Music That Jellies Can Enjoy (episode 93)

Hello again Vagabonds and welcome to another week of SLVM, where we continue on the pursuit of uncovering some of the best vibrations to treat you ears to. First of all, if you haven’t had a little gander at the latest episode you can check it out right here in the embedded player, it’s a goody! Even if poor Elay had a run in with some serious stingers, she’s a toughy though!

This weeks music is just plain awesome. We’re so lucky to have these great musicians contribute their songs to the show, the least we could do is share it with you guys! On that note (pun intended), if you would like to have a listen to their songs in full they’re available for free right here in the embedded Soundcloud player. Don’t forget we have a Soundcloud account which is regularly updated with the musicians from each weeks episodes, so stay up to date by following our page and help us to share the love by liking and sharing the artists.


So without further ado, here are this weeks talented feature artists. Enjoy!


Miss Max

Dropping musical truth bombs left, right and centre, Miss Max is well beyond her 19 years. The self confessed gypsies sings with a sweet weightlessness over the sound of her tambourine, her guitar and an unmistakable vibe of wanderlust mixed with a burning desire to hit the road. Keep transmuting your dreams to song please Miss Max.




Luís Trindade

A wonderfully melancholic resonance underpins Luís Trindade’s method as he murmurs heartfelt words alongside the ebb and flow of his rhythmic style of guitar playing. An unsigned artist producing his own music, Luís only has music that exists in the digital realm, however as he garners an impressive following on all of the social platforms, it is probable he will become more eminent as his practice of beautiful, simple and meaningful music continues. Luis’ latest offering, ‘Can You See This Darkness’ is available on his Bandcamp webpage and is definitely worth a listen, check it out!


Alon Barak

Alon breaks everything down and returns to basics on his debut solo instrumental album, ‘Core Values’. Employing an almost exclusively acoustic sound, the album is dedicated to acoustic guitar in particular. After performing for more than a decade with a large array of musicians from jazz, rock and singer songwriter chops, Alon has nailed his own unique style of wonderful music here on this album. Be sure to check it out by following the link above!



Jordan Merrick –

Jordan Merrick is one to keep an eye and an two ears on, the Brisbane local has been making waves with his breezy ballads and intimate live shows. An original song writer, he also fronts fellow SLVM featured band ‘Fugitive and the Vagabond’. Despite his hectic schedule Jordan has managed to release his debut EP, ‘In Colour’ this year. Described as a musical self portrait that was a long time in the making, it was a wait that was worthwhile. Have a listen for some beautiful vocals and honest story telling.



Dan Blackard

Very cool, laid-back and lo-fi, Dan Blackard sits in an unusual pocket of indie folk that at one moment features cascading acoustic guitar, the next dark and introspective rock, then sometimes ambient and everything in between, but all the while being catchy. Dan keeps us guessing, seemingly creating music that fits a varied range of moods in an almost bi-polar sense of the word. The fans keep coming back and Mr. Blackard enjoys a large following on Soundcloud who are very vocal in the comment section.



Fugitive & the Vagabondhttps://fugitiveandthevagabond.bandca…

The highly acclaimed band featuring singer songwriter Jordan Merrick bathes in the well deserved success of their brilliant album ‘Novella’, released in November 2016. Polished and precise, the blues rock band has attracted a lot of attention in the Australian music scene, topping the Triple J Unearthed charts with their songs ‘My Girlfriend’ and ‘Time Travelin’ Blues’. Hopefully we will hear more from these guys in the not too distant future, however in the mean time ‘Novella’ is available to buy at Bandcamp.


The Natterjacks

The Natterjacks are a duo hailing from Chesterfield in Derbyshire consisting of good friends and brilliant musical team Freddie Bingham and Mark Evans. Producing an upbeat and earthy sound with the guitar, a banjo, kick drum and tambourine, the guys create a sound the likes of Mumford and Sons, Ben Howard and The Avett Brothers to name a few. Be sure to check out their great latest offering, ‘White Peak’.




Thats a wrap Vagas! Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support. These musicians are legit and we hope you love them as much as we do. Don’t forget to like, share and add these talented musician, you won’t regret it! To this weeks featured artists, we can not thank you all enough. Your music makes our show what it is, simple as that. We hope to hear more from you all soon and hope that by sharing you here we can spread you world wide.

All the best,


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  1. I love the sound of The Natterjacks. It’s true that it sounds quite close to Mumford and Sons. I have also enjoyed the simplicity of Alon Barak.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Good winds.

  2. I love the Natterjacks, thanks for turning me on to something new. I’ve been in a musical no wake zone lately.

  3. I notice that you seem to play songs by Bob Dylan song by other artists.Do you ever play his original songs by the artist himself? Some don’t like his voice but if you listen he’s Never off key but always right on it.Plus the longer you listen to his voice the more it grows on you. I contribute to that patrone or however you spell it, so just to let you know I really believe in what you two are doing and please continue.

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