Here’s a little glimpse into what it’s like to sail a catamaran, next to a million other catamarans going real fast, in the beautiful waters of the south of France 

Join us for the rest of the regatta! We had so much fun. A huge thanks to the team at Outremer (Matthieu in particular) and our crew onboard Cara Mia for being so amazing. We feel honored to be a part of the Outremer community. It’s pretty nice to be home though now… Going to sleep for the next week, chat soon. Love Elay x

Song Credits:
00:00 16 Floors – Saving Change
00:44 Mid Ayr – Letting You In
04:26 Balance – Butter
07:44 See You Again – Jordy Maxwell

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  1. Thanks so much,I really appreciate all the
    Hard work you guys put into these wonderful
    Productions,thank for sharing!!!

    1. Very much appreciate the efforts put into creating your videos showing what your journeys and activities are like. ? ?? ⛵️.

  2. Well done. You guys are flippen awesome ! I only started watching your adventure a while back thanks to my son Damien, who is an avid sailor/racer. He’s been following you since day 1 ( I think) now I am hooked!
    I run my own little holiday yacht charter business in Cape Town. So sailing in CATS is of great interest of course. You guys are awesome! Keep on going! Julie

  3. I love your videos, and I am hooked on your videos.
    You have such a great looking family.
    I love❤️ Lenny.

  4. Magnifique!
    Lennie is growing sooooo fast – incredibly wonderful.
    By the powers invested in me, I name you FAMILY of the YEAR!



  5. Cool trip to France
    Sorry your trip home was so shitty
    Bad luck, last year we took 4 months off and went all over SE Asia and never had any problems on close to 20 flights
    Our uncle is a pilot who sails a lot
    Sailed on the Canada1 in the World Cup many years back
    He is currently completely redo a 44’ Benato ?? And is asking if we might want to do a pacific crossing to get his boat to Thailand
    I have been watching you 2/3 since the beginning
    I know I would love the day to day island hopping sails but not sure about 25 + days without land in sight
    Probably an opportunity I can’t pass up
    Keep up the great work and enjoy your little one(s)??

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