Our Final Adventure in Queensland (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 90

It was our last sail on Encore, before we fly back to France and pick up our Catamaran to finally go sailing in the thing. We left beautiful Mays Bay and head back to the mainland, to jump in a helicopter and see the places we had just sailed to from above. The Great Barrier Reef is pretty stunning. What a trip, hopefully we will see this place again when we reach the Pacific Ocean someday soon in La Vagabonde. Cheers Queensland! xo

For more info on visiting Queensland

Song Credits:
00:01 Salud – Andrew Rothschild
01:12 The Stampede of Life – Andrew Rothschild
02:38 song I cover: My Gun – The Rubens
05:31 Like a Butterfly – Gotam Se
06:49 Look After You – Gotam Sen
10:02 Senegal – Sense

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Comments 5

  1. Hi Elayna and Riley,
    another beaut video,, Thank you..!!
    LOL,, Your getting pretty bloody good at this !!. ??
    Love the accompanying Music !! 3 cheers Elayna !! You are cracking !!
    All the best you two !! love what you are doing ,, travel safe and fair winds for your French Chapter !!
    Rod Sippel NSW

  2. Great job with the most excellent videos,keep it up. Safe travels and looking forward to your new car adventures.

  3. Received La Vagabonde T-shirt – love it – great quality !( Like everything you do!) – lots of interest from friends and strangers – they are asking how to join your fans, patrons and the thousands that follow your adventures, nautical mile by nautical mile ( know, I should know)

    Cheers lovely people!

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