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Thank you to this weeks artists, featured on episode 128 & 129 of SLV, Your music helps make our videos possible!

Every fortnight we like to shine a light on the musicians who help make the SLV videos possible, we like them so much that we’ve made playlists full to the brim for you to check out. If you haven’t had a look yet, head on over to our Spotify and SoundCloud accounts and give us a follow, that way you can stay notified with all of the best new music we find.

The music is also embedded in this blog, so scroll down to have a listen here while you read some of our reviews on the last fortnights featured artists. Don’t forget to go check them out by following the links, the artists we feature have plenty of gig and new release information, as well as pages where you can listen to and buy there music.

Episode 128 & 129 of SLV are also embedded below if you missed them on YouTube.

What it’s like to SAIL LA VAGABONDE! Ep. 128

This video sums up what an average sail on La Vagabonde across the sea is really like for us. With only two crew onboard, there is never a dull moment or time for boredom. We’re pretty much always busy doing SOMETHING. Our moods and energy levels are highly influenced by the weather. Rough nights at sea obviously = no sleep, and calm nights are always an absolute treat for our body and mind. Join us from France to Spain as we give you a taste of our life on the ocean. Videos made with love, Elayna.

Nice Men with Machine Guns (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 129

We thought we were anchored at a ‘deserted’ island above Morocco until a boat came flying around the corner, 6 men in uniforms, one with a machine gun in hand, to tell us we had to leave… IMMEDIATELY. We had unknowingly jumped in the water for a swim in a military zone… our navigation charts showed nothing of the kind. Join us for our sail down to Morocco from Spain. It’s a goodie.

Spotify Playlist

SoundCloud Playlist

The Dinlows –…

The Dinlows are a group of six talented humans, penning music that is emotive, reflective, personal and pragmatic. Lead singer Jakob Keysell projects his subtle gravel tone among the crash of chaotic drums, while his sister Ella contrasts with her own silky smooth harmonies, filling space akin to nooks and crannies. Complementing the Keysells, a horn and rhythm section that pushes to transcend the typical standards of reggae-jazz type fusion, sending a soaring and triumphant melody at just the right moments.

Wylder –

Wylder are a hard working indie-rock group, formed in 2012. Their music is bright and intelligently composed, hitting several progressive crescendos and maintaining listener interest in songs that average around the four minute mark. Individually, the members of Wylder are undoubtedly talented, each flexing their personal music chops in harmony with each other. The stage is shared, resulting in a cohesive musicianship. Singer/guitarist Will McCarry is able to shine with his earnest vocal sensibilities slotted in among unselfishly logical music.


Genghar –

SoundCloud is a competitive platform for independent artists, a platform that Genghar are successfully standing upon. Their dynamic and expansive sound has attracted a following of over 6000 members. Taking a look at Spotify, they garner over 160,000 monthly listens. Standing out among the crowd with quirky instrumentals, high energy rock stylings and a shimmering vocal lead, Genghar are set to release their anticipated LP this month.



Palace Winter –…

Palace Winter is the experimental production of Aussie singer-songwriter Carl Coleman and Danish producer and pianist Caspar Hesselager. The duo collaborate and create complementary sounds, featuring airy, nonchalant synth, laced throughout a driving, almost hypnotic guitar rhythm serving to allow Carl’s vocal melody to wind its way through each song. Although somewhat moody and reminiscent of dark-pop, the message of Palace Winter is an encouraging jab at realisation of potential and self efficacy.

Barack –…

There is something about the musical minimalism produced by Barack that is sublimely appealing. Standing in the spotlight solitary with his guitar, Barack evokes a sense of vulnerability. While the word vulnerability may tend to construct thoughts of helplessness or fear, Barack shatters these notions and projects his voice with confidence. While the guitar composition is mostly sparse, it succeeds in the apparent objective of providing an identifiable melody to accompany the vocals and Barack’s humble story.

The Tommyhawks –

The Tommyhawks ooze cool. The four-piece have worked at carving their name into the desk of the Australian music scene, while giving the finger to the teacher at the front. It’s difficult to describe their sound as they bounce all around the musical spectrum, one minute a summer-punk attitude complete with saxophone, the next a moody and withdrawn soliloquy, at all times fun and thoroughly listenable. Keep an ear out for the notoriously hard working and well gigged Tommyhawks, you’ll be glad you did.

Jordan Prince –

Hailing from one of the world’s most musically inspired cities – New Orleans, Jordan took his talents across the Atlantic Ocean. He ventured all the way to Europe, steadily carving a name for himself into the steins and hearts of Germany’s people.  Critically acclaimed, he has continued to flourish in his new environment with a hectic touring schedule and plans for a new concept album due in 2018.

“Jordan Prince is currently working on his new album, and because the people from his life are such a strong motor behind his writing, this will be a concept album: each of the twelve planned songs will be about a single, important person whose friendship changed his life. The album is officially to be released in 2018 with a new tour.”

Miner –

Miner are exciting and emotive purveyors of folk-rock combined with art. Songs are constructed carefully, with several layers of sound applied in just the right amount in all the right places. Consisting of friends, relatives and partnership, Miner gel together through songwriting, shared experience, soaring harmonies and intricate instrumentals. Featuring husband and wife team Justin and Kate miner, brother Jeremy and good friend Tobias Urbanczyk, the team have been through some highs and some personal lows together. Check out the album Tuanaki for insight into their struggle and success.

Miss Max

Dropping musical truth bombs left, right and centre, Miss Max is well beyond her 19 years. The self confessed gypsie sings with a sweet weightlessness over the sound of her tambourine, her guitar and an unmistakable vibe of wanderlust mixed with a burning desire to hit the road. Keep transmuting your dreams to song please Miss Max.



Jangle –

An interesting fusion of sounds, Jangle gives listeners an eclectic yet harmonious blend of down-tempo chill out music. From deep bass lines, stringed instruments such as the harp, violin and guitar and fanciful but minimalist vocals, the spontaneity of his composure commands attention.

This music is fundamentally electronic, however it  maintains a warm and distinct human element.



Windspiel –…

Featuring “music from the world”, Windspiel cross multi-lingual borders, with lyrics in Spanish, German and English to name a few, they seem to have most of the language bases covered! Their music is very easy listening, consisting of traditional acoustic instruments such as the double bass, violin, slap box and spanish guitar, they manage to create a ‘happening’ and driving rhythm that is quite easy to tap a foot or bob a head to. Windspiel is four friends making music about nature in an urbanised time and doing a good job at that.

Hey guys, our CD “Spuren im Sand” is now available for order and download on bandcamp 🙂
If you like our music, follow us on facebook too:

Listening to the electronic tapestry of Koresma takes me to another place; a forest surrounded by massive pine trees, a tropical island in the Caribbean or somewhere like the vast deserts of Australia. Organic, acoustic sounds provide a strong footing for the subtle and inviting digital undertones that are interwoven among the layers of ‘hear-quenching’ sounds. Have a listen to Bridges or Sun Begins to Pour to embark on your journey into Koresma’s delicious soundscape. Keep an ear out for new releases from Koresma in the coming weeks.

Jack and the Weatherman –

Silky smooth melodies and thought provoking lyrics underpin each song from JATWM. The acoustic prodigies from the Netherlands deliver wonderfully arranged, easy-to-follow songs that keep the foot tapping to the beat of the tambourine. Whats more, the duo are consistently selling out venues all over Europe in anticipation of their first full length album, due in on Saturday April 14. Have a listen to ‘Rock Bottom’ and ‘Brother’.

Kalun Townsend –

19 year old singer-songwriter Kalun Townsend is steadily building a fanbase not only on the Central Coast where he’s living, but around the world. Featuring a dreamy and euphoric style of indie acoustic music, his debut EP “Lessons” has been amassing plenty of play. Starting by performing for school events, he has steadily gained popularity through continued experimentation and development of his unique writing style. As a student of sound production its apparent his talents are being used to their full extent, producing a polished, articulate blend of original music.


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