Our Favourite Stowaway [Ep. 121]

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PATRONS Marco-SAN, Riz and Maya, and Kerry Porter!! Can you make it to Florida? Send us an email. Thanks so much for the support. Meanwhile, Elayna who was waiting patiently for my arrival in Malta thought I was alone at sea. Houmaid (a man I had just met and asked to come along with me last minute) and I take La Vagabonde from Greece, across the Ionian Sea through to Malta. Very typical of the Mediterranean there was wind, then no wind, then lots of wind, then no wind again. We struggled through our night watches managing to stay awake through a very busy shipping lane. Negotiating the inconsistent winds and managing to get into Malta in short time I was then reunited with Ilyana (this is Romanian for Elayna.) It was great for us to spend a little time apart and for her to be able to hang out with one of her besties from home but it was even better to be back together again.

Here is a good explanation of True and Apparent Wind (also Boat Wind) which I hadn’t heard of until now.

Nota Bene: If you have heard me calling Elayna “Buukie,” Buukie Pants,” “Pants,” “Panties” or particularly when we were in Italy “Pantaloons” it is a long story that we both think is hilarious but when we tell other people its pretty obvious that it is only funny to us. Like a bit of a cringy couples joke. So just as a small explanation that is why you may have heard me calling Elayna different names.

Song Credits:
00:00 Who Knew What – Kate Vargas
02:52 The Kings Parade – Silhouette
03:57 Jimmy Pinch – Los Amantes
08:07 Untitles No.1 – Jordan Merrick
13:25 Birdman – Jordan Merrick


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In case you missed part one of the trip….


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  1. When will you guys be in Florida and where? Love to meet you. I may be in St Petersburg in the spring of 2018. Recovering now from a knee injury and recent stroke and need double hernia surgery, now in Menlo Park California. Watching your videos saving me, best show on the planet as I recover from these medical problems. Jon Rosenbaum

  2. Califdreamer62@gmail.com

    You two are so fantastic! I can’t wait for the next episode to come out! I only wish I could live the life you guys do its magical ! The places that you bring us along to are all so beautiful. I hope you continue to make videos but only wish they could be longer because they seem to be over much to soon. Love you guys. Be safe out there and keep up the great work! You friend and number one fan. Sharon Troy in Thousand Oaks, California ?

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