No Navigation? No Problem. [Ep. 141]

Sailing up the west coast of Antigua with our pals Christian  and Katy  has been swell (pun intended) until one morning when we woke up, fired up the engine keen to set off on a new adventure only to find our navigation gear was down and out. No depth sounder or wind speed indicator. We fired up the satellite phone and called up Outremer HQ after a little bit of investigatory analysis. Alas, we had no luck. Join us diving shipwrecks, living off the land and exploring some gorgeous spots here on our part of the world!

Song Credits:
00:02 Last Cigarette – Sense
03:19 PHOENIX FIRE – Simon Alexander
05:26 Airline Food – Sunscreen Dream
08:09 Airline Food – Vape Tape
09:30 Adam Yoo – Used to be high
12:08 Heart of the Lotus – Stevin McNamara
16:39 Airline Food – They Wouldn’t Want to Know

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What equipment do we use?

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Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

Comments 5

  1. Try soaking stubborn knot in hot soapy water before trying a roap wrench, another word for a ?
    Been watching from the start love what your doing. For three years now ive been looking forward to Mondays. Thanks for that

  2. Probably late with the info, but what you needed for that knot is called a “marlinspike.” They come in various sizes, even among tools in a folding yachting or rope knife. Google it and you’ll get it. It’s a length of steel tapered to a sharp point and polished that you can easily work through the knot and eventually open enough untie it. Simple, but very handy on a knot like you have, so you don’t have to waste to avoid
    a scarcity of rope.

  3. Malinspikes are often in same holder as the knife.On a seized knot you hammer them in with a mallet.Just need patience!

  4. Another great video, thank you!

    As mentioned in the earlier comments, a marlinspike is great for dealing with tight knots.

    Safe and happy sailing,


  5. Hey, guys, get the rope that’s knotted wet, it helps to maybe get her to release? good, luck thanks for the ride, its always a pleasure!

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