Our Journey through the Famous Corinth Canal! (Sailing La Vagabonde) [Ep. 118]

Woohoo! We made it through the famous Corinth Canal – Greece. The canal is 8m deep and excavated at sea level so it doesn’t need any locks. It took them 12 years to make it and it was first opened in 1893. The canal shaves off a 700km journey around the Peloponnese peninsula and around 11,000 ships pass through each year, mostly small vessels that can handle the narrowness and are able to dodge the result of landslides the sit under the surface. Join us on La Vagabonde as we cruise right on through with my pal Kayla and of course Daniel usually hiding somewhere behind the scenes. Videos made with love, SLV xo

Song Credits:
00:04 A Morning Song – Miner
01:03 A Fool – Steve Maloney
05:12 Somthin’ is better than nothin’ – Tashaki Miyaki
07:07 Mad World – Jon Tessier
09:19 Case Closed – The Fabric
11:21 A Morning Song – Miner
13:40 Hugo – Slow Burning in a Dancing Room
15:44 A Fool – Steve Maloney


Videos made by Elayna!!
Additional filming by our man Daniel

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  1. You guys Rock! Love to see you love each other. Admire your professionalism in what you do. to do what you love doing. Stay true to yourselves. Hopefully one day I will meet you guys!

  2. We spent the summer leading a charter flotilla for Greek Sails whose mooring you used in Poros. It’s a pity we were out with our fleet when you were in port. We loved catching up with other Aussies coming through every chance we got. We’re now back on our boat in Manly, Brisbane. Who knows, we might see you around when you’re at Royal Queensland Yacht Club this weekend.

  3. well done, both of you, the dynamic duo, Riley always with the steady demeanor, and huge kudos to Elayna, most people would’ve crumbled emotionally in a situation like that….

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