Operation ‘Zero Chance’ [Ep.151]

Things are not lookin’ good here in Anguilla. The seagulls are 100% to blame and I’m going to hear about this from Riley for at least the rest of my life hahahaha ? (I feel compelled to write here that Riley and I pick on each other and muck around onboard most days, and that it’s all in good fun). Join us for a speedy sail to another island here in the Caribbean and explore a shipwreck with me! Oh and on a serious note, what’s wrong with my aloe vera plant?

Song Credits:
00:00 The Big Idea – La Passion du Crime 3
00:40 The Snake Charmer – The Fabric
02:07 Alnilam – Indigo Sky
05:03 North Temple – Samuel Scott McCumber

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  1. Awesome video guys! Every day while I am cooped inside seeing patients I think about the life you guys are living. I dream about doing what you guys are getting to do. Enjoy every moment !!! Dr J

  2. Hi Elayna. Your Aloe plant has mealybug. Just needing a spray either natural or insecticide. Mr Google will give you the solution you need. Your little Aloe will be back to it’s normal self in no time ?

  3. Hi Elana. Your Aloe Vera is suffering root rot.
    Take the glad rap off, that’s holding water. It needs good drainage. Pull it out of the pot, might need to cut the roots that are totem off and reply in a bigger pot W fresh soil, and don’t block the drainage W glad rap. Thats my thoughts. Hope it lives to be named. (Wilson)
    Happy travels. Jake

  4. Water proof drone.. Cheap one, but the other $ ones are listed.

  5. I don’t think it would effect the flight of a drone, you could attach a few of those keychain floaties to the top of your next drone. It might keep it on the surface long enough to spot it. Great video guys,


  6. Water aloe vera plants deep but in order to discourage rot, allow the soil to dry a couple inches between watering.Water approximately every 3 weeks. You guys are awesome. Definitely living my dream!!

  7. Just extraordinary as usual. E notes correctly that shipwrecks are always haunted (by a skeleton crew? )
    Every day is a wondeful adventure on LaV thanks guys. Love. R

  8. long conversations are becomimg quite popular with the youth these days. Its finally sheding some light at the end of the tunnel. Finally showing the respect for each other by allowing the other opposing view time to explain itself. Usually doesn’t happen that often on the left side of the spectrum but happening everywhere on the right side. Check out Jorden Peterson, Steven Crowder, Rubin Report and Ben Shapiro.
    Take the red pill….;-)

    1. Post

      Hey David, subtitles are optional. You can turn them off by clicking on the settings cog on the bottom right corner of the video.

  9. Your plant has mealy bugs. You have to clean each piece of fluff, which is a mealy bug, off with a q-tip dipped in alcohol. Get the plastic off too, it looks like it has the bugs on it too.

  10. I hope you have a house there that you can go to for safety because hurricane season in the Bahamas and even Florida is no fun. Stay safe.

  11. Love the playful banter and stirring between you two over the drone, especially “What should we do with this empty drone box?” LOL

    Cheers and safe sailing,


    1. I forgot to mention: in this After-Children phase of life, just about all of my exposure to contemporary music comes from the soundtracks to your videos. Thankyou!

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