My Family LIVING AT SEA. Sailing to Explore Ruins! Ep. 208

Join me and my little family, as we sail to explore ruins on a hill! Lenny also performs some new tricks that he and his dad learned in an afternoon. HILARIOUS! I’m still laughing.

00:00 Jordan Merrick – I’ll Try
00:41 HUFRIK – For Now
03:07 Jordy Maxwell – Long Road Home
06:45 I Am Soyuz – Still I Fly
08:00 Lachlan Ross – City Lights
12:28 Wild Oak – Lost Without You
14:06 Wait Outside – GetGoGetter

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Comments 9

  1. Love your work guy`s been watching you for over a year, your sailing is an inspiration! I hope I can get on a sail boat and do this some time its now a bucket list item. Good Luck and fair winds to your lovely family.

  2. Binge watched every episode over 4 and a half days. Great stuff you three. Enjoyable & inspiration. Time for me to get back into my sailing after a long hiatus thanks to your videos.

  3. The perilous athletic circus trick whereby Lennie is standing up in Riley’s hand is both hilarious and just wonderful!
    Hugs to all 3 of you!
    Fair winds!

  4. Look forward to Mondays and next episode. Always watch it twice , first on site on my i pad then on my big screen TV where I can imagine I am actually there with you. Gets me away from the English weather! Safe sailing

  5. All of you are so beautiful and cool, would not surprise me if some big producer snatched you up for some movie or something

  6. I came across your channel quite by accident and found myself binge watching the series.Its informative and very well done technically.You guys are inspiring and fun to watch.No wonder the show is doing so well.
    I like it when Riley addresses comments and concerns, but do hope he doesn’t take any negatives to heart.You guys are doing a smashing job in the lifestyle,career and parenting roles.I have no doubt that no matter what life sends your way, you will weather the storms.Stormy weather makes seasoned sailors.
    BTW…I sail too,but on land.Yes…it’s a thing.Lol
    Good Winds from Ireland.

  7. Dear family, I really enjoyed the video that you see best. Lenny is already standing and hairy kid and Elayna increasingly beautiful. Riley buys Elay’s left finger ring and proposes to her. You are already a family. Love from Paulo Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

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