Nice Men with Machine Guns [Ep. 129]

We thought we were anchored at a ‘deserted’ island above Morocco until a boat came flying around the corner, 6 men in uniforms, one with a machine gun in hand, to tell us we had to leave… IMMEDIATELY. We had unknowingly jumped in the water for a swim in a military zone… our navigation charts showed nothing of the kind. Join us for our sail down to Morocco from Spain. It’s a goodie.

Song Credits:
00:00 Lies – Barak
00:36 Jangle – Black Dog
02:19 Windspiel – Butterfly
04:30 The Tommyhawks – New Friends
08:52 Windspiel – A¢s Sidhe
10:57 Windspiel – Tico Tico
13:15 Koresma – Dreams ft. Sir Bishop
15:30 Windspiel – Tausend Geschichten
14:18 Jack and the Weatherman – Written
17:32 Kalun Townsend – Winter

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  1. Hey guys been following you two here and there, Mainly because it’s been my dream to live a similar lifestyle.
    But not much of sailor always had motor vessels, Me and my Girl have got 2 boats our 32 cruiser and an old Huon pine motorsalior. Selling the old girl and casting off sometime next year we are in Tassy, Ex Queenslanders and can’t wait to hit the reefs again. Love your show and will patron you soon I promise lol.
    Tight lines.
    Owen and Gina.

  2. Just started watching your videos
    Not sure if you are still doing them. But love them. Well done.
    Richard Julie. Perth wa

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment Richard & Julie! Yep! We’re still doing them. Every Tuesday 🙂
      You can subscribe to our website or our YouTube channel for updates.
      Elayna xo

  3. Ok guys, we have been following you for some time now and I feel very surprise by your latest video. You have to understand politics in certain countries and that the custom is not kidding. so as a profession, you don’t talk about filming in countries like morocco or iran, and you don’t hang out in streets with a beer in muslim countries, it is offencing….

    then i hope you will discover the real morocco as it’s a beautiful country with nice people. I guess you are going down and I would recommend some really good places like essaouira, imsouane that are just beautiful.

    travel safe
    the frenchies romain and vanessa

    1. Vanessa,

      Many years ago when I visited Saharan Africa I was very careful to not antagonise the local authorities.

      Maybe they have a “thing” about Australians, because in Tunisia they went through my bags … and jokingly suggested I would be sent back on the next flight … but I had been told at the embassy in the country of departure that I could purchase a visa upon landing … which I was able to do after they’d searched everything.

      The immigration official was interested in my radio (I always take one along to listen to the news, etc), and asked if I had any alcohol … as if I would bring any into a country in that region … but he was serious, and asked when no-one else was around, and wanted to buy any that I had … no way was I going to entertain that!

      Overall, I enjoyed visiting their country, but never went back because I didn’t need the attitude from the officials, and instead I visited other countries where the officials weren’t so suspicious.

      I have been to Indonesia, and we were warned beforehand NEVER to photograph officials, their buildings, or any airport (as they are considered a military installation).



  4. The Arboran Sea is one of the most patrolled areas in the Med, due to drud, people and arm smuggling. It’s not uncommon to be boarded (even at night-time while you are tranquilly sailing in open sea) by armed frogmen on military rafts and boats, who want to identify you under the threath of their machine-guns….. That’s what happened to me one night in July 2016 10 nm SEof Gibaltair, with 4 armed totally black men junping out in the middle of nowhere…! On this matter, we can’t rely on the (often outdated) info from the web / navigation electronics.
    You are a fun couple, full of enthusiasm…. keep alive !!! Hope to meet you in some anchorage…

  5. Great video. Made me really nostalgic about our voyage UK-Oz 15 years ago, especially the scenes on passage at night and the sunrise.

  6. I love your adventure show, but often wish it had closed captions for the hearing impaired, lol as I understand about 1/2 of everything you guys say. I have a problem understanding the down-under accent. Example: Is the name Riley or Raleigh, I think it’s Riley, but I’m just guessing. I think Elayna(had to look-up that spelling on google and also saw the name is Riley, as in Whitelum)….anywho, Elayna has a beautiful singing voice and pleasant speaking voice. Riley is a pretty cool dude…knows how to laugh it off. Keep it coming, Thanks

    1. Post

      Hey Mike, thanks for your message! There should be the option for subtitles, try hovering your cursor over the video and click on ‘CC’ near the bottom right of the video, you should be able to switch it on.

  7. I love your adventures! Have not had the time to see all your videos yet.
    If you are planning on visiting Florida or Annapolis, MD (f my schedule allows) i would love to meet you two, and show you around. I dream of sailing on long passages like you someday 🙂
    cheers and fair winds

  8. Enjoy your videos got my sailboat when I was 15 in the process of selling my hylas 54 I am 62 was thinking about catamaran I’m an electrical design engineer very good fixing diesels comes in handy also great with air conditioning dishwashers and whatever I like the way you sail. When I started we only had loran TD’s longitude latitude wasn’t out yet paper charts Sextons I still remember installing my first radar it makes sailing so much easier stay safe possibly think of a backup plotter independent of the boat systems just a thought Alex

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