Our First Road Trip with a Newborn! Ep. 191

Join us for part II of our South Australia road trip with our little boy Lenny. This was the perfect test to see how we’d go travelling with a newborn. What a beautiful country we come from.

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Listen to the full birth story of Lennon here on La Vagabonde Mum! ❤️

Song Credits:
00:00 Impending Soltice Blues – Tom Owens
02:16 Holy Roller Child – Lucy Langlas
03:25 I Knock on Your Door Til It’s Night & You’re Still Not Alive – Vendor and the Cobras
07:11 Watermelon – Grey Whistle Test

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    1. Its good to see breast feeding without controversy….
      Human babies do vastly better when fed on mothers milk than on powder…….

  1. While on a recent long 14hr road trip I was thinking (lots of time to think) about your adventure and just why you 3 have me interested enough to be addicted to your postings. I have come to the conclusion that you are so outside the daily routine and worries of the rest of us. Nothing about politics or finances or work or traffic, etc. in your shared world. So your adventures have become my escape. Much like a good book, another reality to live within.
    So, thank you for this escape. Even with Lenny. Those early child thru toddler years were so great for us. Now 30+ years later I get to re-experience them with you.

    1. Dears Elayna, Riley & baby Lenny,

      I watched your latest video with the adorable baby Lenny with my wife Morena this morning!! You are such a nice and brave family and we wish you all the best for your future guys!!!
      If one day you will come to Koh Samui (with Lenny of course) for a relaxing holiday, we will be delighted to host you in our villa: we don’t have a sailing boat here but we know many nice restaurants & SPA!!
      Hope to meet you in Thailand one day!!
      Kisses from two italian expats!!
      XOXO ciao, Simone and Morena

      PS: this is our website: http://www.samuibnb.com

  2. OMG, precious memories of car rides trying to put the babe to sleep, for christ sake!!! dying : )

  3. Just a note, your life is fun, romantic, interesting, heart-warming, a dream that many of us aspire to ( I’m running out of adjectives), BECAUSE you have, and are, working so well ( and hard) to make it so. ( Standing ovation and thunderous clapping)

  4. We had a local high school baseball coach whose wife was pregnant. The writer for the movie The Sandlot, dropped in because the team had a great record. They held a contest to name their child from the movie The Sandlot. I was kind of hoping you guys would’ve done the same. Nevertheless, congrats. Oh my is your world about to change!!!!! Breast feeding????? Haha Lots of people are doing what you guys are doing, but to us, you’re the first and the best!!! Love you guys!!!!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. May ur love and time with ur new man be sensational. U had me in tears, remembering when my son was born, 44 years ago. Teach him to be a beautiful as you both are and he won’t go wrong. Cheers

  6. Cool vine yard and winnerie (silly little thing lisa and I say.) It’s crazy how much stuff you didn’t do in you own backyard then you come back almost as a tourist with sight seer eyes. Although you guys are really probably on the boat by now maybe not quite yet. Lennon seems happiest on the water which makes sense, also at the restaurants, which tells me he’s social and intuitive . Cheers

  7. How lovely to meet Lenny. He is beautiful. I’m sure you are getting loads of parenting advice but here is another tidbit that might help. Children, even small babies, seem to do better in a structured environment. Do the same thing at the same time, ie wake up, feed, visit, travel. If you are consistent it is somehow easier on children.
    I love watching your videos and you guys are doing a great job.

    1. Pretty much true, babies are highly adaptable however. We took our baby everywhere we went–breast feeding makes it more convenient! Lenny is adorable!

  8. Lenny is absolutely adorable and so sweet! What a fantastic life is ahead of him with such wonderful parents…really great!
    All the best for your family, cheers

  9. Hi Riley and Elayna + Lenny. You Guys are great, I always look forward to seeing them I hope you have a great time at your place and have a safe journey getting back to your boat. I wish I was with you

    lots of love and best wishes


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