Music for Sailing Around Magic Islands. Ep. 87

Hello again Vagabonds! I know, I know, you want to see the Cat. Don’t worry, it coming.. In the mean time you can listen to some awesome new music we’ve found, and check out the latest episode of SLV. Its available right here and gives you a look at a beautiful slice of heaven, the Whitsunday Islands:

We’ve found some¬†brilliant artists this week and also have new songs from artists we’ve heard on the show before. If you didn’t already know, there are playlists for every episode available on our Soundcloud page below. It would mean the absolute world to us if you followed the links to these artists and if you enjoy their music, give them a like, give them a share, give them a follow. The reason this blog exists is to give exposure to the amazing artists that make our show what it is with their music. So have a little think about adding some of their music to your playlists if you enjoy it! ūüôā

Adam Yoo –

Hailing from Canada, Adam Yoo creates a vibe that will mellow you out and melt you into your couch. His low-key chill out music seductively floats around the room, luring anyone within an earshot into eargasm. His SoundCloud page sits with thousands of listens and comments from his active and ever growing fan-base.

In 2016 he released his debut EP, DReAMS, available on BandCamp for purchase. The title track taking you to the beach, seagulls and waves crashing in the background while Adam nonchalantly slaps his guitar.



Phoria –¬†…
The exciting electro-indie group Phoria are gently buzzing their way under our skin. Colourful and euphoric, their music oozes depth as it enfolds you. But all hippy buzzwords aside, these are seriously meditative and calming vibes. You’re lying down comfortably, there is a lake and a mountain, the cool summers breeze tickles your face… I cant help it. Make sure you follow the link and check out their Soundcloud page, where there are plenty of great tunes to listen to for free. peace and namaste




Martin Piehlmeier –

This tremendously talented guitarist strums, picks, slaps and beats his way through songs which are rhythmically complex and captivating. Although lacking a vocal presence, the music produced from a single guitar is melodically impressive and  does all of the talking. Pacing his way through several different moods in every song, each turn of a corner is another practice in guesswork, wondering where Martin will take you next in the soundscape he delicately weaves.





Thanks a lot for reading and a massive thank you to the artists of episode 87, you guys have no idea how much we love your music and we’re grateful you let us play it on our videos. Don’t forget to like, share and of course comment, tell us if you enjoy the music, what do you want to listen to? have you become a fan? You can chat to the artists as well, they’d love to hear from you.


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