Our Floating Home in Mallorca [Ep. 92]

We’d completed our first sail in La Vagabonde, about 230nm from La Grande Motte to the Balearic Islands – Spain! The last time we were in Mallorca was in 2014, when we arrived with a broken rudder. We spent weeks working with Gregor (do you guys remember this legend from early on in the videos?) and his mate who was a welder, but also had claustrophobia so he couldn’t actually come down below to do all the measurements himself… so instead he stood outside while Riley climbed into the dark hole, about the size of a mouses house and yelled out the measurements to him. We didn’t have time or energy to explore the island, so it’s good to be back again with a whole different set of circumstances. It’s Riley’s birthday!!! Videos made by Elayna and Daniel (starring Riley) xo

Song Credits:
0:05 Chiara La Woo – Keep your Feet
0:34 Miss Max – You Me and the Sea
1:45 Dead Days – Lucas Laufen
2:45 Years Drain Out – Trent Herzman
5:23 Years Drain Out – Trent Herzman
7:30 Water Park – Dreaming
8:05 Fine – Rye
9:30 Still Alive – MaJLo
10:45 Once Again – Old Sea Brigade
Old Stone – Martin Piehlmeier
15:00 Dead Days – Lucas Laufen

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Comments 21

  1. Love all your videos awaiting the new ones !! hugs and be safe ..Happy Sailing !!! xo <3

  2. I am so glad y’all are sailing YOUR boat…,such a charge… I think you two need to realize just how fun, exciting and thrilled we are watching y’all sailing again. You two Re so deserving.

    You know I would knock myself out to one day meet up with y’all, before I’d care to meet up with any other.

    Happy for you both……..Now let’s do some more adventures, and see how that cat runs!

  3. You can see you love both love No2 already, it does look good. Are you finding any extra cost in running the boat? Do you have to use the engines more? I am really thinking about changing to a Cat myself do you know a good company that makes them? Daniel makes a difference to the videos, I like his work. Happy birthday Riley .

  4. Hi, guys, you are so great ! love it too you both, we are coming on 24th of August in Mallorca is the possibility to see you guys. We are staying in SaRapita near lovely sand beaches EsTrens ?
    Can not wait to hear from you!
    Pawel from Krakow, Poland 😉

  5. You must be so stoked with the new boat! Looking forward to the new voyages in the Med. Mallorca looks great – never been there. Kids and I enjoy watching every episode – been watching since Ep.3!! First time last week the youngest kids had been out together on our we 17ft trailer sailor with me – they just want to be like you guys! Cheers Glenn

  6. Just wanted to drop a note and say how much I appreciate you two. I look forward to each week and watching your videos is one of my guilty pleasures, takes me back to the days when I was gadding about on a 60′ Ketch in the Caribbean with only a compass and paper charts. Many adventures. Now that I’m retired I am in the process of buying another boat and setting off. Keep up the good work, and bear in mind the simplicity and innocence of your lives is a huge part of the appeal. Yes, you deserve your new boat. Live every day as if its your last, the best advice anyone ever gave me so I’ll pass it on to you.



  7. Happy for you both! Have been watching your journey from pretty much the beginning . Nice to see nice things happening for Nice folks. I am really interested to hear how your Cat handles large swells on your blue water passages. I imagine the ride will be very different than a mono. Take care now.

    Fair Winds from Soul Balladeer ( 44 Hans Christian PH)

  8. Just love these video’s. We are off to greece on our Ben 350 next week. Keep the vids coming!

  9. Great video, love the super high drone shots and that sunset at the 7:30 mark is spectacular with the harbor and the boats. Fantastic job guys, enjoy!

  10. Couldn’t have happened to two nicer people. Good to see you both living the ‘life of Riley’. I always wondered who that lucky guy was. Now we know? xx

  11. I really enjoyed this episode…the view of the place is awesome. This episode is the sharpest and clearest pictures I’ve seen so far, the sunsets and sunrises are surreal. Beautifully edited you’ve captured phenomenal scenery and the water is so clear. Beautiful!! keep them coming I really look forward to them.

  12. deets! loving the look and feel of your productions. To mix it up some how about an episode where you go into costs and concerns and decisions etc? Congrats to Outremer.

  13. Love watching your videos neve sailed above the water before but have sailed under it for 70 days several times with out seeing the surface good luck

  14. I liked your report at the end … well, I liked the whole video, of course 🙂 … but the report echoed a thought I had while watching Riley wearing his headphones and relaxing on the trampoline – Real Estate! There is so much more room on this boat!

    I look forward to you both catching up with Oakie (spelling?) and seeing how he’s going in future.

    Wishing you all safe and happy sailing,


  15. Cool, shots from above are better and better and every story let me forget about daily things. Enjoy your beautiful live and keep make the best sailing videos…and let us chill

  16. Riley & Elayna,

    I started watching your videos just about the time you first started about 3 years ago when I was looking for information about sailing and buying a boat myself one day. So I feel like I know you guys and am always amazed by your poise and grace in how you have managed this amazing adventure, and now having this dream boat is truly spectacular!! Without sounding condescending, I’m so proud of everything you two have accomplished over the last few years and look forward to many more years watching your ongoing progression with this cat! I hope to see you in the Caribbean once I buy my cat. What are you thoughts regarding the Leopard 48?

    Warmest regards,

    Tampa Fl

  17. I have been enjoying your videos for over a year now, but I am living vicariously thru you and these videos. I could not do what you do as I am disabled with a bad back, although not confined to a wheelchair. Just pulling on a rope as Riley does in this video would set off spasms for me. Oh, well. If, by chance, you ever choose to sail up the west coast of the US, I could provide a wealth of information for you. You treated yourself to New York, so how about San Francisco? I am willing to provide you with directions, or even be your guide for some destinations. I can show you my version of San Francisco itself, and / or any of the following: San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, Half Moon Bay, plus destinations inland Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Lassen, the Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Forest, Death Valley, the California Coastal Redwoods (tallest known in the world) along the state’s north coast. Many opportunities, including some of the best seafood restaurants anywhere. I confess, I would fall a bit short with pure vegetarian, with some exceptions. Ever eaten Ethiopian? Give it some thought, as it would take you some time to get here anyway. This subscriber has drawn your name to join me in the joys of California.

  18. Incredible video! Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Riley. Keep the dream going. Be safe!

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