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SLV is being inundated with quality music lately, giving us plenty to listen to while sailing the coast of Northern Africa and beyond.. 

It’s great to hear music from all over the world and we’re fortunate to have some of the best sent to Sailing La Vagabonde. Our YouTube videos are sounding so good with the featured artist’s music in the background. You can stream it on our weekly updated SoundCloud and Spotify music playlists, click the links or check them out in the embedded players below. There are big playlists on these accounts with every song from every episode ready to be streamed. On last check the official SLV Spotify playlists had over 1100 followers. So get on over and follow that one if you want to join in the musical goodness.

While you’re enjoying the latest tunes, scroll down to read about the featured artists from episode 124 and 125. You can learn all about the musicians behind the music on SLV and follow the links next to their names to go even deeper. Most of them have multiple social media accounts where you can listen to and even buy their music, so get on over and show them some love.

Before we get into it, big thanks to all of our featured artists. You are all brilliant and really set up the good vibes on SLV. People writing in the comment section on YouTube are always talking about how much they like the music and asking where to find more. The online platform is fast turning into one of the best ways to find new music and we hope that featuring you on SLV has sent some happy fans your way, thank you very much!

Check out episode 124 and 125 embedded below, including some magical footage of Tunisia and the sail to Sardinia.

We got Drenched, Sailing to Northern Africa! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 124

It was our last day sailing at sea, before we’d be making landfall in Tunisia, a country in northern Africa. The wind picked up and for the last few hours we were absolutely hammering into the wind and waves with a bandaged up captain Riley, Josje the magnificent and I. HELLO TUNISIA. Let’s get lost. Congratulations to our Patrons Matt Rascoe and Ryan Hagelstrom!!. Send us an email. Videos made with love, Elayna.

Sailing Upwind, it Sucks (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 125

Off we go, sailing upwind for a 260nm journey to Sardinia. On top of that, a broken engine upon our arrival means we received some help upon our arrival. But this has got to be one of my favourite adventures of the year! It’s funny how when things don’t go as smooth as you’d expected, those end up being the best memories. Bye bye to the lovely Josje and Tunisia. Checkout Josjes channel below!…

Spotify Playlist

Soundcloud Playlist

Leon Bridges –

Leon Bridges has set contemporary soul music alight. With a silky smooth range that nods to artists from the 50’s and 60’s, he has managed to send a shake-up to the world that demands attention. Cutting his teeth around the Fort Worth area of Texas, he built a fanbase through performance and the online music platform SoundCloud. This led to signing a record deal with major label Colombia and releasing his debut album in 2015. Leon’s Spotify page welcomes over 2,700,000 monthly listeners.

Micheal Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate and pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback. Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style has developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed. Michael released his EP ‘Solace’ in January 2017 which sent him on a tour of most of Western Australia, including performing with Ziggy Alberts on the Perth leg. The talented 21 year old has over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and it’s only early days.

Drop Legs –

Drop Legs bring the party, playing upbeat reggae hip hop music. The Byron Bay lads are known to pump up their crowds and follow a hectic touring schedule of most weekends and all weekend. Their debut album is out this March, but until then you can find them live or streaming online. Listen if you like Ocean Alley, The Bennies and Bad Dreems.




Jordan Merrick –

Jordan Merrick is one to keep an eye and two ears on, the Brisbane local has been making waves with his breezy ballads and intimate live shows. An original song writer, he also fronts another SLVM featured band ‘Fugitive and the Vagabond’. Despite his hectic schedule, Jordan managed to release two EP’s last year, the newest his personal masterpiece ‘Songs From House Arrest’. Have a listen for some beautiful vocals and honest story telling.


The Fabric –…

The Fabric are an entourage of nine talented group members. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, they write a contemporary style of orchestral drama-pop that is suited to the underground bars of the most liveable city in Australia. Angie McMahon is set upon a cloud of music, driven by a powerful brass section, ska-guitar, organs and more. Backed by skilled percussion, bass and a broad arsenal of sound, Ms McMahon is able to project her voice and story with complete confidence.

Liam Wright –

Youngster Liam Wright has been playing music since he was 10 years old. 8 years later he has steadily honed his own joyfully soulful style of indie-folk music. Lo-fi production is characteristic of his songs as Liam writes music beyond his years. With both a SoundCloud and Spotify account that already boasts over 500 listens per month, he is well on his way to a bright future.



Luna Park –

The uplifting and ambient stylings of Luna Park are made to get people moving, heavy synth loops lace their way around a driving drum beat creating a pensive mood that is still absolutely danceable.





Lowland Hum –

Husband and Wife team Daniel and Lauren Goans craft beautifully emotive art-folk music, featuring vocals with harmonies that interweave and impress the couples warmth and intimacy. Beneath their heartfelt delivery of poetry is a simple and driving guitar rhythm that provides a base on which to lather their soothing vocal responsibilities upon. Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the band has toured extensively since their 2013 inception, earlier in the year they released their third full length album, Thin. It is well worth a listen if you enjoy dynamic and evocative folk music.


Thats it for this week Vagabonds, we hope you enjoyed the music from episodes 124 and 125. Join us again next week for more new music and the new Spotify and SoundCloud playlists. Thank you to our featured artists, you rock. SLV wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep doing what you’re doing and we hope to hear more of your music soon. Until next time…


Sailing La Vagabonde Music

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