NO FOOD, NO WATER, 40 Hour Deserted Island Challenge!

The old “deserted island no food or water for 40 hours challenge”. Let me know what you think about survival, life in the city verses the bush and if we have it too easy these days. Cheers. – Riley

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  1. Riely, that was great stuff. Good job mate.
    Might I suggest shoes buddy? Understand flip flops better than most, but dude, you were in the survival mode.

  2. I really enjoyed it I’m going to the Keys and December and I’m going to try the same thing but I got a hotel room and I got a tent I bought a speargun I got a dip net to for shrimping your show’s really inspire me a lot

  3. Okay great job catching dinner. Um I’m not a critic at all, really not that uptight It was just a context reference so I could tell you some baby names. Great job here I agree with what you say about how easy things are today and what a bunch of whiny bastards think that don’t know how easy they really have it. . So here’s a little rhyme my sainted stepdad Blinky Sylvester Mcintosh (Google him and his cousin Jaimse) used to sing ” in days of old when men were bold and paper was not yet invented, they’d wipe there a with blades of grass and walk away quite contented” heres’s another excerpt from a song he wrote called Fish. It’s in the smithsonian archives. ” When I was a young boy, gazing was my lot. I love to see the old folk cooking from the pot. See me how I eating man I go to town with a whole can a maube to help me wash it down. Man if you white flour and de chicken and de thyme, man if you see white flour. Good job cleaning up but if somebody really does get stranded There ever maybe they might have used that stuff to make a rain collection set up for water

  4. if you can crack open those coconuts, there is a nice meal inside after you drink the water – depending how ripe they are of course.

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