No Wind and Drifting Towards Land!!! Ep. 225

Yeah so we’re adrift.. haha. We ran out of wind, and now we’re drifting towards land – Montauk to be exact. It looks beautiful from here.. if we’re lucky we might literally run into it pretty soon.. so that’ll be cool ??. Join us for the last leg of our eventful 1200nm passage!
Song credits:
00:00 Won’t Stop Me Now – PsySo
06:58 Warm Blood – The Fabric
11:14 Sink Away – The Katawicks

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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  1. About the flies….. so in so far as i have been able to see in cedar point. There are salt ponds and these kind of tall reed grasses which seem to be where those biting flies are in huge numbers they attack close to dusk where in one area close to the salt pond when you park to see the bay sometimes and get out of the van you have to run toward the beach to get away from them , and I mean swarms when your close to the water they don’t really bother you. A really wierd story on labor day we parked there I brought my stratacaster on the beach with a portable amp during the sunset. I was playing some spooky instrumental and Lisa was like babe look over your head, and they were like in a huge swarm over my head kinda like dancing and moving to the vibrations and definitely not biting they stayed over my head in like a round formation, even when I stopped playing, I guess they don’t get much live music also they didn’t bite me again after that.

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