More Music Than You Can Poke a Stick At (Episode 100 & 101)

Hola Vagas! Welcome to another week of great new music. We’ve been searching high and low to find new and original music to feature on the show and have managed to find some pretty awesome stuff for you. Before we go any further, have you had a gander at the latest episodes of SLV? If not they’re available for you right here in the embedded players. In episode 100 the guys see rough weather coming in and take shelter in a place called Port De Cadaques. Then follow the gang in Episode 101 where they sail back up to the land of croissants (thank you), France. Check them out below!

Episode 100

Episode 101

Pretty good stuff right? What a selection of music too. Every week we compile our featured artists into playlists on our Soundcloud account so its easy to listen back and get to know the songs. It is also embedded right here for your convenience, enjoy!


Listening to the electronic tapestry of Koresma takes me to another place; a forest surrounded by massive pine trees, a tropical island in the Caribbean or somewhere like the vast deserts of Australia. Organic, acoustic sounds provide a strong footing for the subtle and inviting digital undertones that are interwoven among the layers of ‘hear-quenching’ sounds. Have a listen to Bridges or Sun Begins to Pour to embark on your journey into Koresma’s delicious soundscape. Keep an ear out for new releases from Koresma in the coming weeks.


Tom Owens/Porch Guitar –

 Tom Owens aka Porch Guitar is a favourite here on SLV, his lo-fi improvisational style of guitar playing is a delight to listen to. The name Porch Guitar rings very true. Tom says, “Guitar Improv on the front porch. Structured as it happens. Sounds of nature. Cars go by. Neighbors wave. Yeah..”

As you hear the music this kind of scene is very easy to imagine, a park out the front, the sounds of birds chirping, and of course Tom noodling away on his front porch.


Windspiel –…

Featuring “music from the world”, Windspiel cross multi-lingual borders, with lyrics in Spanish, German and English to name a few, they seem to have most of the language bases covered! Their music is very easy listening, consisting of traditional acoustic instruments such as the double bass, violin, slap box and spanish guitar, they manage to create a ‘happening’ and driving rhythm that is quite easy to tap a foot or bob a head to. Windspiel is four friends making music about nature in an urbanised time and doing a good job at that.

Hey guys, our CD “Spuren im Sand” is now available for order and download on bandcamp 🙂
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Heeblay –

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay succeeds in delivering a layered texture of sounds backed by a haunting yet soothing vocal, the low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of stringed, wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play. Heeblay says on his Facebook page, (

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’ which is available on Bandcamp.


Andrew Belle

Featuring silky smooth vocals and nicely developed musical arrangements, Andrew Belle delivers a mastered and interesting tone. The Chicago based singer-songwriter’s professionalism and savvy marketing skills along with gorgeously produced content has lent to his success, amassing an impressive 15,000 Soundcloud followers who are actively watching and waiting for updates from Belle. On that note (pun intended), keep your ear out for Belle’s third full length release ‘Dive Deep’, available August 25.




Daniel Champagne expresses himself and tells great stories through music. Having mastered the guitar to the extent of replicating a whole band and singing with an obvious passion, it is so easy to be captivated by each musical inflection. The well travelled young Australian has been carried far and wide with his musical proficiency, that which was developed and nurtured from a young age. Check out the song ‘Spoonful’ (live) for an example of Champagnes musical chops.



Firewoodisland –

Down tempo chillers Firewoodisland produce a unique blend of electronic, ambient-folk which is understandably quotes as being ‘mountain pop’. I’m pretty sure that this music would make the perfect companion while scaling the side of an oversized hill, with its epic choruses and deeply layered production. Worth noting is are the vocal harmonies of band members Stian Vedøy, Abi Eleri Vedøy, Stephen Allen and Dylan Jones. Each melody is masterfully crafted and evokes a sense of reflection.



Thanks for stopping by Vagabonds, we hope you enjoyed this weeks SLVM blog. Don’t forget to help us support these talented artists by liking, sharing and commenting on their content. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments, is there anything you want to hear more or less of? Recommendations? We love your feedback!

Hope to see you next week.





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