Not everyday is like, you know, sunshine and sailing [Ep. 145]

After getting the weekend off of volunteer work due to a no fuel situation in Barbuda and also having some bad weather on its way, we are forced to sail back to Antigua for shelter. We try to make the most of our time with a bunch of mundane jobs/chores that come with living on the water. Riley goes spearfishing with his mate George and we explore Fort Barrington!!

Song Credits:
00:04 Birdman – Jordan Merrick
01:58 Palace Winter – Running
06:15 A Free Man – Alon Barak
08:25 PINES – Tell Me (feat. Water Park)
11:28 Mandala – Heeblay
13:31 Country Time – Bill Beaumont
17:32 Leaven – Bill Beaumont

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Comments 11

  1. Hey you two check this out for your small laundry items… made in Canada. I haven’t seen one yet but ordered mine for our boat and was put on the waiting list! I should get it sometime this summer.


    1. I would love to hear more Q and A’s. I don’t do Facebook, I stalk my wife’s because that’s the only way a granpa sees pictures now days. Any time you have time out of your schedule to do something like that is much appreciated. I may not get to ask questions but people seem to have good ones without my help. Love to you both and be safe. Steve

  2. Hi my name is Shane I am from British Columbia Vancouver Island . I little town called Port McNeill. Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying your adventures for almost 2 years now . We will be strong . Your friend from a far . Communication is everything Please have fun for me and stay focussed ???

  3. Always when I see this rabbit food, I feel so sorry for you. At least you eat fish …

  4. Elayna,
    Getting to be quite the videographer…Drone shots excellent…and the use of various lens ..keeps it Real…Fresh and Alive…along with Great music…
    The bantering of you two is just Classic…at dinner…☺☺☺
    Riles’ humor just GREAT…
    Living with each other in such close quarters and long periods of time…Show you’re best friends…a Perfect MATCH…
    The little Riles n Elaynas are gonna be great “someday”…
    sharing the mundane jobs and doing them is reality and most appreciated…
    Start thinking about The Film Festivals “Sundance” and “CANNES”…
    can only “boost” your Following..
    SELAH n mark

  5. A lovely video, again.
    Got time for a funny story? ( I think it’s funny) – over a glass of Beaujolais I was talking about the marvelous adventures of the Elayna/Riley/La Vagabonde/Ocean micro system to a good friend of mine, a sailor and a Frenchman from Bretagne ( loves the sea) – he was
    totally interested – after a few days, he sent me a message ” Pierre, I looked at your Friends ( notice the upper case “F”), 122 episodes, over the weekend – – – and now, I am happy to report, I can speak Australian!”

    i thought it was funny!

  6. So do you make your earnings more from donation or from ad revenue? What if the tides turn and the donations dry up would you then seek alternate revenue streams?

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