Murphys Law in Full Effect… [Ep. 140]

The one week we don’t want the bad weather, we get it. It’s funny how that works. Christian and Katy join us on La Vagabonde for a week of sailing and to experience boat life for the first time. It’s always nice showing new people how it is that we live on the water. Except for those times when the weather is bad and our guests are sea sick. Sorry crew, fingers crossed it clears up soon ?

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Song Credits:
00:03 Jenny – Mark Loughrey
00:35 Love my Woman – Zach Winters
02:14 Shine Light – Heeblay
05:59 Lindsay Baffo – Zombie Boys Zombie Girls
07:47 Crossfire – Peasant Moon
10:30 Dust to Dust – Early Morning Hours
11:47 Keisuke Yoshiura – May Sky
16:12 Love my Woman – Zach Winters

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Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
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Comments 6

  1. Hi
    As always with your videos , I am travelling with you. That is in heart and mind. Be it good weather or bad, your attitude towards life and living is magnificent . Yes you have one, so live to the full.

  2. Hi
    As always with your videos, I am travelling with you . That Ia in heart and mind . Be it good weather or bad, your attitude towards life is magnificent . Yes you both have one life , so live it to the full.

  3. Great job once again. You left the reality of seasick in the vlog and I like that. Reminds all of us you have to take the bad with the good. But mostly good. Love seeing you two just living life on the sea. Keep up the good work and most importantly, stay safe!

  4. im on episode 41 and again you guys are magical. your adorable personalities and gorgeous videos have caused me to fall in love with you guys. I programmed one of Elay’s sweet indie songs in Pandora which while listening makes me smile while sailing with you guys in my mind. Please keep up the magic and continue touching our hearts.

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