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We’re super excited to announce our new weekly article featuring the musicians who have been kind enough to allow us to use their music on the Sailing La Vagabonde video blogs!

Every week we search high and low for new music to play on the show and gosh do we ever find some talent! It’s amazing that there are so many new independent artists out in this world producing top quality tunes and it’s a privilege to be able to listen to them and put them in the Vlogs. We love giving independent musicians exposure on the show and love listening to some of the best new music we’ve heard in years!

If you watch the Vlogs on Youtube and are wondering who the music behind the videos is, you can find links to their online media in the video descriptions. Now we will also be posting a blog each week right here where you can find these links and read more information about some of our featured artists.

Music is such an important part of our video production and the SLV videos wouldn’t be the same without backing music from these artist, a really big thanks for their continued support of SLV. Please follow the links to hear more from these amazing musicians and to encourage them to continue making great music!

Elayna and Riley have been releasing daily video blogs on Youtube since January 23, Riley detailing his solo sailing trip of 1200 nautical miles and Elayna adventuring around New Zealand.

The music for the first 16 daily blogs was nothing short of blissful listening from the following artists, in no particular order;


Tatono –

Tatono is from Bend, Oregon, in the U.S.A. and is regularly featured on SLV for his ambient electronic sounds, sounds that make you drift into another world of paradise and waterfalls is how I would describe it!

“I depend on my ears and MIDI keyboard playing to compose all of my music. I make a very wide variety of
music including ambient/new age, reggae, hip hop and rock/pop. I’ve produced 5 albums altogether that were released internationally via digital distribution. Making new age/ambient music is probably my favorite to make.”





Sam Carmody

Peasant Moon

Chitarrista Del SabatoPro

Jode Gannon

Les Frangines

Eli Blackshear



Adam Yoo


Andrew Rothschild

“Andrew Rothschild is fore-running a new genre called Bluestronica, alongside the rapid-growing genres of Folktronica, Downtempo & Dream Pop. His primary expertise of guitar furthers Folk & Blues within Electronica for a journey-like experience.

My debut album came out in March, and my latest album just came out on September 22nd.

It’s very nature driven, so it goes really well with traveling, nature, triumphant, & heroic shots. It’s already been featured on handfuls of top traveling vlogs. I also do slower, meditative personal scores for Nature Relaxation, the company.

Thank you.”


Jack The Fox


The Wheeland Brothers


Handmade Moments

Groovy, soul quenched folk that makes it hard to resist a smile spreading across your face as Joel and
Anna harmonise like kindred spirits, the slap of the double bass pulsing behind them and with them, I cant get enough of this!

“Experiencing a Handmade Moments show is kind of like enjoying a spoonful of political discourse wrapped in local organic bacon and deep fried in hemp oil — and it’s all silky.” – Nick Brothers, Free Weekly




Alon Barak

Randall Williams

Fai Rynita

Emily Cooper


Gotam Sen

Gotam Sen has been featured regularly on Sailing La Vagabonde and its easy to hear why, infectious psychedelic deep house beats slowly riddle their way into your skull, hypnotising you like a snake charmer. His whaling vocals float over music seemingly effortlessly and it works just magically! Thanks gOtam Sen






Belinda BEE

Hocus Jumbo

Luis Trinidad

Saving Change

P’pa Carpenter


Ricky Green


“Ricky Green is a Folk/Indie singer from the SW coastal region of W.A. Ricky splits his time between his two passions; music and the surf. His oceanic up-bringing has undeniably influenced his music, with

whimsical guitar riffs and soulful lyrics forming the current of his perfomance.
Having spent most of 2015 and 2016 surfing and playing shows through Indonesia, Europe and the USA; He returns to Aus to release his highly anticipated second EP.

With his band, The Mythicals, Ricky lights up any stage.”




Thanks for reading guys, don’t forget to click the links to hear more from each of these brilliant artists and be sure to check in again next week for a wrap up of the daily vlog’s music before we go back to weeklies!




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  1. david foster wallice is a boobie pooper hehe lol cash me ousside, luh yaaaaaa <3 gotta get at dat tequila, well rum from st thomas be the bast. trust me on that one, ur music dope, ur faces are dank especially ur hair i don't know wut u do, but ur hair just so flowin like no other, I love you both, when sailing across the atlantic for the first time were you surprised at how blue the water was? I was really surprised when I went across, the size of the waves were crazy too, I went in may of last year, it's such a royal blue. lol dankest mofo in da whole terrestrial. RIP to all the nintendogs who haven't been fed since 2007, time to put some cheetos in ur nips and bellybutton and roll your eyes back and pretend to be a chinchilla. if you haven't seen "skyrim shuffle" on youtube, see it now, you won't be sorry, oil it, with moist towelettes. holla at a girl if u ever in detroit, MI, USA! (especially if u like urban exploring, it gettin gentrified so see it while u can b4 it's gone) E gurl i wanna buy ur album even if it's just recorded on a phone, ur voice and music is so beauty!!! <3 xoxoxox

  2. Love you guys! Land locked in Arizona, been power boating for thirty five years on local lakes, Pleasant, Powell and Havasu. You’ve inspired me to look to the sea! I want to sail!

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you two. All the best with your new arrival!

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