Moonless Nights and Spanish Coves (Episode 126 & 127)

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Discover the new music that is played each week on SLV.. 

Every week on SLV we play new music from all over the world, sent in to us by talented artists whose songs fit with our sailing footage perfectly. A lot of people write in asking us about the music on the show, because they want to hear more..

We have a Spotify and SoundCloud account where you can stream the music from SLV all day every day. Follow the links here, or scroll down to listen to the embedded players while you read a little about the artists below. If you like the music, give our accounts a follow so you can stay up to date with all the new music from each week. All the artists featured below have a link next to their name, you can follow that to their pages to show them some support, buy their songs and get in touch.

If you haven’t seen episode 126 & 127 yet, they are also embedded below. Alternatively you can check out our  YouTube page for every episode right to the beginning.

Huge thanks to all of the musicians from episode 126 & 127. You helped make these videos possible with your excellent songs. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future episodes because you really do set up the good vibes.

A Moonless Night at Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 126

After a moonless night at sea, we arrived in Menorca – Balearic Islands. Visit to pick up a FREE audio book with a 30 day free membership! Or for USA only, text ‘slv’ to 500-500. Our patrons found us and we get to spend the next week with them sailing and exploring what this INCREDIBLE island has to offer. Join us and the crew for good times ? Videos made with love, Elayna.

The Quintessential Spanish Cove. (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 127

We go for a scooter ride around the island on what could fairly well be described as a lighthouse tour headed by Christian (the inspector). You don’t see it in the videos but Logan absolutely refused to keep up with everyone and would arrive at least 10 minutes late to each lighthouse much to everyones amusement. Probably the most amazing thing from my point of view was that Simone turned out to be a cosmologist but was so humble that we only found out on the last day after Pete prompted her. I know I have written about this before but I really found that to be incredible, I wish I had gotten the chance to speak to her more about it. Anyway the place in the picture above is the type of place you dream about when your planning your trip around the mediterranean. Shear cliff face, tied off to the rocks, previously occupied by ancient civilisations, protected from the Mistral, snorkelling heaven, enough boats near by to make friends but not so many for it to feel… occupied or sort of, spoiled. It was the perfect spot to take all the crew and to meet up with Jeff. Special mention for poor old Tomas who sailed his boat over from Barcelona and put on a feast for everyone on one of the nights but we got no footage of it because everyone was either too tired or having too much fun to even pick up a camera. The most inspiring humans of all – Less Than 10 Degrees:… Our friends Nate and Jordan from Drenched!!…

Augustus –

Augustus is an alt-rock group from Boulder, Colorado. They write a texturally dense soundscape of music that is smart, energetic, driving and interesting.

Punching drum chops, brilliant and ranged vocals, howling guitar solos and a bass guitar that fills space perfectly can be expected as routine from Augustus.

The three-piece has been on the road touring extensively, leaving a trail of fans in their wake of shows that have been described as captivating.

Vilar –

Vilar is a rock singer-songwriter based in Nashville, writing smooth, creative and catchy songs.

His debut self released EP “Set Me Free” was released in 2016, a highly energetic and guitar bashing-fun list of songs, ranging from contemporary blues to a slightly garage rock feel. Influences the likes of Alabama Shakes, Benjamin Booker and Freddie King ooze through Vilar’s style.

He is still writing and recording music, his latest offering ‘See You Again’ dropped in January as a video on YouTube. Follow the links to check him out.


FEELS is a Helsinki based electro-pop group, fronted by singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen and keyboardist Mikael Myrskog.

Their music is well produced and immersive, with several layers of lush electronic sound swirling around each song. Singer Sofi haunts the vocal track with her melancholy, strung elegantly among a dense wall of electronic sound.

FEELS are currently working on their debut album, the release date is not confirmed.


Mikael Abramowich –…

Mikael is an acoustic singer and songwriter from Melbourne Australia. His recordings are minimalist, however, they are undeniably listenable.

The melody of Mikael’s singing is well considered, serving his songs clever and emotive lyrics well and painting each song with a slather of genuine creativity.

Follow the link to his Bandcamp website, you can listen to the Explorers EP in full and support Mikael’s talent.

Cymic –

Cymic composes synth music for a long list of different genres, confessing interest in several styles of music. Ranging from dance and electro-wave to medieval and poetry among many more.

Songs can be of a variety of unpredictable lengths, some with vocals and others simply an arrangement of electronic sounds.

Despite limited information on Cymic, he impresses a dedicated following of Soundcloud listeners, many of them leaving encouraging comments on his songs.

J. Alan Schneider –

On Precipice is JAS’s debut ep, and what a debut it is. Released in 2017, the imagery expressed details a metaphoric climb to which most of us can relate.

Musically intricate and vocally sensible and subtle, JAS offers a different vantage point through which one can observe contemporary narratives, his perspective artfully laced through each song



Cat LeBlanc –

Cat LeBlanc was recently featured on SLV episode 115, landing her a deal with a European television series after a producer heard her directly. Although details are still confidential, she has been approached in regards to using three songs, including River Winding Through Your Hands.

Cat LeBlanc is going strong; recently receiving a artsnb music scholarship to expand and develop her songwriting, and a grant from the province of NB to write her first professional Music EP.

Cat was recently accepted as a musician in residence at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. She will start her residency in January, 2018.

Originally from Miramichi, Cat LeBlanc’s folk, pop and jazz song compositions are extremely personal in their lyrical imagery.

“I will be mentoring with grammy award winning music artists for three weeks as I work on a new body of music. I will also be in contact with Dan Hill, my mentor.”
Congratulations Cat and here’s to your continued musical success!

Hollow Coves…

Purveyors of folk, Hollow Coves are steadily delivering a stream of quality music. Forming in 2013, they have accomplished in four short years what most bands hope to achieve in their whole careers, including the release of 2 great EP’s, international travel and an ever growing fan base, notably a Soundcloud which is garnering more fans by the day.

Simple, earthy, folky goodness with easy going acoustic melodies and vocal harmonies underpin Hollow Coves, with a listen anywhere feel that is particularly great for chilling out to.


Luna Park –

The uplifting and ambient stylings of Luna Park are made to get people moving, heavy synth loops lace their way around a driving drum beat creating a pensive mood that is still absolutely danceable.





Andrew Rothschild –

Andrew Rothschild creates layers in his music masterfully, taking you through the forest and down the rabbit hole where the conventional rules of music don’t exist. Changing timing signatures, spooky guitar resonates against an unpredictable drum beat that somehow resurfaces to all make sense. A Bluestronica fore-runner to keep an eye on and an ear to the ground for, his latest album SFA² can be found in full on his SoundCloud.

Kalun Townsend –

19 year old singer-songwriter Kalun Townsend is steadily building a fanbase not only on the Central Coast where he’s living, but around the world. Featuring a dreamy and euphoric style of indie acoustic music, his debut EP “Lessons” has been getting plenty of play. Getting his start by performing for school events, he has steadily gained popularity through his continuous experimentation and development of his unique writing style. As a student of sound production its apparent his talents are being used to their full extent, producing a polished and articulate blend of original music.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about the musicians featured on SLV over the last couple of weeks. If you like what you hear, you can find more by following the artist’s links, or by checking out our Spotify and SoundCloud accounts, where there are plenty of updates on each weeks playlists.

Huge thanks to the featured artists from the last couple of weeks, the episodes of SLV would not be the same without your excellent musical creations.


Sailing La Vagabonde Music

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