “take over” this comment thread with the words that you so graciously allowed to be posted. I am not a troll, although the response from the words I posted was quite unexpected. Unless you want me to explain to each of the people who “blasted” me for my opinion, I will not. I just want to speak to my original posting.
    When I was your age (when you started working and saving for the dream you are living), I had the same dream you are living. Unfortunately, at the time, in America, being a white male, you are absolutely responsible for your offspring. PERIOD. So I quit school, gave up my dream, and perhaps stupidly, joined the US Military in order to support my new family, which I did not really intend to happen. I would guess I could handle any job you performed to make the money to buy the boat, had all that money not been taken away from me to PAY for the sex I had with an American female who happened to get pregnant.
    Trust me, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have sex with a female who is an American, unless you are not white. They will steal your life away, and blame you for getting them knocked up.
    Anyway, I support you 100% in what you are doing, I wish I could have been where you are 30 years ago, and I don’t blame you for my misfortunes; Although, I really do wish more people understood how many promising lives, like mine, were destroyed by the bottom-feeding lawyers who controlled America in my generation.
    Sail on sailor.

    1. Hey Eric,
      I love La Vagabond – and similar to you, am also caught by the chain of an x… In my case, an x-wife that refused to work. But I work 50 hr weeks, commute 15 more hrs and work weekends. I decided not to let my x reduce my ability to retire well… And she won’t. Fight for what you want.
      Also, Riley worked hard, maybe not as hard as you did, or maybe life was unfair to you versus him. Fight for your future and live your dream. And step up to make the world better and you will enjoy it more.

    2. Good Lord man!

      Stop the nonsense already. All of your essays can be summed up as such:
      “I am bitter at the world because I habitually make poor choices.”

      Please, you make American service members look so stupid. You’re not PAYING for the sex you had with a woman…You’re paying for your inability to make a good choice and wear protection.

      Never have sex with an American woman because they will steal your life away? Mind-blown.

      With each additional post that you make, you are making yourself look increasingly worse. It’s all the more obvious why you are in the situation you are in. You and YOU alone are responsible for the present state of your life. Little children and weak minded adults blame everything else for their problems. It wasn’t the lawyers who did it. It was your non-condom’d penis. It wasn’t the “American woman” who did it. It was your carelessness. There are NO accidents in life. There are ONLY failures to plan and act appropriately. Take some damn responsibility man.

      I know you’ve heard this one, being military and all… Life is hard but it’s harder when you’re stupid.

      1. Brian,
        Thank you for your response? Have you ever read the label on a condom package? It is guaranteed to be 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and the transmission of Venereal Diseases. Guess who the lawyers go after for that 1%, which aren’t covered by that guarantee. Do you think I can go into a court in America and say it’s the condom manufacturers fault, and I shouldn’t have to pay 60% of my gross income for the next 18+++ years? Good luck with that one.
        I blame no one for my life.
        However, my life would have been so much different today, had the laws and lawyers in America been more similar to what they were prior to the Socialist overtaking of America by LBJ.
        But let’s get back to the fact that I think it is a wonderful thing that Riley and Elayna are doing with their lives, offer a warning to Riley that if you ever have a child, do not do it in America and, I wish I could have done the same with my life that they are, but that is beyond the frame of time.

    3. Good lord, help Eric. He really, really, really needs it. Is life is miserable and blames everyone for it. He lost faith in life. Eric, your not funny to read at all. Take the good energy of the Vagabond guys and try to think positively. Do it one day at a time. I’m sure it will help you. I dares you to try, you could be surprise. For start, stop your negative comments. Negative attract negative, positive attract positive. Have a nice day

      1. Dont be so preachy Michel, we dont all have your “positive” life. Life does throw alot of shit at you and youre entitled to feel down and to express feeling down if you like.

    4. Eric,
      You blame everyone else for your misery but you yourself let life wash over you like a tidal wave! If you were American, you would blame Obama for everything, watch Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh in your crappy pickup truck and be dumb enough to vote against your economic interest – the fascist Republican party (Trump).
      Bag the negativity and make something of your life. Find what you truly have a passion for and pursue it relentlessly.

    5. Holy hell Eric, I was oddly amused by your original crazy ranting but after this post I see you are way more fucked up then we could assume earlier. Is it possible that you can not see the psychosis hiding openly in your babble? Are you not able to understand that your behavior here is inappropriate. Or, were you thinking this was the perfect place to unload about sex with white American women and bottom-feeding lawyers who control America? Condom Ranting? Here? Really?

      I couldn’t help but notice that you referred early on to the “Super Star”. Now we know why you hate on Riley and why you are here. Surprised no one else mentioned it. Eric is an E-stocker. You said so in your first paragraph.

      Very sad, probably no cure. It is not the generation you come from, it is the disease in your brain. You are visible. We can see you.

    6. Eric, it sounds like from your experience of having a child with an American, and you rerouting your life, you are angry. I believe it should also be, that you should not have sex with a person if you don’t want to take the chance of having a child, obviously you did not take precautions. And by you saying, “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have sex with a female who is an American, unless you are not white. They will steal your life away, and blame you for getting them knocked up.” WHAT!!!!!! And I would hate for your child to read your comments, it sounds like you do not appreciate your own child. Yes, definitely sound mad because of how your life has went, and you are taking your anger out here. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS, HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX IS YOUR FAULT!!!!!! Stop being mean to people who have nothing to do with how your life went. If you have nothing nice to say on here, don’t say it. Plain and simple. This wonderful couple is living their dream and you are jealous.

    7. Wow Eric, you must be some piece of work to write that on a public forum, where your child (LUCKY you to have a son! You get someone who cares about you even if you’re a complete waste of space!) can read it. I feel very sorry for anyone who had to grow up with a man-child father who feels their own children and the mother of their children are just a horrible inconvenience to their life, and wants the world to know it. What a total sh*t you are., and that’s the real reason your life isn’t great. Try seeing yourself, quickly, the alternative is dying alone having left nothing but negativity behind you.

  27. Riley,
    I really enjoy your videos and thank you for sharing this info with us. I now know where to look for a boat. 😉 I’m just trying to find the right type of boat to buy right now. So many choices out there. Hope to see you out there one day.
    Happy journey and take care!

  28. Riley & Elanya,
    I throughly enjoy your videos and particularly the relationship you both have with each other. It is great that you both are sharing this great adventure with each other. I am an avid sailor and have sailed to many of the places you have visited on your travels and it brings back some wonderful memories. Let me know if you ever make it up to the Chesapeake Bay?

    Fair winds !

    1. What’s the best vessel for big waves? Catamaran or sailboat? Thanks for the videos, we really enjoy them!

  29. Thanks for all the advice,

    I’ve been working as a contracted underground miner for 5 years and socking away everything just as it sounds you have. This career path seems to be the best option to save money due to the almost zero cost of living in company owned remote camps. I plan to have my “Dream Boat” June 2017, fumbling around the West coast of Canada learning to sail.

    People who choose to live your lifestyle are few and far between, and most of those are not connected to social media as you two are. I would like to say thank you for all the information. The two of you have made a permanent impact on selection of equipment, boat size and features, destinations, and overall life style, as well as the decision to have a significant other on the journey. The hunt begins for a girl up for that challenge, as soon as I am out of my current camp, haha.

    Keep the video’s coming as I have another year and eight months until I make the transition from land to sea, and I have so many more questions.

    Luck and love to the both of you.

  30. Hey Guys! I’ve been watching since you left Greece! Congrats!

    We made a similar voyage with 5 kids (had a 6th in Israel) and lived for 3 1/2 years on our antique (1985) Dean catamaran. We started with NO sailing experience, and through trial and error, and LOADS of help from other cruisers, we made our way through the Med, down West Africa, and across the Atlantic. We chronicled at:

    All that to say to the haters: It Can Be Done! If it’s your dream, make it happen, don’t wait!

    Congrats for the life you built, we’ve got tons of families who have done it as well at:

    Cheers, fair winds, and cheap diesel!


    1. What a great story Erik (not to be confused with Eric). Some day, after my youngest child is capable of living on his own (he’s 25 and MAY be able to set an alarm clock on his own next year), I will join all of you out there on the sea, as my dream has been driving me toward since 1983. Things happen that take precedence over dreams in the lives of most people. Fair winds Erik.

      1. Eric your child is 25 and you are saying he is not able to handle setting an alarm clock (in your mind, he is not capable of using one in the way you would like). He is 25, what have you taught him? It is your job and his moms job to teach him to survive in this world. Reading your comments, it seems you have affected his upbringing, you are negative, and mean!!!!!! So, I can only imagine what he went through!!!!!

  31. Good work ! you make a good team… that’s not always easy at sea ! I’ve been watching your adventures with interest (but must admit your easy on the eyes as well and are a fine couple 😉 Always be aware the possibility of rouge waves they are more frequent now days. Best of Luck !

  32. Do you guys plan on visiting the states , if so and your close to the galveston kemah area give me a call would love to buy you and Elayna dinner, also I work and am very involved in the sailing industry here in the area and could get you both a sailing seminar that could put a little money in the kitty. Thanks

    Keep chasing that sunset
    Your friend Ruben A Ramos

  33. Don’t listen to the nay sayers Riley! Having done the same thing I fully agree with what you said. It’s a matter of priorities and working hard for your goals! Some luck is certainly involved too I suppose but what in life doesn’t have an element of luck?

    I just started a vlog on youtube myself, Resolute Sets Sail. Would love for you guys to check it out and tell me what you think.

    We are in different oceans right now but someday soon would love to share an anchorage and have some adventures.


  34. I’ve watched a lot of your guys’ videos and have been taking a real look at getting a similar sort of boat (large-interior present-era Beneteau/Hunter) for extended cruising in a few years. I deeply appreciate the candid look you’ve given at the expenses of buying and insuring the boat. I would be very interested to know what your approximate ongoing costs are (annual slip fees for when you are away, ongoing overnight sleep fees when you’re not anchored out, routine and emergency maintenance). I plan to cruise in relatively the same sort of way you guys do, anchoring out and eating in when possible, and most writing I’ve found about the costs of this lifestyle is from the perspective of someone doing it a lot less frugally.

    Thanks for all the videos and fair seas to you. You guys are great!

  35. Great videos guy’s> Thanks also for writing a little about how you do afford to sail and live the lifestyle that so many dream about. Like many it’s been a dream for a long time and it wasn’t until I was reading the blog from the guy’s on ‘s/v Delos’ in which they were discussing the same questions from their subscribers, that I realised that it is so much more achievable than I thought.
    So rather than having a ‘someday dream’ I’ll be hopefully buying a yacht around Christmas time this year.
    So keep up the great Youtube channel and hopefully more people will watch your journey and realise that anyone can do it and it doesn’t need to be a big flash boat either and can be done quite cheaply.
    Better to be finishing your days with “I’m glad I did” rather than “I wish I had”

  36. Hey Guys-
    You’ve both inspired me!
    I’ve bought an Oceanis 390. She’s a little older (1988) and needs some work but she’s all mine.
    Thanks for a great job on the e-book and all the other great advice.
    Awesome job on the Bilgey video!
    I was madly in love with you.
    But I’ve since reconsidered the moment you began crapping on Riley’s video production efforts (i.e. “Bilgey!”).
    We sometimes mock what we don’t understand. I suggest watching it again and try to gain understanding of the deep, complex meaning of what Bilgey! is trying to tell you.
    Warm Regards-

  37. Hi 🙂

    About the time and money… how longe travel time do you guys think 100.000 aus. will last with the way you life now ? 🙂

  38. Hey thanks for sharing your adventure! I some how found your video on my homepage of youtube for some reason. And really the only reason why I clicked on it was because of Elayna look so awesome in the image of the video!

    I am completely jealous! Sailing around the world with “no worries”, deadlines, daily pressure from the “rat race” with a beautiful woman (I might add half naked ), seeing the close up shots underwater of awesome marine life, eating lobster and catching all kinds of fish … I love fishing… WOW! Keep it going! I’m living that life vicariously through you!

  39. Hi you guys are awesome. I am so proud of you because you have encouraged me to pursue my dream of sailing and living aboard my very own yacht. I was trapped in the world of having debts and no time to live from working 6 or 7 days a week. It happens now I am able to live my dream in spite of my circumstances. I was a victim of a hit and run accident while riding my motorcycle. I lost everything, even my health. But since then my health is getting better as I am ex navy and have coverage with the VA. My disabilities are compensated by the VA from having a service connected medical discharge and with the increase of my social security, I’ll be able to have a monthly income over $4k US per month. A friend of mine gave me a Catalina 30 and I’m in the process of preparing it to live on board and sail the East Coast of the US, Chesapeake Bay, and the Caribbean. I have plans to purchase a 36 ft CS and from the research I discovered it is a fantastic ocean (bluewater) vessel. I am soon to marry a gorgeous woman who admires the lifestyle you guys have. She is so special and awesome. I have picked up a lot of helpful ideas and advice from you two and hopefully one day we can meet. Jackie (my sweety) also sings like a bird. Funny how she has all the talent; can sing, is incredibly gorgeous, super funny, great heart, brilliant, and I am just me, hahahahaha. I am the luckiest dog in the pound. Anyway thanks for your post, videos, and the generous gift here that is a really great resource. I am not able at the moment but soon I would like to help you both continue with your dreams and make a donation. I wished I had done this sooner, as was my dream while I was in the US Navy, but it is never too late and since last week, I turned 52 on Sept. 23, I will finally do what I wanted 32 years ago. My how time flies. Jackie is a true blessing and lucky for me, she is a bright, young, 26 year old who has known, and loved me since she was 22. Bless her heart she is the real deal. We are on Facebook so if you search for Scott jackie Shelnutt (me) or Jackie Shelnutt (uh….Jackie) you will see us and hope to catch up on the water with you two. Be safe and keep sailing. 🙂

  40. At almost 67 years of age, I have learned a few things over time. One is, you never ask anyone how they afford to do something. If they are a farmer or rancher, you don’t ask them how much land they own. Things like that. However, you always wonder, for instance, how someone affords to travel around the world unless they are rich, or have and income, or saved up a few bucks. We all know of people who have done it in open boats, on 21′ Wharram Tiki catamarans, 10′ mono-hulls, and even canoes or kayaks, and row boats. It is always instructional, and interesting to me, to know how someone manages, or has managed their passages. So in that vain, let me say thank you for revealing your method. Since I now know you have a kitty, as the result of your video ventures, I will attempt to make my small donations in the future, to help in a minor way. After all, I’m trying to put my kitty together, also, to attempt sailing off into the sunset, and trying to do it without selling my small farm, since I’m sure I will have to return to it…maybe.

    You both inspire me, and for that I am grateful. Stephen

  41. Thanks guys, I really enjoy your posts and they bring back fond memories indeed. For everyone else out there wondering how they can scrape the cash together to buy a boat, why not do it for free?? There are loads of very friendly and generous cruisers out there who are always looking for crew

  42. Thanks guys, I really enjoy your posts and they bring back fond memories indeed.

    For everyone else out there wondering how they can scrape the cash together to buy a boat, why not do it for free on someone else’s?? There are loads of very friendly and generous cruisers out there who are always looking for crew. Personally I spent four months cruising around the south pacific on two different yacht,s and it was one of the best experiences of my life. No stress about running costs, insurance, maintenance etc. Generally, in my experience the only pre-requisite tends to be that you be easy to get on with, considerate, and responsible enough to be able to keep watch when required. Cooking skills are probably more highly regarded than sailing experience as well!!

    Sound too good to be true?? I found it surprisingly easy to arrange after visiting various marinas and dock yards in New Zealand during the hurricane season when most of the boats are doing repairs, waiting for the weather to settle before the next leg in their journey (much like Riley and Elanya). I met soo many interesting people, all with great stories to tell. I received a number of offers to join crews on a variety of yachts. Some wanted a small contribution to living costs, others were actually paid (charter deliveries), and several were FREE!! ie. ALL EXPENSES PAID, in exchange for friendly company and help on deck to sail the boat and keep watch.

    My blog is nothing like that of Elanya and Riley’s, but you can still read it here if interested:

    Once again thanks guys for keeping the retirement dream alive, and cheers to Sora and Roam Free for making my own little adventure around the South Pacific possible!

  43. Riley, I’d like to say thank you to you and Elayna for demonstrating to all of us that sailing can be fun and certainly attainable for anyone who would like to. I read some jerk’s (Eric) comments about how he had to work 40 years and still doesn’t have the money to buy “ropes.” Well I hate to say he had more than enough time to make his own life’s decisions. I spent almost 20 years as a US Paratrooper and would have gladly traded that life for sailing in a dinghy. I have enough to buy a new sailboat right now but I’d like to save more for the old “sailing kitty.” Thanks to you and Elayna, a lot of the scary jitters are gone because I’ve seen you two gracefully and without fear, show us your life on the ocean. I will be forever grateful…thank you.

  44. Nice post dispelling the myth of sailing being only for the super rich! I particularly liked this bit: “Elayna and I have met some cruisers, particularly younger ones, getting around on small boats with almost no amenities aboard.” That was us!! All the way around the world!

  45. Great to see you guys enjoying yourselves, and taking life as it comes.
    To Eric if you a still with us.
    Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.

  46. Hello Elayna, Riley,

    I discovered your videos just recently and they reminded me of my own sailing adventures in the Mediterranean with chartered boats. Your Atlantic crossing video was the best, with all the little things that “went wrong” and you shook them off like it was nothing :), fishing that spinnaker out of the water :)))

    Also, I listened to Elayna album – sounds very good.

    We all make sacrifices for freedom because freedom is worth it. Most people get that but are too afraid to pursue it. Your videos show that overthinking should be thrown overboard.

    Will definitely look to give back and I wish you fair winds and all the very best.

  47. wow! the crusing life is good if you can do it, if you cant dont complain about the ones who have found a way to do it. I would guess that when you work on a oil rig you are well paid and so is your berth on the rig, you dont go shopping after work so its easy to save. for me i bought my world cruiser and my fully paid for house will be rented to provide income, see ya out there Vegabond!!

  48. Riley and Elayna,

    Thank you for sharing your adventures! Seeing first hand (the ups and downs) is encouraging me to get out on the water. I hope you have a chance to document your travels especially well when you reach the more non-English speaking countries across the Pacific. I am particularly interested in sailing there one day. Keep up the beautiful music Elayna, I look forward to some original pieces from you!

  49. I watch your videos for 2 reasons. Riley’s moustache and Elayna’s singing. Oh and the sailing around the world bit is alright I guess. I kid I kid. Before I binge watched your videos, I thought travelling the world on a sailboat was just something rich kids and owners of corporations did for shits and giggles on summer vacay. After watching your videos that really changed. My perception on life, love, travelling, work, play, music, suddenly had a little bit more spice. My wife and I help out with youth here in Montreal and just a couple of days ago we were talking to them about dreaming big. Dreaming big and having your dreams come to fruition by hard work and sacrifice. You guys are a great example of that! Thank you for the spice! Thank you for the dreams! Now its on youtube! 😀



  50. Hi Guys,

    Loads of love from London:)
    Thanks for your inspirational videos. You guys make a great team and come across really well.
    Riley seem laid-back but hardworking and competent. Elayna’s a real beauty, good fun and mega talented.
    You’ve definitely helped to inspire me to pursue my dream of learning to sail, selling up and exploring this beautiful planet of ours
    Thanks for the entertainment, the humour, and the reminder that if you’ve got a dream you truly believe in you can overcome any obstacles
    All the best on your adventures, and fair sailing

  51. Hi Riley and Elayna , you have let me know through your videos that it is possible to live your dreams ,i get a lot of people saying you cant sail around the world your from Bellshill , thanks to you im looking at leaving the rat race and living , i come from a small town 6 miles from Glasgow Scotland and through a local community youth project got a chance to go sailing for 5 days on the west coast of Scotland , it was a bit daunting at first but i enjoyed it , that was 5 years ago and have been looking for a way of getting away from all the corporate shit that is drummed into all of us through the media , i hope you dont go down the sponsorship route as i think it would spoil the adventure im having with you , i build campers for a living and have got a good set of skills in engineering , woodwork and 12v wiring , i have set myself a goal of doing either a camper or sailing expedition before im 50 years old , im 47 just now and have 3 kids the youngest being a girl of 14 , i have seen a beneteau 430 sailing boat on a website with damage from a storm and was going to buy it and refit it out with all the right equipment to do the job ,the only problem i have is i have had mental health issues in the past and was a bit scared of what i would do if it happened at sea , but i suppose it is less stressful at sea ? i will just have to see what happens . thanks for the inspiration you have given me, and i hope your adventure continues without the big coca cola and mainstream corporate sponsorship , thanks again

  52. That’s it…..Fuckit. I’m buying a sail boat. Eric, kiss my ass! And my sail boats ass too! And everyone elses ass that commented. and when your finished that….Kiss Riley’s ass as well!

  53. Good morning from the wet uk.
    Let’s start by saying a dream is and will remain a dream until you do it.

    I serve red in the Army for 9 years in the 80’s- 90’s so think what conflicts I have attended.
    I them work in this corporate world for the last 20 years. I have brought my kids while separated from there mother. I have done it tough.
    I purchased my boat 2 years ago a 49ft big enough to can some clothes.
    What Elayna and Riley do is show us what is possible, and the fun you can have whilst doing what you enjoy. I don’t subscribe to the donating website I offer IT equipment as I can get it really cheap because it the industry I work in.
    I am in the process of selling my house which will give me £200k I will buy a rental and then go sailing, until my funds die out. But at 45 what I have realised is life is about what you do not what you have.
    @Eric. Your more than welcome to join me on my boat anytime. For sailing experience.
    The guy from Glasgow. I need a 12v engineer and carpenter so again I will swap for experience
    You video help me make my mind up on what’s possible
    If you need any IT kit drop me a line, you have my details

  54. Ask and you shall receive.
    I found you guys on YouTube and followed you right the way through.

    One burning question I had was always ‘how much and how did save for it’
    I worked up north out of Karratha as well but inland, Birla Nifty, bamboo creek etc.
    I have a mate who works off shore out of mermaid Marine so congratulations on saving the cash and not buying into the Aussie Dogma of buying a house!

    100K AUD for a 2007 Beneteau Cyclades is a steal! and with the pasting the dollar is getting now even more of a great deal.

    keep living the dream and know from an Aussie expat in Vancouver Canada I’m wishing you guys all the best.


  55. Your life is my dream. So many people work too hard all their lives for a company they don’t believe in, to live in a house they don’t need. You have worked hard to live your dream and that is amazing.

    You two are really inspirational. More people should be aspiring to the kind of lifestyle you’re living rather than worshipping the Kardashians or whatever. This is my idea of pure happiness.

    You both deserve it.

    Thanks for the videos xx

  56. Hi, Riley, what a lot of great comments and interaction you guys are generating. Entertainment in itself. I love the videos and I follow your adventures with keen interest. And wow, did Eric open Pandora’s box!

    Love and hugs from Sydney, Oz.

  57. G’day to you both!
    I’ve followed your story on YouTube for quite some time now, and have enjoyed all your videos immensely. I am so glad you both have ignored the naysayers, and set your own course in life. While not a sailor (maybe one day), I’ve lived my own life of adventure
    Whilst I was in my twenties I met a retired gentleman who’d left school at 13 or 14, began work in a Laundromat/drycleaner, worked his whole life using a steam press, till he retired, having never travelled. I could not have imagined anything more soul sapping. To think a mans life story could have been summed up entirely in so easily, is what gave me the inspiration to set out and enjoy life.
    I bought a bike, strapped a swag to the back, a few clothes in the saddlebags, and rode. worked in a few different places, met a lot of interesting and amazing people, and rode some more. Every turn in the road, over every hill, was a new adventure, some more pleasant then others. I’ve ridden in all weather, repaired the bike by the side of the road in the rain, and even had to hitch a lift into the next town to buy parts (or embarrassingly sometimes fuel when I’d miscalculated and ran out). I’ve done many different jobs, from security work, bar work, scaffolding, I even worked on a prawn farm once.
    My life now has taken a slightly different turn, although I like to believe it is just a new adventure, I’m in my forties, and my new wife has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.
    I hope to teach him get out and enjoy life, that he doesn’t have to be tied down to a steam press.

  58. Wow , just watched 17 vids on YT, I’m taking up sailing you’se guys are so lucky , I travelled Oz and NZ 15 years ago for 3 years and landed back in ireland and have long dreamed of another trip. Recently joined a sailing club and I’m totally inspired by your trip. Best of luck on future travelling and keep safe. Take care and good luck.

    John – Dublin , ireland

  59. Hi Guys,

    I’m another newcomer to your You Tube videos having read Laura Dekker’s blog and one of Tania Aebi’s books. Like others here it’s very exciting seeing what you’re doing and contemplating doing something similar. And some of Elayna’s writings are truly inspirational, she could make a very nice living as an motivational speaker!

    I understand discussing financial matters can be crass but it really helps someone like me get a grip on what it would take to do something similar, and for that I thank you.

    Kind Regards,


  60. Crazy!!! just read Eric’s comments from July ’15. When you consider the amazing friendly helpful people you meet through sailing, it’s so sad that people are torn apart with jealousy. If Eric knew that I have just sold seven properties to fund my new yacht and world cruise, he would be apoplectic. All I can do is sit and chuckle. Keep up the great work Riley and the beautiful Elayna.

  61. Hi guys
    You have been a big inspiration to a lot o people and me. I have never sailed in my life but watching your videos I’ve started to research into getting my certificates for sailing and than to get a boat.
    I feel terrible of the comment left earlier (to me 15 mins ago but in real life 6months ago or so)
    I truly believe that if you really want something and if you work hard and focus you can achieve it
    I was only 17 when I left Albania and came to the UK as a refuge ?
    I’m now 34 and I have 5 children
    An a class Motorhome
    A few properties here and Albania
    A successful business
    now thanks to you I’m learning knots
    Maybe I will buy a boat and sail
    Or maybe not but
    Videos that you make keep me going on everyday life

  62. Riley,

    I am digging the videos you and Elayna are putting together. At 45 years old I just discovered sailing and the freedom it offers so we are now putting money away to get a catamaran (less lean haha) when our son goes to college in two years.

    I have two questions if you ever have the time to respond.
    1). Have you ever felt threatened by other humans since you started sailing?
    2) is there an island in the Caribbean you wish you would’ve had more time for?

    Stay safe and keep on living the dream!

  63. Hi Guys,

    Anything is possible in this world if u want it bad enough!! The timing of finding ur boat and each other just shows this adventure was meant to happen for u both. I wish u the best of luck, the best of fun and to stay safe. I’m a single mum from outback Sth Aus and had the chance to experience a similar journey on a 43″ Catarmaran, about 20 yrs ago when I was just a bit older than u Elayna. I was travelling up the East Coast alone camping, on an open ended and unplanned road trip. After 3 mths of my tent I spoilt myself n spent a night in a real bed at a backpackers (budgetary conscious of course!) Where the next morning I looked on the notice board to find a small scribbled sign “Crew Wanted”. Having never sailed in my life but with a thirst for adventure, and no fear, I met the German Skipper n we left SE Qld the next day. Heading North to the Whitsundays for the next six months. My job as crew was making coffee and making home made alfalfa which I’m sure ur loving by now!! Lol. The best six months of my life. I was invited to stay after six mths as they were heading to the Greek Isles, woohoo, except my dear Gran passed away n I needed to return home to NSW immediately. Pls feel free to contact me sometime as I would love to share stories. I wish u both all the best n just go where the wind takes u guys. Blessings to u both.

  64. Great videos love watching them.
    We are also taking time out to sail the Mediterranean and live aboard. It is not that hard to do. The hardest thing is to stop dreaming and make the decision to go for it. We work hard setting up our own business, employ other people, have a huge mortgage, negative equity and have a 12 year old daughter still in school. Decided to put all on hold and take daughter out and home school and go for it. It’s simply about making the decision and a bit of planning. Does not need to cost too much as we missed a 40 foot boat, fitted out to live aboard for €25000. Stop being controlled by what you think society expects you to do and live your life free……… booked for Greece one way……adventure begins last week March 2016!

    Big thanks to Riley and Elayna for helping us to come to the decision.

    Thanks guys

    1. Good sailing, Jay ! Maybe we will cross this summer somewhere in Croatia…! Full respect for such decision!

  65. Really inspiring videos, hoping to do the same in greek islands.

    You mentioned you bought yours from some italians, so was that in italy ? How did you get the boat to the caribbean ? Sailed all the way there across the ocean!?! sorry if this is a stupid question have no idea on sailing.

  66. Riley and Elayna – Its Nice to see free spirits following their dreams and using their talents . What The Both of you are doing take s a Lot of courage and Hard work . You have given me courage to follow my dreams of traveling . I am very impressed By the Both of you . Keep being a example for people who need to wake up and remember their dreams . Karen

  67. Hello All. There will always be people who find it hard to see what other people are trying to do and cant understand, why or how people can do what they do. Riley and Elayna have made there decision and as they say in Oz Good on You. Why do you have to explain yourself at all mate, you are doing what you want and if you share with people who want to donate to you it is a great idea and for me thanks for the videos I love seeing them. Keep posting.
    I have one question where did you learn to sail and did you start in a small boat or just bought La Vagabonde and learnt in that?
    My choice of boat is the Oceanis might see you some where sometime bring the beer

  68. Thanks for the details, mate. I was also wondering how much you paid for that cool vessel and what your costs were at sea. I love the open transom for its ease of getting in and out, but that also could be an enticement for opportunistic thieves, as I think you guys discovered early on. I’m rethinking my needs now, since security and “pirates” never really factored into things until I saw Vaga was broken into. I’m now brainstorming ways to protect the prop and rudder from pirates who might try to disable or foul them up. I love customizing cars, so expect my ship to look like something out of a Mad Max film.

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed watching your videos, and now at age 47 am planning to buy a 38’+ sailboat to venture around the world until I run out of money, at which point I’ll sail into the deepest waters and vanish beneath the waves, never to be seen again. That’s the way I’ve always dreamed of going out. I hope to set sail within the next 10 months, so maybe I’ll run into you guys and be able to say hi.

    Thanks for sharing your dream with all of us. You guys really are fun to watch, and I especially enjoy the videos where you’re repairing/installing something, and take us through the process. I’m a major “jack of all trades” and fixing/maintaining my boat is one aspect of sailing I’m looking forward to.

    Keep the good times coming!

  69. I’m not as young and as spry as I was 10 (25?) years ago, but you two have inspired me into action. I’ve even sold my wife on the idea after watching Elayna go spearfishing and eating Lion Fish. My wife is not a fish eater, nor overly adventurous, but I think she is having a change of heart. We have altered our retirement plans and want to sail around the world. I won’t go into gory details but you guys are the bomb. Thanks for the inspiration.

  70. It’s true…if you are hard, you can save up a ton of money even in a crap job. Take me for example. I used to work a $23k per year job. I slept in my car and ate at free homeless soup kitchens. At the end of each year I had $20k saved up. Heck, I even golfed at a public course once a week. It’s better to live like this for 5-10 years and then buy a house or boat without a loan.

  71. Guys you are a true inspiration, and I am very jealous in the best of ways 🙂 . I have been saving for a few years now and I finally have enough to do it, you guys have put the last drop in the glass, i needed this, thank you.

    Finding about you two and your travels couldn’t have come in a better time.

  72. Eric….

    A lot of advice given your way, some good, some angry, some sorry for you.

    I don’t have 2 copper coins to rub together, was swindled out of AUD$400,000.00 by family and am now trying to recover at 50.

    Would I love to be doing what Riley and E are doing? Damn straight I would, it was my dream to look at doing something similar when our 4 kids had grown up, was also my dream to try to help them all get established financially, sadly now both dreams are gone thanks to their grandparents.

    So when I watch these videos do I get jealous? Damn straight I do, who doesn’t dream these dreams?

    Do I get bitter and twisted at R & E because I now can’t do this? Hell no!! I am where I am because of my choices, unfortunately trusting people I loved, so do I stop trusting? Do I stop loving? Do I get bitter and twisted and resentful? No.

    I like everyone else who reads these posts have absolutely no idea of what you have been through in your life, so I like all of them can and should only relate what we have been through and should not assume to give you advice.

    All I can say is that the wolf you feed is the wolf that grows, so if you feed the sadness, anger and bitterness then it will grow, if you feed love and forgive than that grows.

    Unfortunately like most I have both growing in me and they fight a constant battle.

    Good luck with feeding the right wolf my friend.

    R&E I like Eric sometimes find your life hard to swallow, envy is a terrible thing. I applaud you both for having the courage to follow your dreams, to seek new horizons and challenge your comfort zones.

    If I can can I make just one suggestion?

    Support a cause. Not just asking for support but passing on support.

    You are in an incredible position to be ambassadors for a cause. Consider something and be champions for it, social, political, environmental, educational whatever…

    I have noticed a bit of a theme of tour guide coming through, nice, and I really think you could do something in concert with this, think big picture like the seascapes in front of you. No just a little tour of the island, what is that island facing in the future? What political issues? What social injustice? What educational reforms? What environmental concerns? Think UN, Think Seashepard, think Bindi Irwin Wildlife warriors, think coral reef destruction and preservation etc..

    I see a lot of youtube vid’s all being about the people and “their” lifestyles. Use what you have as the core and link and think to bigger things.

    Just my 2 cents