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  1. Riley, did you ever think about sacrificing that man-bun to the gods for some luck? Seems to work for you two. Or maybe hold a big raffle, highest bidder gets to come aboard and chop it off personally! I’m sure there’s some folks around who would pay good money to see it gone!

  2. Well yes, Elayna’s videos are more polished, but then she has had way more practice ! Keep ’em coming Riley and one day yours will be as good !

  3. loved the ride along, always nice to learn something new, glad the neck is behaving

    1. Reiley…It was Great…Thoughts on neck…Forward young man…!!!!…..S.F., Ca. 😉

  4. Excellent video. Really enjoyed it. Love watching all your adventures. Hope the neck is ok. Cheers

  5. great to actually see a “day in the life” while you go about the duties of sailing La Vagabound, like to see more of those, stoked you’re feeling better.

  6. Hey bud awesome. Us in Toronto are launching next weekend, we just had an ice storm but things are looking warmer for next week.
    Keep sending I think we all love it
    Cheers Floyd

  7. Enjoyed the day on the Atlantic video providing perspective on the daily chores associated with an large crossing. Would like to see more detail particularly what conditions warrant a sail change but you can just talk to that and can absolutely wait until your 100% healthy again. good to see you up and about.

    Ray from Hawaii!

  8. I really like both styles of videos.. They compliment each other, just like you two do as a couple :o) Just keep them coming (And thanks for all the dreaming, smiling, giggles and occasional worry you bring us youtube-viewers).

  9. Hey guys,

    Loved the video.
    Fellow Radelaide boy here currently working in the mines and saving to buy my own cat so the wife and I can go explore the oceans.
    Could you possibly do a short episode or point me in the right direction on the programs you use for navigation and weather advice. Maybe also one on how to arrange visas etc for different country’s.
    I have been trying to find advice on theses areas but not having much luck.

    Watching your videos is definately the highlight of my week and an amazing distraction from working 500m underground everyday!

    Hope your neck gets better.

    Kind regards
    Henry Nott

  10. Riley,
    Please do more of these videos, I think most of the watchers would love to see a bit more of the practical aspects of sailing, I certainly would. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

  11. Good work Riley,
    Nice video, great to see the ocean and that boat is an amazing vessel.
    You’ve stepped it up from Mr Bilge video, keep working at it mate.
    Rest up and safe voyage

  12. Agreed. I think there may be a bifurcated Audience. Viewers that really enjoy the story that Elayna works hard to deliver and a bunch of cruisers/wannabes who really appreciate technical/practical aspects.

    I don’t think that one is necessarily “better” than the other. I do think that producing both would cast an even wider audience. Plenty of examples of people doing both successfully (e.g., SV Delos, Wynns)

    Also .. lots to be said about authenticity of your videos Riley. I’d consider episodes on different aspects like engine maintenance, anchoring in the med, making water, electricity/solar, video gear, you did a bit on code 0 but would be great to see your rigging techniques, bad weather techniques, etc.

    Rock on.

  13. Great video, Riley! I’d love to see more along these lines … not that I’m “dissing” the style of videos to date, of course!

    And “Pants” is quite a character, isn’t she! 🙂

    Cheers, and safe sailing,


  14. Great video Riley!! I’d love to see more about the work and details of sailing your boat. Did you find the unsecured shackle?? Do you ever steer with the tiller?

  15. Thank you both for sharing your experience on the Atlantic crossing.
    I have only subscribed recently and have thoroughly enjoyed the episodes,my family has a yacht and sadly I only have taken a keen interest in sailing in the last year since I have now been in remission of Leukaemia,
    I look forward to see more of your videos.Congratulations to you both for providing a formative and awesome life expierence adventure.Paul Hamson .Brisbane,Australia .

  16. Hi Riley!

    You are doing a great job with your video skills. I’m not sure you will ever get up to the quality of Elayna’s 😉 but the rough quality provides us with a representation your personality.

    My husband and co-skipper, Bill, and I finished our circumnavigation in 2016. Our boat, Terrwyn, is a Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37. As a previous monohull owner I know you can imagine what adventures we had on her in some of the sea/weather conditions we sailed through (read: Indian Ocean; Mozambique Channel).

    I just wanted to mention that we too had difficulty catching fish as we sailed along… until we realized we were going too fast for most of the fish in the sea to take interest and nibble on our hook. Except for Marlin going any faster than 6kn is too fast for them. We had to slow down if we ever wanted to catch our dinner! (Just a wee hint from our experiences).

    We did a blog but the quality is nothing like your and Elayna’s (Voyage of the SV Terrwyn) but there might be something there of interest.

    Fair winds and smooth seas,
    Cathy Norrie

    P.S. We are planning another circumnavigation. This time Eastabout in the Southern Oceans in our new to us and completely refitted for the voyage Bristol Channel Cutter, Pixie.

  17. on your one day at sea, for a new boat you have had some problems with motors starting did see in past you have changed the moduals and now jump starting engine would be nice to have a day of the problems you have had to address on your new catamaran and what has the manufacture done to help do think you may have warranty also and what type of upgrades you might be looking at . plus some info on your solar system and how it is working since you lost your watts propeller . well that’s all folks for now have safe and fun time in the Caribbean,

    Mike Ski

  18. I agree with those who ask for a bit more of the technical side of things; like, did you ever find the shackle from which that cable tie mousing had fallen? And I’d have liked you have taken the bit where you showed us the weather chart, a bit slower; I never did undertand the four boats shown.

  19. Much enjoyed your video Riley – has different info from the normal episodes, and since I’m actively planning getting a boat and doing some cruising, it’s interesting to me.. Must say I also enjoy the normal episodes…

    Happened to notice that Elayna’s hair suddenly got much shorter during the ‘day’ – was this on the same day?

    PS did you find where the cable-tie came from?

  20. Hi Guy’s, I just finished a 10 day cruise on Princess that included a day on Antigua. I heard you were headed there
    and was hoping to see you. Didn’t know where you would be so took a guess and went to English Harbour,nice
    Place and I understand race week is coming up soon. Sorry I missed you, what will be your next port? Scott

    1. Post
  21. Thumbs up for “one day on the Atlantic Ocean”! I would like to see more on plotting your course, weather, in general how the electronics work. Great idea for a video….it’s good to see your every day life.

    Fair Winds

  22. Great video Riley. Keep up the good work. I like that you show us more about the boat and sailing. Well done.

  23. Riley thumbs up !!

    Take us through all the boats systems, one system an episode please…

    Plus like to see what you do each day … crossings are boring, right?

    Where in Florida in June? Love to buy a cold one for both of you… (I live in Florida some of the year)

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