On our way out, Moroccin’ about [Ep. 130]

We sail west, along the northern Moroccan coastline. It’s all go go go right now, just making quick stops in every few ports so that we can make our exit out of the Mediterranean. New oceans are calling our names. We tie off the boat in another marina that’s pretty much deserted and head into the country on a road trip. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Morocco, to get lost in the ally ways and go spice shopping at the markets. I hope you enjoy this little adventure with us! Videos made with love, Elayna.

Song Credits:
00:00 Eli Blackshear – Train Station
00:38 Tico Tico – Windspiel
04:08 Ferronato – Um Pouco Mais ao Sul Paisagem Oculta
04:37 Luciole Langevine – Ma mélodie à Takaka
07:55 Heeblay – Already Dead
10:44 Windspiel – A¢s Sidhe
11:56 Windspiel – Spuren im Sand

Videos made by Elayna

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Comments 11

  1. Enjoy your posts and YouTube uploads,
    I am from MALTA and sail in the central & West MED,
    Fair winds and enjoy

  2. When we left Gib for the Canaries we were also spooked by the notorious Straits of Gibraltar. I (and many other newby skippers) spent hours on the ‘net looking at weather sites trying to work out when to leave. We then met a cool Aussie called Kevin on a Swan 45 and his second circumnavigation. We asked him when he was leaving: “Thursday” was his response. Thursday? Why Thursday? we asked, thinking he had some divine insight. “Karen is having her hair done on Wednesday, so I am leaving on Thursday”. Good response….

  3. Enjoyed this adventure 130 around Morocco with special culture, good to be away from the busier tourist locations. Some nice sailing

  4. Hi Riley and Elayna

    Thank you for all your video’s, they are great as I said before to you! you both inspired me to buy a small boat and I love it. I wish I had done it Sixty years ago lol.

    Take care both of you and may you have fair winds and always at your back.

    Alan xx

  5. Thank’s fo the video. Waiting to see you in the Atlantic going do the Caribean ,Invite Joej Leyten to be a crew for the parrage. She nows everytgu=in about sailin, video editiona, an com be of grea hepl do you. Folloving wuind and cal mea, Love from Paulo, Rio de Janeiro.

  6. Hello fellow cruisers, from Morocco! We have been cruising and following you for years. We are currently in Morocco and would love to meet up with you! Where are you now?
    Darrell, Susan and Cooper
    s/v Wiz

  7. Hi Guys, Think your amazing. ( from a guy who se bin sailing for decades ). Would he not turn left at Gibralter and head for Mizen head ( lyrics from St Brendan by Cristy Moore ). We re great craic here surrounded by the wild Atlantic way. Friendliest people in Europe waiting to welcome you and perhaps put you on the Telly.

    Leslie O Hora,Carrick on Shannon Co Leitrim Ireland ??

  8. Teatsing 4 grandkids to sail this summer from14years to 6 years. When you know to sail it is for live. like riding a bike. You two keep up the good work. I injoy your videos.

  9. That sail man ! Fast and Easy ! I can feel the smooth of the rudder when I close my eyes.. I envy you..

  10. Finally caught up on 10 weeks worth of videos in the last three days – what a blast! Enjoyed every one of them!

    Safe sailing, and looking forward to tomorrow’s video.



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