No Autopilot? No Problem. (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 67

I must say, the beginning of our 236nm sail from Niue to Vava’u – Tonga was a bit of a downer, considering the auto pilot had once again stopped working and this meant we would be hand steering for 2 days. Any old salt would have probably just stayed in Niue until it was fixed, but us kids decided to keep going and sort it out when we got to Tonga. We’d heard nothing but good things about the place from fellow sailors and we were super keen on exploring a new destination. So maybe being a bit impatient, off we went. Join us as we hand steer the whole way hahaha. Stay tuned… ps CONGRATS to our patrons Kirk and Sean, we hope you can come aboard sometime real soon. Also don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list for the Big Splash Party in France next year, for anyone who would like to celebrate the exciting event with us! (the link is just below). Love Elay and Riley xo

Song Credits:
00:11 – Circle Light – Sense of Unrest
00:33 – GetGoGetter – Come Around
02:35 – Miss Max – You Me and the Sea
04:53 – MUTO – Purple Heart Ft. Drifting Lights
05:45 – The Tommyhawks – Bluebird
07:30 – Dead Leaves – Old Captain
10:08 – Praying for Land – Randall Williams
11:47 Gotam Sen – The Beach
13:43 – Gotam Sen – Elysian Fields
14:40 – Randall Williams – Fair Winds and Following seas
14:50 – Andrew Rothschild – Eunoia

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  1. Thanks again guys. Great video! Too bad about the auto-pilot.(if it was ideal all the time,how would you know?)
    hihi. Nice dance-moves into the water too Elayna!
    Great work. Keep it up. Take care.

  2. 1. Is it possible to watch any your videos without a broad grin on one’s face?
    2. Ask any electronics man on a long-distance sailing route “Which item of equipment do you find you have to repair most often?” and he will tell you “Autopilots”.
    3. Hint: Don’t take cardboard boxes from a Supermarket on board if you wish to remain clear of cockroaches.
    Conrad Jenkin

  3. Thank you once again for a very good blog of your voyage to Tonga it was great to see you though it was hard work for you! you still kept smiling.

    All the best Alan

  4. Hi Guys, what about getting a wind steering system finally? No elictricity and works (almost) forever.
    Fair winds

    1. The self steering vane! Used to see them on yachts moored near the Botanic Gardens in Brisbane years ago.

  5. I hope you have better results with your electronics on your new boat. Remember Joshua Slocom had none and and was a solo sailor with no engine. Great video as always, they get better all the time. God Bless you both and as always fair winds and calm seas. Captain Dave aboard s/v Morning Star on the hook in Key West Fl.

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